Increase Customer Engagement And Satisfactions In Commercial Banking With Salesforce Platform


Salesforce has given immense success to every sector since its emergence in 1999. With the effective utilisation of this remarkable technology, both business firms of all scales and non profit organisations have maintained a long lasting relationship with their customers and clients. A major change that can be witnessed with the employment of Salesforce is in the commercial banking sector.

Banks, who possess a great amount of financial data of their customers, had been struggling to deliver the kind of services and facilities their customers’ desires. The technology their employees once used wasn’t enough to engage and serve the customer, which would lead them to get financial loss. Since they only hold the account details of the customer and nothing more, they had no idea how to target the right and potential customers for their new financial products, hence losing their value and importance. Furthermore, due to the lack of product diversification and knowledge about the customer, they wouldn’t able to provide the customer with financial help in certain events such as marriage, retirement and children.

However, the Salesforce platform enables the banks to fully understand their customers and give them a huge edge in delivering customer centric solutions. It is important to keep the bank organized and offer multiple channels to connect to the customer such as call centers, branches, ATM, Internet banking and mobile banking that would help the customer to get to know about your new offerings and help them connect with you. Salesforce for commercial banking help banks of all sizes to bring flexibility and reliability, lower their cost and increase the ability to keep growing. And since Salesforce is a complete cloud based system, it does not involve the banks to install any software or hardware that needs to be maintained.

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The integration charm

Salesforce help banks in better customer engagement by giving a next generation platform called the integration charm, which help them to integrate with different applications to increase their marketing, sales and customer satisfaction. The integration charm provides a 360 degree view of the customer to the bank and help the employee to interact easily by knowing the full financial details of the customer through meetings, campaigns, leads and tasks. The platform is quite dynamic and adapt to changes quickly, according to the business requirements. All it require is better implementation of the platform by integrating with other core platforms in order to access the customers’ information.

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Flexibility and accessibility

Salesforce is a widely appreciated customer engagement platform as it allows the business to make all the necessary changes in technology and aiding the employees to interact with customers with ease and comfort. It identifies the areas that are keeping the company from reaching their financial goals and make strategies to deal with them entirely. With commercial banking, it allows the employee to push the right information and share it with others easily and safely. Data quality is enhanced with better management of documents, client records and banking systems and further allows everyone to work in real time through highly advanced and specialized applications, browsers and mobile devices.

Moreover, it enables the sales team to train and engage everyone in a single process and provide standardised sales by empowering cross selling and up selling.

With all these benefits and features, customer feels like an important part of the bank and takes interest in latest offerings and forge a longer relationship with the bank.

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