Reasons You Can’t Say ‘NO’ to Salesforce For Telecom


The telecommunication industry deals with a huge customer database, and it is increasing with each passing day. It sounds great too in business terms as well as to many people. But, do you ever think, how challenging it is for telecom companies to handle each customer seamlessly? The figure for unique telecom customers is quite big. The data of their interaction with the organization across all platforms is not a waste that too in the age of increasing use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.

Salesforce For Telecom

You have data that doesn’t mean you have everything. Profitability lies in sorting the data and categorizing them into what you want from it. To figure out if a customer is disappointed with your service and why. To streamline the sales, marketing, and support job so that all of them can work with each other cooperatively. To predict market trends for the future of business. And all this is possible for the telecom world if they have Salesforce CRM integrated to business!

Salesforce has captured the market of CRM software. It is evolving in each industry, and telecom is no exception to it. With industry-specific features, it extracts customer-related data from all sources, analyzes whole data piece thoroughly, identify the customer behavior & habits, creates multiple segments having a unique aspect, and send category wise information to sales, support, and marketing teams so that they can work in a way that brings maximum profit. Without a Salesforce CRM, telecom companies would have no idea about their customer intentions, and they would have never planned their targeted campaigns, promotions & offers to boost sales and improve customer interaction.

Here are the top reasons, which tell why Salesforce is always the right choice for the telecommunication industry.

Database Management

People, these days, check for information on social media more than websites. Salesforce CRM finds information on all the telecom customers from across all the channels and consolidates all that in one place. 

Database Management

This data is helpful for an organization in multiple ways:

  • For customer support team – The data contains all the customer interaction information – past and current, which a support team utilizes to provide a better customer experience.
  • For the marketing team – Since data gives a clear insight into customer purchase behavior, marketing executives make a different segment for profitable customers and run a targeted campaign to generate quality leads.
  • For the sales team – Salesforce data is particularly used to figure out the pattern of consumers. Hence, the sales team targets those buyers who have a track record of the highest conversion.
  • To maintain uniformity – With all the data in one place, professionals have the information on customer interaction journey since starting, which helps them to make customers feel connected every time.  
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Improved Customer Interaction

How you once behave with a customer, decides whether or not they’ll come back to you. Customer interaction is very important and plays a vital role in building a great brand image. Due to a large telecommunication customer base, providing a seamless consumer interaction is a challenge but, salesforce caters to this problem effectively and easily. Here is how!

Improved Customer Interaction
  • To address customer issues correctly, a support team must have a clear idea of the user problem. Salesforce CRM saves all steps of customer conversation with the company, which is further used to offer personalized customer experience.
  • By getting a 360-degree view of each customer, the marketing team runs targeted campaigns. It improves customer engagement and makes them word of mouth.
  • Using customer behavior, search habits, and history from salesforce CRM, telecom companies send them promotional offers to improve customer relationships and increase sales.
  • On a company website, people may behave formal, but, their social media activities are genuine and, helpful for brands to understand what they want. Hence, by integrating the social behavior of customers to the business, salesforce does a lot to take customer interaction to the next level.

Automated Follow-Ups and Seamless Tracking

In the telecommunication industry, companies have to deal with a large set of customers; hence, keeping an eye all the time on each action taken by customers, is way too tough. However, with the salesforce data consolidation feature, this activity can be done in no time. Let’s discuss here in detail:

Automated Follow-Ups and Seamless Tracking
  • With data consolidation, Salesforce garners all the information from various sources and keep them all at one location. Then, it becomes easy for organizations to access data directly from here.
  • Along with previous data, Salesforce CRM includes real-time customer updates too. It is utilized to categorize the different types of customers, such as those that have purchased for the first time and those who are existing ones in the company customer list.
  • In the case of a new customer, CRM is used to send follow up notification to sales executives. This process is completed automated with the help of Salesforce.
  • Salesforce integration with social platforms assists companies to track the social behavior of their customers. And, it is very important too in the current digital world for development and improvement of a business.
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Salesforce Predictive Analytics helps to be proactive

Data Mining is quite obvious when one discusses a CRM platform, isn’t it? With a huge set of data, Salesforce gives a good opportunity for mining to understand the current customer pattern and predict the business ideas to take the telecom sector in a profitable direction.

Salesforce Predictive Analytics helps to be proactive
  • With salesforce predictive analysis, the mining process can be taken a step ahead, wherein, guessing an educated future market trend becomes easy and correct.
  • Salesforce tells a lot about your customer trend means their collective behavior; this information is very useful to overcome the gap between what they want and what you are offering.

Easy Dispute Management

Customers of any industry may have complaints regarding services & products but, when it comes to the telecom world, the number of complaints is a bit more comparatively. Well, it’s pretty obvious too! But, leaving an unhappy customer like that will inspire him to say goodbye to your services, do you want it to happen? Salesforce takes care of it in a good manner by keeping all the steps of customer interaction with an organization in a consolidated way. The information includes people who are involved means a list of staff who are trying to resolve a customer issue, all the provided solutions, customer feedback, and everything. It showcases whether the problem has been permanently fixed or not. Also, this whole scenario contributes a lot in making services and products better than before since consumers give their genuine input.


Introducing Salesforce CRM to business has become a need for telecom companies as it is not easy to handle such a large set of the customer base. Customers do posses various behavior; some may like data plan ‘A’ and other might be more interested in data plan ‘B.’ it is compulsory to understand this difference and plan strategies for both to keep business in a right direction. This industry can’t be driven by making assumptions; you need to work on facts and figures that are easily possible with Salesforce. You need to think about how your sales, marketing and support staff can work more productively in the same working hours. You must analyze the market trends and make plans accordingly. Do you still think ignoring Salesforce won’t make any loss to your telecom company?

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