Salesforce Migration Services To Support Sales & Marketing Efforts
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Salesforce Migration Services To Support Sales & Marketing Efforts

Data Migration can be a difficult task, if you will use the basic data loader tools. While implementing a new Salesforce CRM platform, you may have to migrate your data as well to support Sales and Marketing operations. As there are not customized tools are readily available, which can satisfy the need on your business operations and in such case only a Data Migration service provider can make your task easier and even provide the data migration service for either on-premise or cloud systems. You can ask them to develop a customized app for your business, which can perform data migration easily, quickly and efficiently.

However, when you decide to transform or migrate your data to Salesforce, then the steps involved in migration are as follows:

  • Understanding the data of the client and its current CRM
  • Database backup
  • Tables to be imported
  • System requirements for Salesforce
  • Script
  • Client validation of the initial import
  • Client acceptance
  • Final backup and import
  • Getting live
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A successful data migration and integration can synchronize the accounts and contacts quickly and in less time than with conventional methods. A data migration service provider can make the customized app, which can add up the speed of the migration process and provide the user an incredible data migration script. For any size of data volume you can develop the data migration apps to support marketing and sales operations. You may download and access a few of the ready tools of Salesforce, available online, but as they are general apps, so may and may not be according to your business operation needs, even according to a few of the users these tools are more time consuming for the excessive volume of data transfer and can only load data.

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salesforce data migration services process

Depending on the location and volume of your data, it can be an iterative process to migrate the data means you may have to execute the steps of data migration, multiple times and an efficient and customized tool can only simplify the entire process, which include analysis, extraction, loading, cleansing, transformation and testing. By hiring a Salesforce migration service provider you can get the customized app with all relevant and required features for your business, which can complete the process quickly and provide more leads to your business, by supporting the marketing and sales people.

You can experience the powerful functionalities can provide you the access of bi-directional data from one-off data and you can migrate your data seamlessly including sales, orders, leads, custom objects, and opportunities related information, which may be located either on ERP or your back office system or data warehouse. Data migration is as much important for the organization as implementation of CRM. The following benefits are quite obvious of Salesforce data migration service:

  • Featured Implementation
  • Quick Result
  • Good ROI
  • Easy Management
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So hire an expert data migration service provider and access it through CRM efficiently.

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