How To Implement Salesforce for Startups


Salesforce is the best CRM available for any startup, but its poor implementation can make it ineffectual as well. So, for any startup, if they are considering Salesforce implementation then by considering a few key points, they can have valuable and effective CRM. A properly configured and customized CRM can add value to the organization in many ways.

Startups are always advised to use the professional services for Salesforce implementation. They know the Salesforce capabilities and how it can benefit any organization, so hiring them can provide you successful implementation. Moreover, Salesforce professionals may want to know the working methodologies of your Sales process, to identify the areas, where Salesforce can help your organization and what you are expecting with your new CRM.

Initially, startups may not be sure about the answers or their policies may keep on updating as per requirement. Even the sales policies may change over the time after or during the Salesforce implementation process and so they may need more changes to be done in Salesforce. So you must be prepared for the new Salesforce implementation in advance if you want to use it for lifetime,

Following points must be considered to implement Salesforce for small business:

To prepare for Salesforce implementation, you must consult with your employees and know the answers of a few questions, on the basis of which you can take the decision of Salesforce implementation area, for this either you can take a survey or provide a particular set of questions, where they can provide their answers and their opinion. You can also arrange a meeting of the top team managers to discuss the scenario. Majorly following departments or roles of the company use Salesforce, so you can arrange the meeting with them:

  • Sales Team
  • Lead Generation Team
  • Customer Support Team
  • Executives
  • Finance and Accounts
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Apart from this you must know that how many Salesforce licenses will be needed for the coming months and the tools that you may require for business operation execution. You may need the marketing automation tools, Chat tools like Olark, Desktop management tools like ZenDesk, apart from this your own product copy may also be required as the Salesforce will be integrated with that tool itself.

Why your Product information is required?

Your core product is the key of your customer relation and sales made by your company, so you need the product prior to the Salesforce implementation. The Salesforce experts can only provide you the complete solution after evaluating the core product and they can understand the complete sales process just through the product. You must also consider following points related to the sales process:

  • Know per product sales dollar value and time to make an average sale.
  • In nearby future how many products will be ready to sale?
  • Will the product be sales in one country or in many countries, globally?
  • What is the product sales process, complete detail about its licensing or implementation, etc.

Salesforce provides the tools freely to startup, so that they can easily focus on key areas to generate more leads. Although as a Startup you can use other tools to manage the business operations and these tools may include Google Docs, Gmail, Slack or Heroku. Today, either startup or any existing company may need the real time information so that they can provide the seamless service to their customers. These tools must be usable by every team of the company, including marketing, sales, finance, customer service and others. Through Salesforce you can get all of these features through a single tool.

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 Salesforce for Startups through SCRUM approach

In order to streamline the sales process startups may need the tools and support to technically integrate the teams. Moreover, sometimes there is a specific budget in startups to implement the process; Salesforce is a CRM, which can be suitable for every budget. Just to maintain the agile approach the developers and the other team members have to provide efficient service to their customers through every possible manner and here is where Salesforce helps the organizations, by providing the tools and real time technology to maintain the customer relationship.

To build the agile approach companies follow the SCRUM methodology, especially for today’s ultra-competitive market. SCRUM can best describe the key drivers of Salesforce, which can provide success to the organizations or startups.

Through SCRUM, where S stands for Scaling, C for Customer Service, R for Report Generation, U for Understanding of business process and M for marketing, every team of the organization have to come together in order to generate more strategic sales leads. The centrally located data can help the sales team to know the opportunities and generating planned leads. There are various tools available to provide automatic support like through live chat the sales team members can contact the customers and other departments as well.

The report generation can also be done in real-time and the managers can easily track the report to know the progress of any sales process. The key areas, which need importance and focus, can also identify the tools. The 360-degree view of the Sales process is available on Dashboard, through centralized data, which can be analyzed and help in taking the right decisions.


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