Cloud Computing Solutions

Match your cloud strategy with your customer expectations and innovate your business structures and its needs

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Cloud Computing Services

Empower your Enterprise with the Wonders of Cloud

Build, develop, deploy, scale in a cloud by using it as a part of a foundation to derive new insights, unlock new opportunities and build new models


Uses server and capacity virtualization broadly to designate/reallocate assets quickly.


Assets are pooled and shared among numerous clients to pick up economies of scale.

Network Access

Assets are accessed by means of internet browser or thin customer utilizing an assortment of organized gadgets (PC, tablet, cell phone).

On Demand

Assets are self-provisioned from an online inventory of pre-characterized designs.


Assets can scale up or down, naturally.


Asset utilization is followed and charged in light of the administration game plan.

Count the Blessings of the Mighty Cloud

Know what a rock-solid cloud computing system can do for you and then strategize your workflows to deliver more meaningful customer experiences

  • Get operational efficiencies to run your business better.
  • Quicker execution and time to value.
  • Anyplace access to applications and resources.
  • Faster adaptability to take care of demand.
  • Higher usage of framework speculations .
  • Lower foundation, vitality, and office costs
  • More noteworthy IT staff efficiency across the business.
  • Upgraded security and insurance of data resources.
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Salesforce Cloud Computing Solutions

Partner with a Company Whose Solutions are Build to Perform

Take a look at our array of services and change the image of your brand forever with an expert guidance, implementation support and managed services

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Cloud Computing - Multi-Cloud Services Multi-Cloud Services

Optimize, lessen complexity and cost and better incorporate and deal with your multi-cloud and customary IT conditions.

Cloud Computing - Cloud Hosting Services Cloud Hosting Services

Use a full suite of cutting-edge systems administration, application & facilitating administrations for applications and framework on an adaptable, security-rich hybrid cloud stage.

Cloud Computing -  Cloud Application Development Cloud Application Development

Rapidly configure, manufacture and enhance applications for cloud at scale with end-to-end improvement administrations from JanBask.

Cloud Computing - Cloud Strategy & Adoption services Cloud Strategy & Adoption services

Optimize your IT foundation with strategic guidance for IT associations and modernization, data security, portfolio rationalization, remediation and data migration cloud.

Get a Competitive Advantage with Assorted Cloud Computing Platform

Develop, experiment and iterate at speed with the power of different cloud platforms



Benefit from varying degree from the economies of scale created by setting up services with the same computing environments, and the reliability of physically hosting services across multiple servers where individual system failures do not affect the continuity of the service.

Amazon web Services


We help you implement core cloud infrastructure services such as Compute, Storage & Content Delivery, Database, Networking, and Security & Identity with the cloud functionality of AWS a highly advanced cloud computing platform.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Build, test, deploy, and manage your entire suite of applications & services with the help of a globally connected network of Microsoft-managed data centres. We can help you to get the desired productivity apps to work with more competence, intelligence & collaboration.

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