Salesforce for Manufacturers – A Right Boost to your Industry


During the 19th Century, the first industrial revolution was kicked off when manufactures moved from farming to factory production. Today, we have reached a stage when computerization of manufacturing processes has gone a primary concern because of the following reasons –

Salesforce for Manufacturers – A Right Boost to your Industry

If we discuss a popular CRM product then every industry is going to take benefit from it. However, looking at the complexity of manufacturing industry, just any CRM is not enough, but you need Salesforce to achieve your industry goals.

For most of the industries, Salesforce is not more than a sales management tool. The reason is manufacturers have not realized the actual benefits of Salesforce CRM yet. Salesforce CRM not only manages sales but it boosts your business, enhances the overall productivity and simplifies your relationships with customers.

Salesforce for Manufacturers – A Right Boost to your Industry

Here is a complete list of benefits given in the screenshot that explains clearly how Salesforce CRM helps some manufacturing industry to boost sales, productivity and overall business operations. Now, we will discuss all these benefits in detail to helps you in realizing the actual benefits of Salesforce CRM system.

Enhanced Customer Experiences

Customers are the assets of your business that should feel like a king. They may leave your site when they are not able to reach a particular product on time or information about the particular product is not explained well.

Here, Salesforce CRM helps you in the right way that has the ability to explain information well as needed by the customers. In this way, customers get more satisfied when information is accessed well in decided time frame only. The best way is to engage the 1-to-1 relationship with customers by knowing them well and listen to their feedback.

Salesforce for Manufacturers – A Right Boost to your Industry

Boosts overall sales and business

This does not matter about the industry types; every industry is working on a single objective to boost the overall sales and increase profits. But the main question is how Salesforce CRM can help you in maximizing the overall sales and profits.

  • With the help of Salesforce CRM, you can get the right details about the particular place, challenges and related steps need to be taken to get the work done.
  • It makes easy for you to understand your customer needs and drive meaningful solutions tailored to their choices.
  • Salesforce helps you in maintaining a repository having detailed customer requirements that are highly valuable in digging out all meaning insights to generate new customer leads.
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Now you have in-depth knowledge of the concept why your business won and lost in different instances. It will surely help you in retaining existing customers and generating more leads as needed by the manufacturing industry.

Expansion to New Horizons

Even though you earn most of your profits through existing customers yet there is always room for improvement to expand to new clients, geographies, or products etc. In fact, expanding your current product-base and customer-base can always be rewarding.

Here, Salesforce CRM helps you to expand your product line, customer-base, services and manages the overall communication too. It also defines a selling process to help you in getting more efficient, and you can achieve business goals too as needed. In brief, your team will be more focused, organized and bounded to show outcomes in decided time frame only.

Improved productivity and Planning

The main highlight of any Salesforce CRM system is simplified User-interface to accelerate the user adoption. Also, it helps to reduce redundancy to maximize the productivity. It accounts for every manufacturing process and makes it easy to document for future references. In brief, planning levels are enhanced and overall product outcomes are also attractive as compared to earlier.

This is sure from the discussion that Salesforce gives competitive advantages over other. The only condition is that you need to follow a successful implementation strategy to give a right boost to your business. Here, the role of JanBask comes into play that helps you with successful Salesforce implementation and simplified cloud solutions tailored to your business needs.

How can JanBask help you?

As we have discussed already, Salesforce offers distinct advantages to manufacturing industries but how these benefits are delivered actually. These benefits are possible to deliver with different clouds like Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, and the Sales Cloud etc. Each cloud has a plethora of options to deliver outstanding performance. Let us look at the benefits of different cloud and how they a related to manufacturing industries.

Salesforce for Manufacturers – A Right Boost to your Industry

Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud is the perfect solution for any manufacturing industry to monitor social networks, blogs, communities etc. They will get the Idea about Company itself, and a list of keywords that need to be optimized to expand the current customer base.

At the same time, this is easy for the manufacturing industries to manage different social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn etc. where customers can directly respond to the interested products.

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Sales Cloud

The Sales cloud helps manufacturing industries to boost sales and enhance overall productivity by conjunctive use with the marketing cloud. With the Sales Cloud, you can get complete details about your customers, their interests, and area of improvements that further helps you to generate leads for your Company. The sales representatives can better connect with their customers with valuable information provided by the Salesforce cloud solutions.

Also, Sales cloud helps you to track the performance of your employees and their Sales records. With a quick overview, you will get an idea which sales representative is working well as per your expectations. Most importantly, you would be able to release the training sessions as needed for organizational wealth.

Service Cloud

With the Service Cloud, you can serve your customers in easiest and most efficient way. It gives you an opportunity to work on customer issues and offer excellent customer support as required. The service cloud gives complete detail about a person like Name, contact number, the product brought, Email ID etc.

When all the information will be available at your fingertips, you would be able to connect with your customers in a matter of minutes only. Also, you don’t have to waste time in information storage every time a new person or the same customer calls you with a different number.

Further, sales representatives would able to suggest more relevant articles to the customers based on their communication history. The update for the particular problem can be sent remotely, once it is fixed properly.

In this way, JanBask helps you to take advantage of multiple Salesforce resources and get a successful implementation strategy for your business by certified experts. We also help to brainstorm the particular way to benefits from Salesforce clouds and the resources based on profiles of different manufacturing Companies.

Looking at the cloud solutions and Salesforce techniques in a manufacturing setting, there is a lot more than we have put on the blog. Still, you must have got an idea how Salesforce helps any manufacturing industry to give a right boost to its business and enhances the overall productivity.

If any manufacturer has experienced any other benefit then please don’t forget to share with us. While if we talk about the traditional manufacturers who want to switch to the Salesforce, this is just the right platform to move their existing business to the cloud.

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