Features of Salesforce Consulting and Understanding Its Process


Thinking that simply implementing salesforce can turn out to be detrimental to your business? Generally, when a new business organization implements Salesforce in their enterprise they begin it in with a proper training of the workforce and rollout, which is extremely important in order to train their workforces to make the Salesforce implementation a successful endeavor. It, therefore, is imperative for you to work with a Salesforce Consultant.

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Features of Salesforce Consulting - janbask

Who is a Salesforce Consultant?

A Salesforce consultant is the one who can arrange for the adept business help, the requisite support along with the necessary organizational operations with the help of his advice for Salesforce implementation.  He provides your business with whatever technical and non-technical implementation help is necessary for a successful Salesforce CRM. The CRM which is implemented in any business can be responsible for a huge success for that business, but these CRMs can only prove to be an accomplishment if they are implemented successfully and each and every employee find it easy to use Salesforce CRM for their day to day maneuvers.

Due to the unique nature of all the technology initiatives, there is never a one-size-fits-all line of approach for it. Hire a Salesforce consultant and experience a collection of proficiency custom-made to suit your enterprise’s specific goals and deadlines, depending on the project’s scope, its requirements, and level of involvement of your team.

Salesforce Consulting process - janbask

Let us review a screenshot given on the website of Salesforce, taken from http://certification.salesforce.com/consultantoverview

Features of Salesforce Consulting and understanding its process

As you can see for yourself they have listed six broad categories in which a Salesforce Consultant can acquire expertise and certification namely:

  1. Community Cloud Consultant
  2. Field Service Lightning Consultant
  3. Marketing Cloud Consultant
  4. Pardot Consultant
  5. Sales Cloud Consultant
  6. Service Cloud Consultant
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What are the benefits of having a Salesforce consultant?

Before we get to the part where you understand the working of a Salesforce consultant lets us first take a look as to why you need one, to begin with. Here are a few advantages of having a Salesforce Consultant on board.

benefits of having a Salesforce consultant - janbask

1) Time Saver

Hiring an experienced Salesforce consultant can save a lot of time, as the response rate of all these agencies is so good, which can definitely ensure that there is no waste of time at all. Generally, the Salesforce consultants are highly qualified and trained professionals, so they know all the technical details associated with the implementation.

2) You GetAn Expert’s Help In Serious Decision Making

When you want to expand your business, you will have to make n number of decisions and may also require making changes in your CRM techniques as well. Here, in this very respect, the Salesforce consultants can provide you a great deal of an assurance about a trouble-free future development of your business and related operations.

3) You can fix plenty of your problems

An outside consultant’s opinion can give you an unbiased opinion, so as a business’s owner you can make your judgments, which are related to your business. Therefore, you can handle any of the serious problems; your money can also be saved by reducing the risks associated with the business decisions.

4) Valuable and Experienced Outside Service Provider

Many a time, it can happen that you take your decision but may sense the need for any outside opinion, by hiring a Salesforce consultant, an outside consultant can fulfill that need of yours. The consultant can provide you with the complete and detailed understanding of your problem and provide the recommendations for improvements as well.

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5) Accurate and Timely Problem Solution

By hiring a Salesforce consultant your organizations can get the guaranteed, judicious and accurate solution for any of your business operation problems. 

What does a Salesforce consultant do?

What does a Salesforce consultant do - janbask

  1. Salesforce consultants can get you customizable solutions to all your problems in order to save precious time & money.
  2. Salesforce consultants integrate other ERP related applications with Salesforce as per your business’s needs.
  3. He will Configure & Customize your Salesforce Org by using the best Out of the Box features, ideas, and practices.
  4. He will speed up the efficiency by systematizing the compound processes and workflow systems.
  5. Deliver top-tier, tailored and adapted customer care solutions along with single-view object record statistics.
  6. Improve your org data by handling all the duplicate records, and refining the data quality along with data analytics.


Having a Salesforce CRM in place is not enough, you need to implement it in the right manner. If there is no proper implementation then there is no benefit of having Salesforce CRM. Salesforce Consultant gives a shape to your enterprise. He molds it to the shape of your business. Be very careful when you are choosing your Salesforce Consultant. Make a checklist of the skills you are looking for in your Salesforce consultant. Provide him with the necessary set-up and enjoy your successful Salesforce CRM implementation.

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