6 Unmatched and Effective Tips for LinkedIn Marketing 2019


Today on LinkedIn more than 500 million users are present, and among them, 61 million users are senior level influences, 40 million users are decision makers, while 7 million users are C-level executives, this is what every B2B marketer requires. They want to have a maximum target audience on similar platforms so that they can easily showcase their potential and expertise to generate tones of leads and maximize sales. But are they really using the LinkedIn platform with full potential?

If you also want to know about this, then this post is for you; here, we will see how a B2B organization can use LinkedIn in 2019 to maximize their sales. If you have not started your LinkedIn journey so far, then this post is really going to be helpful for you.

Steps required to be followed by B2B Organizations

1). Build Your Own LinkedIn Profile

Well, profile plays an important role for every business or individual as ultimately people do business with someone in existence, and your LinkedIn profile can easily do this. Your brand profile is your real identification on LinkedIn that can help the people to search your name and the reasons that make you better than your competitors.

You can impress your profile viewers in several ways, and one of them is by 100% completion of its information. After this, you can optimize it over time and add new skills and achievements, including feedback and references to showcase your work.

Along with this, you can also create a separate page for your organization or company. From this page, your customers can learn more about you and your work.

2). Define your Target Audience and Goals

Well, if you are going to build your LinkedIn profile, then there should be well and pre-defined goals to raise brand awareness and generate leads or both. If your goals are defined properly, then you can target the appropriate target audience. Like if your product users are on social media, then you can easily target them so that they will further recommend your product. In this way, you can enhance your brand awareness among LinkedIn members and other social media managers.

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3). Company Page Optimization for Search

Well, you have created your LinkedIn page to build your audience on LinkedIn, so is the time to optimize your company’s page for a search. A completely optimized page can help you to gain visibility, and your audience can know your offerings specifically. It must be SEO friendly and for this follow the below listed three steps:

i). Keyword Insertion

Incorporate keywords in the company’s profile information content. Here clearly define who you are and what do you do? If you are new to the brand and not sure which keyword you should use, then just ask yourself what phrase or search string your audience will use to search your service or product?

ii). Build Links for Your Company

To boost your ranking in the search engine, you should create various links to your company’s page. It is essential to boost your ranking in search engine. Here you can also link the page of your company to your website, blogs, or other marketing materials. Moreover, if your employees have their profile page, then the name of your company in their profile or work experience should be linked back to your company’s page.

4). Increase the Company’s Followers

When people start following your company’s page, then they can easily see any of your update or LinkedIn feed. By having more followers for your company’s page, you can easily increase your reach. Following tips can help you in increasing the number of potential followers:

i). Add all Employees

Employees are your biggest assets, and they will prefer to share your content with their networks. So as a first step add all of your company’s employees in the follower’s list.

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ii). Promote Your Page in Outer Networks

You can invite your friends and other business partners to become your followers. You can also promote your page through the company’s emails, newsletters, blogs, and other external links. Through every of your post, encourage your user to become your follower.

iii). Add “Follow” Button to Your Website

By adding such button, you invite even the website visitors to follow your LinkedIn Page just through a single click. For this, you can use a plug-in

5). Start Publishing Informative Content and Follow Relevant Groups

Publishing knowledgeable and relevant articles on LinkedIn is a great way to gain more exposure. Most of the decision makers of the organizations use LinkedIn as a platform to showcase their real experience. This way, they increase the chance to engage more customers.

The LinkedIn platform allows users to share and publish content in an easy manner. Any user can write, publish, and share the content with his followers and connections. You can also add redirection links to these articles or post to get more site visitors.

6). Use Various Advertising Options of LinkedIn

Since Microsoft acquired LinkedIn, it’s marketing capabilities have been highly increased and upgraded. Today LinkedIn users can find a plethora of advertising options to enhance their analytical capabilities. They can provide unmatched targeting and segmentation to advertise the product or services. As a result, the user can get great success.

Some of the paid advertising offerings of LinkedIn include:

i). Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is a basic advertising tool for LinkedIn users. Through this, just with the help of a basic article, you can increase your advertising capability and reach to the selective target audience.

ii). Sponsored InMails

Sponsored InMails are the private messages that are paid messages that can be used to send private messages to target users. Sponsored InMails can provide you 11 times better results than traditional emails.

iii). Text and Dynamic Ads

Text Ads of LinkedIn are displayed on the top right side of the user’s feeds, and they include a brief copy along with a small image. While the dynamic ads are in themselves a different way to display text and image in which the content and image of the ad keep on changing as per user’s screen.


There are plenty of ways for LinkedIn marketing; you can refer to the Marketing blog section on the LinkedIn website itself. It is an awesome source to know each and everything about LinkedIn marketing and publishing. LinkedIn has just not been a platform for job seekers, but also many recruiters use it for advertising their services and boosting sales. Businesses can make a meaningful relationship with their partners and connect with their customers by useful getting business insights.

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