Salesforce Knowledge And How To Determine If It Is Right For Your Company?


Nowadays, every sized companies are using, Salesforce CRM software system to achieve their business goals and for maintaining the track. Salesforce Knowledge is an internal content repository for the employees of the company, they can easily access and store the content in this repository, which are known as articles. Here are a few points to, which may help you in  determining that is Salesforce Knowledge is right for your company or not?

 What is your content lifecycle?


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Salesforce Knowledge can provide you custom review, translation and publication approval set up, so that you can decide that who should review and manage the content before its distribution. You can also specify separate approval processes for different categories of the content after proper Salesforce CRM Implementation..


Do you want to display the content in multiple formats?


Through Salesforce Knowledge you can control the look and feel of your content or articles. Your viewers or users can access and view the information consistently. The articles can be of “How to” types pages or “FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions” formats.


Do you need metrics and reports of your content?


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From the AppExchange of Salesforce you can download thee Knowledge Base Dashboards and Reports apps, which may allow you to run metrics and reports on your content. On the basis of these metrics you can decide and monitor that which article is relevant to your users and which needs improvement.

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Do You Need Multiple Content Sharing Channels?


You can share your articles with a number of external and internal organizations and groups. Where the internal users can access the articles directly, so for the external organizations you can publish and share the articles via Salesforce Communities or Public Knowledge base for Salesforce Knowledge App from the AppExchange after Salesforce CRM implementation.


Do You need Knowledge in multiple languages?


If you want to display your articles in a number of languages, then Salesforce Knowledge can provide you the ability to internally translate your articles in multiple languages or can send them to any local vendor for translation.


Do you want to locate and distribute the content efficiently?


The robust search engine of Salesforce Knowledge can continually rate your articles, which your users like the most. Your Article Manager can also attach the promotional search terms with the articles and the user can also tag the knowledge articles, to make the searching process simpler.


Do You Want to Display any particular field of the article?

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There is a feature article type, through which you can customize he fields of your article and control them. You can determine that what data you want to capture and where you will display your article, so that you can have quick access of your information. You can also control and limit the article fields or types, which you want to display  to your external and internal users through Salesforce CRM implementation.


Apart from the above listed features Salesforce Knowledge has a number of other technological features, which can be beneficial for you. Like you can decide, control and limit the access of the content. Apart from this you can also control and limit the field and data category access and provide the access of it only to the relevant users. If you want to import the content or articles from any external source, then you can determine and import it in your required format. You can also set the periodic review for your articles and with the help of the automatic update feature, you can send an automatic notification to your article manager, if it has not been reviewed or updated for a long time.


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