What are the Benefits of Sales Process Automation?


The most popular buzzword for salespeople is sales automation. As salespeople spent most of their time in completion of repetitive tasks that include sending emails to the customers and then following up with them. If all of this is done manually then it may be time taken activity, even by automating these activities, you can speed up them and increase sales as well.

Automation of sales activities can help the employees to improve their efficiency and focus on growth. Today lots of tools are present in the market that can easily automate business processes and improve business sales process efficiency.

It might be clear to you that sales process automation can save loads of time and help you in closing the deals. This is why today we have brought this post to guide you through the process of sales process automation. CRM systems help the organizations in guiding you through all steps of Sales process automation.

The need for Sales Process Automation

We have discussed that sales process automation can not only improve the speed of business, but it can also make the buyer’s journey quite smooth. All leads can easily be monitored and even get converted to qualified leads. Quality leads can be provided by a good and efficient CRM, and they can be monitored closely as well. Salespeople can easily achieve their goals by converting leads to business.

No doubt sales team managers can become efficient by using the right tool and solve the pain points as well of the customers. By using good CRM, salespersons can easily achieve their target that too in a potential manner. So, for the salespeople were remain busy in collecting and storing client information. At any time if they need that they will have to search as well, but with the help of cloud-based centrally accessible CRM systems, they can store and access client’s information at any time and through any device.

What are the Benefits of Sales Process Automation?

Organizations can get Through Sales Process Automation?

In this article, we have discussed the benefits of Sales process automation. Now let us see how real and specific benefits it can offer to the organizations:

Sales Process Automation

1). Email Automation

Suppose you have a huge customer base say of 1000 customers. As per their needs and interest, you may have to send them product offers. One simple way to do this is to copy-paste the same message and send it manually to them.

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Maybe you can send such emails once or initially, but if you have to repeat the same task every 15 days then it may become tedious. However, by automation, you can simply upload the list of emails to which you want to send the mail and draft it only once. Then such mails can be sent to the prospects.

2). VOIP Dialer with Headset

Suppose you are in a client meeting and do not have your phone with you, so you will have to note down his number that you will save later in your phone memory. Chances are also there that you may lose the number from your notes. Moreover, in case if you have the number, then you still may have to save on your computer to schedule follow-up calls.

In such a case all the time you will have only to copy and to paste the number from piece of paper to your computer and then back to your phone. For each call made to the client you will also have to take notes of all information as well.

Will not it be good if all of this can be done just in a click. You need a VOIP dialer and a headset to achieve this. You can then take all calls on your computer or on your mobile phone where automatic login. So without wasting time on searching contacts and dialing the numbers, you can focus on making that conversation quite engaging.

3). Sales Automation through LinkedIn

For B2B sales, LinkedIn plays an important role where you can search and find hundreds of profiles similar to your target audience. There you can shortlist the desired profiles and send them connection requests or communicate messages or visit their profile to know their interest. This all being is done manually by sales professionals.

Such a manual process may take even weeks or months to complete this process. Many times you may even lose the opportunities due to such long process or miss an important follow-up. Sales Navigator like sales automation tools can track the customers automatically on LinkedIn.

By searching the appropriate clients and sending them invite you can follow them as well to move the sales process forward. In the end, you will have too many connections. Here you should make sure that you, too, have a prominent and well-managed profile as well that can assure your reliability.

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On LinkedIn, you can get the names, industries, companies, and roles of the prospects from their profile in.CSV file format. By using such data you can further automate your sales process.

4). Sales Outreach through Twitter

Twitter follow-for-follow is like a winning approach. It can be used to promote service or product and to reach the customers. Well, a meaningful conversation can result in a winning lead or customers. Twitter can help the people in setting up human connections so that each one can understand others in a proper way.

In the automatic Twitter follow-up process, the business has to follow the people that are also followed by their competitors. The tool sends them automated messages initially that is then followed by human conversation. The list of people followed on Twitter is also followed on LinkedIn.

5). Deeper and Impressive Email Communication

Billions of business emails have been sent so far as one licensed representative can send around 1000 emails in a day. It shows that email communication is one of the most used communication means that can build a customer base and increase sales leads and prospects.

However, here, the sales reps should know what mail or message he should send to the customer to attract prospects and convert them to lead. If there will be any disparity between customer requirement and the offer sent to him. If it happens then leads may neglect the emails due to late communication.

An impressive email communication with all prospects and existing customers manually may be difficult and sometimes can be beyond human capability. Sales automation helps them n this regard. With the help of email automation tools the B2B companies can diligently create the emails and send them as and when required or at the perfect time. Replying to emails also becomes easier, and the process can be scheduled.

Such email process automation can enhance the employee’s productivity. It can eventually increase organizational ROI and revenues.

Final Words

Sales automation is one of the most required processes for every business these days. If you want to get maximum ROI and enhance the speed of the sales process then automation can be the best option for you. It can eventually add value to your business process. As a result, you can go ahead of your competitors and provide satisfactory service to your customers. Now the sales reps can directly reach the leads and nurture them.

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