Why Do You Need Salesforce Integration Services?


Integration empowers you to have a unified view of everything. You get better insights, get advantages of synced information and a holistic view of all your customer’s journey right from the time they had filled your sign-up form to the very last order or related call that they had placed. This is the power of integration. Since Salesforce is technical you need to have a Salesforce Integration partner to solve your integration issues seamlessly.  Your Salesforce Integration Partners will weave solutions over Salesforce Cloud that will give you sustainability for future programs too.

This article will cover the following topics-

  • Advantages of Salesforce Integration Services
  • Salesforce Integration Services- Offerings That Can Help You

Advantages of Salesforce Integration Services

infographic Why Do You Need Salesforce Integration Services?

Event-Driven Architecture

With the help of efficient Salesforce Integration, your platform events convey secure and adaptable custom notices amongst Salesforce and outside sources. Salesforce Integration’s ground-breaking events engine enables you to distribute and buy into events streams that can be inserted into work processes inside Salesforce. With Platform Events, you can streamline integration and impart changes effectively with different frameworks.

Data Management

The Salesforce Platform utilizes open APIs in view of industry gauges like REST and SOAP so it’s anything but difficult to incorporate Salesforce with outside endpoints, for example, applications or undertaking reconciliation hub points. Salesforce’s low-code joining devices and APIs can interface through standard information conventions, for example, OData, and are enhanced to oversee stacking and erasing vast arrangements of information.

Information Virtualisation

With Salesforce Integration the virtualization information benefit conveys deftness to Salesforce, permitting you to access client information, and the capacity to proactively oversee it. With virtualization, Trailblazers can associate and work together in great new ways in a single area.

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Quicker Business Decisions

In the current globalized economy, any industry doesn’t deliver every one of the segments of its last offering and they don’t have to. Your organization is certainly developing without a doubt. In the mission for somehow getting that big piece of the pie called market share, you need Salesforce Integration. In the event that you are as of now utilizing Salesforce for your CRM needs, awesome! You are as of now getting the advantages of multi-inhabitant engineering, natural UI and regularly extending highlights and upgrades of Salesforce CRM suite. You may have different instruments for your business needs. A large number of those instruments can be integrated into Salesforce to give you more power than the joined output of the individual frameworks.

Increased functionality of UIs and Apps

By integrating cloud and custom application information with Salesforce, you can consolidate diverse information sources to draw new bits of knowledge, include adaptability, and enhance tasks. Regardless of whether you’re wanting to integrate any other application with Salesforce, or a current stack, Salesforce Consulting Partners working with you can help. They can build up a Salesforce integration methodology, actualize your integration thoughts, and adjust the procedure to make it more effective than it was ever before.

Integrate Salesforce With Third Party Application 

  1. Integrate Salesforce With SAP
  2. Integrate Salesforce with Website
  3. Integrate Salesforce with Facebook
  4. Integrate Salesforce With SharePoint
  5. Integrate Salesforce With Outlook
  6. Integrate Salesforce With Social Media
  7. Integrate Salesforce With Gmail
  8. Integrate Salesforce With LinkedIn 

Salesforce Integration Services– Offerings That Can Help You

Here are some of the integration services offerings that will help you gain incremental gains from your Salesforce System –

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Infrastructure Integration

Committed infrastructure frameworks, such as SharePoint and Office 365, are frequently used to store reports and oversee collaboration all across the company. Utilizing both a CRM and an infrastructure apparatus for these reasons may cause issues, for example, report duplication and downtime because of moving between the frameworks. Salesforce to SharePoint reconciliation conquers such entanglements, and additionally save money on licenses and give representatives greater adaptability in teaming up on ventures. 

ERP integration

ERP integration with Salesforce brings an arrangement between your deals and asset administration forms. Deals reps get a 360-degree perspective of their clients by effectively checking stock related information, shipments and solicitations – specifically in their CRM frameworks. Moreover, up to date sales data in the ERP takes into consideration better arranging of acquirement and assembling around the future request. 

Accounting integration

Integrating a CRM to a bookkeeping framework imparts budgetary information to the business group and advance client profiles. You can oversee invoices and inter-organizational exchanges, and in addition enhance forecasts and get more money related information-driven experiences. Conceivable Salesforce integration here can be with apps or tools like QuickBooks, Zoho Books, Xero, and the sky is the limit from there. 


Salesforce Integration services are important for you to get the maximum from your Salesforce Implementation. It is necessary to get your business bottom line rolling and without the right implementation or integration, it is very difficult to do that.

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