Why Salesforce CRM is Important for Travel Organization?


Nowadays, the travel and tourism industry are one of the largest industries that contribute to a large part to the global economy. Today technology evolution has a great impact on this industry. Now without any agent, the travelers can get their bookings directly and enjoy their vacations and traveling. The third-party sites are managing traveling by performing online bookings and reservations.

Despite this, the customers are still looking for personal travel experience, so now the question was how to provide a personalized experience to the customers? Moreover, the companies were also concerned about how they will provide high-quality, personalized, and low-cost service to their customers.

Today through this post, we are going to discuss the impact of Salesforce CRM and its role or benefits for the traveling industry. As many of the customers, today want that they get personalized service from their providers by taking help of their last traveling history or trip.

CRMs are empowering several traveling service providers so that they can provide the best possible experience to their customers. So today it has become imperative for traveling industry to incorporate CRM for their business operations. Let us start with a brief introduction to the Salesforce then moving towards its impact on traveling industry.

How Can CRM Empower Traveling Industry?

Most of the business organizations were in search of cloud-based CRM that can help them in dealing with various marketing and customer services and streamline their business operations, one that can save their valuable resources and time. Former Oracle executive Marc Benioff, Parker Harris, Frank Dominguez, and Dave Moellenhoff founded Salesforce to reinvent cloud CRM model, and now Salesforce has redefined a new era of cloud computing. Let us discuss the power of Salesforce.

Being cloud-based CRM software, it has made the organizations functions efficient and profitable. It can also reduce the cost of managing hardware infrastructure. It offers a wide range of functional services for companies or enterprises. The range of Salesforce services includes the following:

1). Salesforce for Marketing Team

Salesforce provides a professional edition through which it provides the facility to create various marketing campaigns that can provide success to the organizations and automatically provide them leads.

2). Salesforce for Management

The extensive reporting feature and visual dashboard feature, Salesforce can provide better visibility of every happening within and outside of the business organization.

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3). Salesforce in Customer Support Team

Salesforce can track various customer issues and resolve them timely. Proper escalation rules can be formed that can reduce the response time and improve customer satisfaction level as well. Any issue that does not fall into loophole can be directly escalated to the next level easily and in no time.

4). Salesforce in Application Integration

Salesforce functionality can be enhanced and increased by integrating other third-party applications with Salesforce. For this user can take the help of Salesforce App-Exchange platform that provides several third-party application to make the integration easy.

5). Salesforce in Training

Salesforce has a robust feature of training and support for all standard of the industry. Salesforce users can take the help of its extensive and online user manual and access various Trailhead videos at no cost to know all latest and pre-released features of the CRM.

Fortune and Forbes Innovator has awarded Salesforce man times as the best company to provide better customer support and service. There are many reasons to use Salesforce; some of them are listed below:

  • Sustainable Growth
  • Strategic Acquisitions
  • Better Vision and Execution
  • Highly Diversified Offerings

When Salesforce is compared with other same service providers, then it has been found that it provides better interface and features at low cost than its other competitors. It provides an array of diversified cloud applications and services to meet the requirement and demand of its customers. Salesforce customer relationship software will expand exponentially in the coming years in software and CRM market.

Now, as we have understood all about Salesforce CRM, let us discuss its role in the travel business. Let us discuss the impact of CRM use in traveling business and how it can provide better results in less time to the travel business owners.

Effect of Salesforce CRM on Traveling Business

Just like other industries like of education, finance, and others, the Salesforce CRM is also empowering traveling industry in many ways. It can help them in providing better traveling experience to its customers. Use of CRM technology or software is rising every day as it helps the industry professionals in the following ways:

a) More Targeted Marketing Experience

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It has been observed that the passenger’s journey starts long before their first visit to the traveling website. Before deciding a website either to book their tickets or to select any hotel to stay or to select their airline, the customers have already executed deep research for all. Salesforce like CRM can help companies in designing a targeted campaign. As today the customers check reviews from external sites as well, before taking the next step and seek friend’s recommendations as well. So, here, Salesforce can help the organizations in delivering personalized services and experience by using cross-channel digital marketing. It involves email marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, and many more.

b). Maintaining Loyalty with Customers

Personalized services can extend the customer experience further that can be provided at both during and after traveling times. However, any negative story on social media can be spread over at incredibly fast speed, but at such times, it is the customer experience that can handle such a critical time for any business.

Even the hospitality and travel companies can know in advance what their customers want before even their interactions. Here they can offer proactive customer service, customer apps, and portals to provide them with personal experience. They can keep their customers updated in real-time. They can identify any issue like improvement in transportation, staff, or any related service and fix-them timely. As a result, the chances of PR disaster reduce a lot, and loyalty can be effectively managed as well.

c). Maximum and Better Use of Data

Well, today, many companies and CRMs are using big data as they any times may need to know what their customers exactly want. Hospitality and travel companies not only have just to see the habits of their customers, but they should understand them at a personal level. For this, the businesses use the power of artificial intelligence that can empower their business decisions as well.

Through CRM, the travel and hospitality organizations can track their customers want and habits with the help of measuring KPIs and use and present data in an effective manner that can show the real expectation of the customer. In this way, they can craft the passenger’s journey and guide them through every step.

Final Words

Technology has transformed the traveling industry a lot. Now we do not have to contact any travel agent the travel industry can not only provide a personal touch in their service but even they are also utilizing data-driven innovation. Now travel, and hospitality companies can enjoy better collaboration among their departments and make better decisions. By using the right tool at the right place, both can go a step further in providing excellent and unmatched services.

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