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Customer success is the founding pillar of the brand of Salesforce. Salesforce is forever changing and that’s why you need to partner with some of the most innovative firms in your own region to bring in the very best implementation and cloud solutions to your business. One of the major advantages of the cloud computing is its swiftness. Get an implementation strategic partners who are cloud experts. They can recommend you the best solutions that would quickly deliver some real value for your business in the really short span of time.

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Let us learn what to look for in a good Salesforce Implementation Partner, for that we have divided the blog into the following segments-

  • Some basic skills to look for in your Salesforce Implementation Partner
  • Six steps of Agile Salesforce Implementation
  • Skills to look for in your Salesforce Implementation Partner
  • List of few Salesforce Implementation Partners

Some basic skills to look for in your Salesforce Implementation Partner

Optimizing functions that are spanning from the sales and marketing departments to the social media networking, Salesforce CRM brings to you a range of characteristics that help you in transforming your enterprise. You need a certified and experienced Salesforce implementation partner who can perfectly customize your Salesforce platform to ensemble your unique business ideas and products. Be it your requirement to enable cloud, customization, the platform, mobility solutions, or the integrations that you may need, let your Salesforce implementation partner help you extract the best out of your Salesforce platform.

  • Consulting
  • Testing & Audit
  • Strategizing
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Strategizing
  • development, integration, data migration
  • Implementation & Customisation
  • End User Training & Post-live Support
  • Appexchange Product Development

Six steps of Agile Salesforce Implementation

In an Agile Salesforce Implementation environment, you have to motivate your clients to test each cycle of the customized iteration and convey feedback in view of their experience. Any wrongly distinguished necessities or procedures are immediately perceived, and the design is refreshed as a major aspect of a calibrating technique. This procedure of getting ready for a Salesforce implementation normally yields ideal outcomes in an exact arrangement that addresses every one of the issues laid out in the disclosure and debugging sessions. Since you, Implementation Partner is your accomplice, and his activity is to extend your business forms using Salesforce, not build-up your business procedures to Salesforce. Here are the six essential steps to have an agile implementation-

  • Examine the business: Understand the reviews that you are getting through customer feedback mechanism and then go through your processes again to finalize optimum requirements
  • Develop a design Solution: You need design configuration, data model security, technical design, prototype and mock-ups to be in place before you move on to customization.
  • Customization: Tailor make your dashboard and Salesforce platform to implement thesolution and internal testing.
  • Testing: Once the customized apps and other tools are set in motion you require Customer UAT to ensure full proof implementation.
  • Staff training: After you have made sure that your system is up and running after successful implementation, you will have to train the staff to maintain the upkeep.
  • Technical Update: Since Salesforce is keeping up with changing customer demands and business requirements, a technical update of your existing system is essential.
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Skills to look for in your Salesforce Implementation Partner

Salesforce Implementation Partner

The best companies around the globe are increasing both employee-facing and customer-facing apps with the aid of the AI capabilities. For global companies that wish to realize the full potential andvalue of their Salesforce data, mechanize tasks, supplement knowledge, deliver more tailored experiences, and opportune, pertinent offers, investment in the Salesforce CRM Platform is increasing rapidly with AI. Most of the organizations investing in the Salesforce Platform are 2x more probable to also be investing in AI. With so much of technical information on your head, you surely want to have the best partner. Some really crucial skills to look for are-

  • Prioritize Salesforce– Make sure that the Partner’s sole focus is on Salesforce technologies and their team should have certified consultants to be able to successfully maintain the deep domain expertise on the platform.
  • Partnered Process– Remember your hired agency should work in level with you and that is why the name partner. See if they do not go overboard with their views and ideas.
  • Agile WorkSolutions– Make sure that your partner can come up with agile solutions that are long-lasting for your sustenance.
  • Demo- Ask for a few samples to go through or a demo implementation.
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List of few Salesforce Implementation Partners

If you are wondering where to go to for your Salesforce Implementation then worry not we have a small list of some good implementation partners for you-

JanBask IT solutions and Salesforce Consulting-

Salesforce Implementation Partner

Using the Technical Expertise that the team JanBask possesses in the field of Salesforce, they help the organizations in preparing their Salesforce Implementation Roadmap. With JanBask you can ascertain sessions and plan ahead on your Salesforce implementation as they surely understand your business goals and needs. Features of JanBask Salesforce Implementation-

  • Special focus on start-ups
  • Pocket-friendly Salesforce Implementation solutions
  • Constant follow-up
  • Post Implementation support
  • Agile work methodologies


Salesforce Implementation Partner Bluewolfis an IBM Company, which is the global Salesforce consulting agency dedicated to developing a strong customer and employee experience that drives a return on innovation and investment. We facilitate companies of all sizes and industries to deliver some deeper, personalized customer moments that are projected with Augmented Intelligence (AI) as a very competitive advantage–now. Using their patented project delivery solutions in Salesforce, Bluewolf Sightline™, they have managed to decrease employment time and have gotten results faster but with less risk for customers all across the globe.


Salesforce Implementation Partner Appiriois a Wipro Company which is an industry determined, planned consulting partner. Founded in the year 2006, Appirio is known to be the longest standing partner on the AppExchange (since 2009) and is helping customers create astounding Worker and Customer Experiences worldwide. Their best features are-

  • Actionable Strategy
  • Implementation & Integration
  • Change Enablement
  • Application Development
  • Support & Managed Services

Cloud smiths

Salesforce Implementation Partner CloudSmiths is a Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner which is especially known for focusing on the implementation, configuration and customization of the core Salesforce CRM solutions and the successful development of their custom business apps along with processes using the platform.

Final Words

Wrapping up we have to say that the return of investment on your Salesforce CRM can fully be realized only if you have a good implementation of the same. Be cautious of who you are choosing as that will determine your Salesforce journey. So Make the right choice.

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