How can Salesforce Service Cloud Resolve Business Problems?


The business of any size can use the CRM to consolidate and organize customer data that may include the contact information, account information and many others. Sometimes the information has to be fetched from various channels of information that may be multiple websites, social media platforms and other information sources. CRMs are capable of collecting and storing the information into one central location.

The information that has been collected can then be used by multiple departments of the organization like sales, marketing, service, and others. By accessing that the organizational employees can make well-informed decisions and achieve their business goals. Today several CRM solutions are available in the market, and one of the most used and popular one is Salesforce.

Salesforce provides various cloud-based services and CRM solutions that are highly customizable. For continuously and rapidly growing organizations and enterprises Salesforce Service Cloud is recommended. Here we are going to present a breakdown of Salesforce service cloud. We will introduce Salesforce service cloud in this blog and its benefits for the organizations.

Introduction to Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce platform is capable to provide 360-degree client information. A number of Salesforce products are availed to its clients through cloud and among those products Salesforce Service Cloud is most popular. It can improve customer service up to a great extent as it may improve customer service in a variety of ways and even can streamline the workflows and ease customer service as well.

Salesforce service cloud was launched in 2009 by the company with the intention to provide customer service solution to its clients. It was made capable to empower companies so that the organizations can provide engaging services to their customers and manage all conversations taken place for online business.

Salesforce service cloud can collect data from social network and share it with business partners moreover this data can be provided to customer service agents as well. However, Salesforce service cloud can be quite costly, so before subscribing for it just make sure that you really need this. We will discuss here the more important and considerable points to opt Salesforce Service Cloud.

Benefits of Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce service cloud can offer a number of benefits to its subscribers. Some of them are:

Benefits of Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Better Customer Relationship: Through Salesforce the customers can easily get connected with the service agents and resolve their queries and issues.As a result, it can improve the customer relationship and provide them loyal and satisfied service. In other words we can say that it can improve customer retention.
  • Increased Employee’s Efficiency: Now the customers and service agents can get connected instantly no matter where they both are located. Salesforce service cloud can be easily managed from any place and through any device it merely makes your agents more productive and helps in improving their efficiency and reduced their overhead costs.
  • Improved Case Resolution: All cases can now be resolved in less time and the activities can be managed with far fewer errors.
  • Better Customer Data Security: Multilayered data approach is being used by Salesforce service cloud that is capable to protect sensitive customer data like their contact information, credit or debit card details, purchase history and many other.
  • High Availability: Service agents can get connected with the customers in real-time that too across multiple channels that may be popular social media sites like Facebook or Twitter or any other similar site.
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The service cloud of Salesforce can provide an efficient and improved way for customer interaction that also result in better customer service.

Several Services of Salesforce Ecosystem

If you are new to Salesforce platform, then ma gets surprised with its overwhelmed and a number of services. Every service and product of Salesforce can fulfill different business aspect, however, they all work together to provide a complete solution. Some of its popular cloud services are:

Several Services of Salesforce Ecosystem

1). Salesforce Sales Cloud

Sales and Service cloud of Salesforce are quite similar and share lots of features. The major difference between Sales and Service cloud of Salesforce is that the Service cloud focuses more on customer service, while Sales cloud focuses on leads. Salesforce Sales cloud focuses on dashboards, campaigns, activities, tasks, quotes, events, chatter, self-service portal, visual workflow, calendars and many more such aspects.

2). Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service cloud not only offers the services and features that of Sales cloud, instead it also offer service legal agreements, service cloud console, omnichannel routing and visual SLA timeline. It is like an extension of Sales cloud. Service cloud mainly focuses customer service so has all tools to ease the service and improve its quality. By this service, agents can answer customer queries in well-managed way and they will have complete information of client’s purchase history. Sometimes customers can also get their answers by accessing relevant informative document.

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3). Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The Salesforce Marketing platform is designed to help the marketing professionals, they can easily manage, analyze and track their marketing campaign performance and make the customer journey easy. The data can be easily collected and organized from leads and customers. Even the data are usually collected directly from customers and second and third parties that too from multiple channels. Salesforce marketing cloud can easily automate customer engagement.

4). Salesforce Community Cloud

Salesforce community cloud provides a real-time platform to contact business partners or customers. They can easily access the records and data whenever they require. It is just like an online portal from where the users can access data and search relevant documents and articles. They can also create and manage client’s information and accounts. Through Salesforce community cloud, employees and business partners can easily get connected and work in collaborative manner. As a result, the friction can be reduced, and deals can be easily closed.

Salesforce Service Cloud

As we have discussed above, that Salesforce service cloud now the businesses are choosing the cloud just due to its various features. You can, however, found lots of information on the internet and on Salesforce website itself about its main features, but still some of them are listed below:

Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce service cloud can provide you complete 360 degrees of the customers. Marketing and service agents can deliver personalized services to the customers. It can automate complete service process and streamline the business process as well. Web-to-case functionality of Service cloud helps the business owners and agents to convert the incoming site visitors to a final lead.

Live-chat functionality helps the customer service executive and service agents to support customer interaction. Through case management functionality of service cloud, the customer cases can be easily assigned and escalated. The knowledge and information sharing has become quite convenient, and now the issues can be resolved quickly. The customers can get the answers to their queries in far less time.

Final Words

Lots of service tools of Salesforce service cloud help the business organizations in various ways; one of them is to serve the clients efficiently. Service cloud comes with major functionalities and tools that can make the agent and client communication easier and provide them complete satisfaction. The information can also be accessed through multiple channels and can be organized in a proper manner.

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