Because You Care Enough To Deliver The Outstanding Customer Services


The modern customers are completely different from the past consumers. They are more connected to the devices, they are more informed and empowered, they have a different set of expectations too. Also, companies have voluminous customer data and information that can be converted into meaningful insights further. In brief, modern customers are more digital savvy and they want connected one-to-one customer experiences, regardless of communication channels they choose.

Striving for the memorable moments

Think about the customers visited your site last week and there were some bugs in the task management program. Now remind yourself how many of the customers actually stood out – Good and Bad.

Is it bad experiences you remember for the first or the good ones when you start thinking of the memorable moments of your business. According to a research, happy customers share their experiences with nine people ahead while angry customers share the experiences with sixteen. This is actually a noticeable difference that needs to handle with care.

Because You Care Enough To Deliver The Outstanding Customer Services

This is the time for businesses to go for exceptional customer experiences that are highly memorable and worth talking about every single moment. In this blog, we will discuss on working solutions that will make you realize that you are actually going above or beyond your customer expectations or still needs to work more.

So, All the Best and start working on the most important facts that work really amazing for your business.

  1. Minimize your customer efforts

The main objective for every business should be nice customers experiences that can be achieved by reducing the overall customer efforts. To earn the customer loyalty, make them important for your business and get the issues resolved with minimum efforts put by the customers. Here, is a list of things that you can do for your customers –

  • Explain all the information in detail that they want to see.
  • Every time issues arise, you do your best to resolve them.
  • If they want to access some details then this is your responsibility to give a quick link to access the information.
  • To troubleshoot an issue, provide them a step by step video guide if possible.
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Because You Care Enough To Deliver The Outstanding Customer Services

In general, customers are asked to do a lot of work to resolve the issues like drop an email, call a number or fill out the form etc. This is time to chase solutions for your customers and try to do every little thing that you can do for them. The Salesforce Development is a preferable option promising highly interactive user-interfaces and enhanced customer experiences.

  1. Really know your customers

The Salesforce cloud platform helps you to establish a 1-to-1 relationship with your customers and gives you a chance to know your customer really well as needed by the business.

For example, whenever customer signs up to your platform, ask a why?

Because You Care Enough To Deliver The Outstanding Customer Services

The customer feedback and suggestions are really helpful for any business to take your products and services to the new heights. Take a note when users tweet interesting things about your products and services. Also, don’t forget to mention the name of your loyal customers in the support interactions.

  1. Say “Thank you” & “Sorry”

The power of these two phrases was tested regressively for almost two years and satisfaction almost got doubled by expressing gratitude and the apology.

For example, every time you receive a feedback from your customer, you should say “Thank you”. Also, when customers download your product or avail for some services then “thank you” word is a must-have requirement refining your behaviour tremendously towards customers.

“Receiving gratitude does not change our feelings but it changes the way how should we behave with our customers”

Because You Care Enough To Deliver The Outstanding Customer Services

When customers are not satisfied with your services and ask to roll back then this your responsibility to apologize and avail best services required to create a satisfied customer base.

Businesses should never forget the incredible value of a simple apology.

According to a research, only 35 percent of total customers were satisfied when no apology was expressed by the Companies. At the same time, almost 74 percent of the customers were satisfied with the humble apology made by the Companies.

Because You Care Enough To Deliver The Outstanding Customer Services

“Saying Thank you and Sorry does not cost you anything but it surely helps you to hold your customers back”

  1. Don’t let your customer Go
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The angry customers quickly walk out if they are not satisfied or faced bad experiences. The best practice is never let your customer go. For this purpose, you should listen to your customer first then speak. According to a research, listening to your customers well is one of the most important aspects when dealing with negative customer experiences or angry consumers.

So, are you listening to your customers or not?

Because You Care Enough To Deliver The Outstanding Customer Services

Here, are the steps to follow to turn upset customers into happier ones.

  • Be calm and listen to your customer first, then speak
  • Convey that your customers are important for you and you understand their expectations deeply.
  • You should apologize when you commit a mistake or not able to fulfill your customer expectations.
  • Feel free to ask your customers what you can do for them if any issue arises.
  • Find out the reason why the mistake occurred and put every little effort to fix the problem closely.
  1. Go offline and break the Digital plane

Most of the businesses handle interactions through emails, Live chats, or social media sites. Have you ever break the digital plane too and extend a warm personal interaction with your customers right away? This is possible even outside the internet where you get an opportunity to touch offline users too.

Because You Care Enough To Deliver The Outstanding Customer Services

This is the scenario where businesses can go extra miles with a simple handwritten note or messages. You should choose special occasions to convey messages offline. The best idea is to appreciate your customers and convey love and warmth to keep them engaged and more satisfied.

Wrapping Up:

We all know that managing customer interactions is a tough task but it is crucial to commit to every single interaction count. To stand ahead from the crowd, this is necessary to do something new and innovative.

Here, Salesforce Platform works best for you that changes the way how customers interact with you and help you in managing meaningful customer insights too.

Everyone around you is working hard to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Make your attempt outstanding of all!

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