Why Salesforce is Better than SAP Commerce Cloud?


Salesforce is considered to be the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that happened to be on the globe. It takes a very long time to reach this very level. In this high tech world, it gets better day by day as per the requirements. There are many features which have been introduced and integrated by the giant IT firms; that further helps in boosting the statistics of sales, services, marketing, etc. But for this you need to have particular professionals to process this integration known as Salesforce.

In this blog, we will be discussing few reasons why Salesforce Commerce Cloud is better than SAP Commerce Cloud.

What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud?  

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the one that supports cloud-based software service for eCommerce solutions, which are extremely scalable. This feature is of high class and is a fully developed function, where proper experiments are done over many years in order to provide a highly optimized eCommerce understanding.

The basic plan of this platform is to offer eCommerce as a software of service solution. It makes your business free from all the business demands by managing technical roadmap; and also figuring out as to how to curve ahead when taken into best practice for eCommerce features. The basis of Salesforce commerce cloud is still continuously growing and refining its features and functionality for making the pace within the eCommerce sector, so you have the best feature in set.

Is Salesforce Commerce Cloud suitable for your business?

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is placed directly at brands and retailers which need the finest functionality with one-stop answers to any problem. Answer to any problem is highly persuasive for consumer brands and retailers.

A solution to any problem is done with the main motive to enable your organization to do its best. When the trading is done with a purpose and focus is to meet out associated challenges of non-software services. These services need to have stability, scalability, or supervising technical group or a roadmap. Always go with the solution that suits your business objective or which they aim as all approaches don’t fit one specially when it comes to eCommerce.

What is SAP Commerce cloud?

SAP Commerce Cloud is basically created for your digital customer platform. Based on Product Content Management, you can share the product data continuously with the help of channels. With the help of integration in the SAP ERP system, customers will be able to place their orders by themselves, organize products, see the prices, and demand for services and so on.

SAP Commerce Cloud can offer:

  • A Stage that is central and flexible for digital customer processes, which means that it starts from a shop via a service Portal to online arrangement.
  • Targeted customer contact is done through customization.
  • Grouping product data along with the product content management system.
  • Scalable communication systems for upcoming use.
  • Integration in SAP ERP and SAP C/4HANA. This comprise of SAP Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Customer Data Cloud.

Creating personal customer experience and exceptional for creating loyalty and turnover:

SAP Commerce Cloud is the base of communication, sales and customer services that help the market to provide with solutions to take over the control through different channels. All the management of product data is done from the middle and prepared in a media-neutral format working on a single platform. SAP Commerce Cloud is basically designed for dealers and manufacturers who would like to use the Internet for building channel of sales to increase their profits and looking for an eCommerce standard software answers.

SAP Commerce Cloud for retaining and inspiring customers in a very long run:

Customers get benefits all the way from all the experiences of users and where customization is done for admiring the customer journey. You can maintain loyalty and revenues by making your customers fully satisfied. The market-leading Omni channel Commerce Software helps to support the most challenging and difficult B2B ecosystems.

Business Benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud:

Ecommerce is booming in the global economy. With the growth in the online market, it has made every business to come up with a strong online base. Developing a strong marketing strategy is not enough in order to have huge sales.

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From the past few years, the eCommerce market has come up with a big deal and even merchant wants to adopt eCommerce to increase their businesses. There are ample numbers of merchants for having an eCommerce website. This website doesn’t have any geographical limitations, probable income, with very low financial investments, less travel time and cost, with promising deals, coupons, healthy promotions, etc.

As there are many platforms which offer several software solutions for eCommerce such as big commerce helps in small businesses, Magento, etc; but when Salesforce needs a hold on-demand ware, then Salesforce Commerce Cloud entered and became the future for eCommerce.

It is very important to understand the key features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud and making it possible to stand-out in the eCommerce business through assessing and make the right choice in the eCommerce platform which is going to be appropriate for your business.

Main important points considered under Salesforce Commerce Cloud:

Main important points considered under Salesforce Commerce Cloud:

1. Mobile-first design:

Now-a-days, industry trends have totally changed as maximum shoppers are buying directly using their smart phones instead of using laptops and desktop computers. Salesforce Commerce Cloud is basically been designed from mobile-first with a viewpoint to provide the best possible experience to mobile shoppers.

2. Merchandising and catalog management potential

In this area, Salesforce Commerce Cloud has played a major role by winning the deals over another platform; predominantly in fashion and lifestyle space where there are mainly the market influential’s. This section consists of few features:

  • Supporting the products, which are basically of difficult types such as variations, product sets, grouped products, original products, etc.
  • Higher level of visual merchandise.
  • Capability to plan the task well in advance such as coming up with the new product, etc.
  • Better campaigns such as customer groups, enabling campaigning schedules, offering coupons, etc.
  • Creating a much different forms of catalogs.
  • Einstein offers different layers of personalization from different platforms.

3. Internationalization

Salesforce Commerce Cloud makes it possible for the users to arrange different storefronts from a single back-end platform. This platform arranges multi-currency, multi-language and multiple brand procedure. 

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is able to manage product data such as price, availability of the product, etc.; individually at specific stores and helps through different form of payments and billing difficulties.

4. Omni-channel potential

Salesforce Commerce Cloud combines eCommerce, managing orders and managing offline store operations in one SaaS solution. This platform basically works to enable the retailers to run their businesses through different channels consisting of eCommerce, social, smart phones, etc. Salesforce Commerce Cloud also let the businesses to implement their services with the help of order management solutions; which provide with different form of flexible purchasing alternatives to the shoppers, in-store pickup, shipping from stores, etc.

5. Commerce approach

Salesforce Commerce Cloud gathers all the data and approaching towards the behavior of a shopper via Einstein and make use of this information to personalize their ordering of the product as well as product recommendations. Einstein offers both machine learning and personalizing the product grid, recommending products and search.

6. Salesforce Commerce Cloud support

Salesforce Commerce Cloud tend to offer complete 24/7 support for all businesses, which not only limit themselves to core code concerns. Commerce Cloud hold everything from the base; consisting of security patches that is very influential to many retailers.

Few more features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud are:

  • Flexibility with the SEO.
  • Control on rule-based and page-levels.
  • Advance level features.
  • Well-built visual business capabilities.
  • Manual and machine-learned product suggestions.
  • The advance level is customer segments.
  • Complete email management (Such as transactional emails, etc)
  • Well-built reports.
  • Complete API’s, documentation and knowledge swap over forums for developers.
  • On the basis of GMV-Model which helps to support merchants.

5 Reasons to Choose Salesforce Commerce Cloud over SAP Commerce Cloud:

5 Reasons to Choose Salesforce Commerce Cloud over SAP Commerce Cloud

A). Admin interface

Traditionally, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is serving us with huge advantage over SAP Commerce Cloud when we talk about the Admin interface. This platform of Salesforce work in an incredible and user-friendly form, for beginners and for experienced users when we talk about daily operations.

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Currently, SAP Commerce Cloud made improvements in its Back-office Administration Cockpit when they are not adequate enough to help in directing the pack. Even though, SAP Commerce Cloud has control to merge the count of admin interface elements which use to exist in prior versions. However, it brings all the external-facing data into a picture-perfect and customizable back-office UI framework through an improved Product Content Management (PCM).

B). Support

Salesforce basically embrace a distinguishing edge over the SAP, when we are talking about the customer support. Users can connect with Salesforce by an email, phones, live chats, training and by tickets; On the other hand SAP users can only make use of emails and phones. One of the most added advantages of Salesforce Commerce Cloud is that it particularly has more efficient commerce operations and brings together the customer experience all the way from purchase to completion to after-sale service.

If you are willing to get the best of Salesforce product, service and capabilities; you can completely trust Cloud Analogy. This Salesforce Development Company can completely trust the Salesforce Implementation Partner for a huge number of clients worldwide and also present an open range of services and solutions such as Salesforce Consulting Services and Salesforce Implementation Services. This is the team that is fully experienced, has certified Salesforce Consultants and Salesforce Developers who are known all through worldwide for their out-of-the-box approach and commitments towards work and the professionalism which is shown on the table.

On the other hand, SAP Commerce Cloud is the one who only supports English as the language and Salesforce Commerce Cloud supports many other languages such as English, Italian, French, Spanish, etc.

C). Features

Salesforce again strikes over SAP when it comes to diversity and superiority of features. The Salesforce Commerce Cloud is to allow an extensive range of user-friendly features. These features comprise of Customer Segmentation, AI-powered personalization, Localization, Catalog Management, Campaigns Management, and Native targeting and A/B testing. You can also make access to other functional features such as Customer and segment-specific pricing, search engine optimization, Targeted promotion management, one-touch payment options, and real-time dashboards and reports with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

On the other hand, SAP Commerce Cloud presents Subscription order management, Agile charging, optimized pricing simulation, customer financial management, and Versatile document management.

D). Mobile & Social

Salesforce presents both low-code and custom-branded mobile development policies which are easy to use, when we talk about building and publishing mobile apps. Businesses can come up with their own respective customized form of iOS and Android applications and place the list directly in the App Store and Google Play Store.

In the case of SAP, it helps the organizations in a straight way, increases quickly and also helps to develop their existing solutions with the help of software-as-a-service applications (SaaS) and micro-services. Even though mobile apps of SAP helps in supporting customer self-service, knowledge supervision, related chats, video and co-browsing are not much rated by the SAP user customers.

E). Shoppers Personalization Experience

This is the only feature where Salesforce Commerce Cloud beats SAP Commerce Cloud black and blue, that is personalization for shoppers. Predictive Sort is an example which freshly came under Salesforce Commerce Cloud; as this feature helps the users to access the true impending of the Artificial Intelligence engine. This feature helps to study the research, arrange the results and put forward the choices. This helps the organization to make better customer journeys by providing a wonderful customer experience.

On the other hand, SAP Commerce Cloud is still looking into the subsequent steps of Salesforce.


Without any doubt, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a better option when we are talking about more personalized shopping experiences for their respective customers. One most added advantage of Salesforce users is that it can interlink much more remarkable capabilities for its ecosystem in the form of Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Community Cloud, Marketing Cloud, etc. Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a product that stays significant and gets at the forefront, when it’s in high demand for the consumer world.

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