Drive your Brand with Salesforce CRM for Consumer Goods Companies


“Salesforce CRM for consumer goods Companies is focused to deliver a single system for trading and marketing operations. By taking their existing CRM system to cloud, consumer goods firms can leverage their CRM capabilities for sales, analytics, services, marketing etc. It will allow them to win in-store execution and drive meaningful insights into action in the competitive environment. Also, Companies would be able to establish direct digital connections with their customers and enhance its front-end capabilities.”

Generally, consumer good (CG) Companies face challenges in leveraging cloud, social, analytics, and mobile technologies to streamline and automate their front-office capabilities. With Salesforce CRM, The CG Companies not only maximize the sales productivity but they can increase the overall brand visibility across the network. This ultimately leads the global development of your business and drive your brand forward as expected.

Why CG Companies need Salesforce?

The Situation

With increased global competition, CG Companies also need to grow to compete with other brands. For this purpose, they need to focus on customer engagement model, connected shoppers, connected consumers, to fulfill the dynamic needs of modern users.

Secure access across the mobile network, reporting, and effective analysis are the key parameters for any distributed management platform. It needs more flexibility and agility to meet the changing needs of business and adopting new marketing strategies to stay ahead in the competitive market.

The Solution

Salesforce CRM platform is the solution that offers rich capabilities to revamp sales, productivity, and analytics capabilities. Additionally, there are Salesforce Lightning components and Salesforce1 app development framework to develop custom applications and support a variety of business functions.

implementation was a true differentiator for their business. Here is a list of capabilities that are offered by the cloud platform for CG Companies that have already started using Salesforce in past –

  • The platform manages customer interactions individually with consistency.
  • It helps to leverage reusable components across multiple devices.
  • You can expand your business in the local or global environment quickly.
  • There are amazing data analytics capabilities for quick decision-making and take actionable insights accordingly.

Four pillars you should focus on while implementing Salesforce CRM for Consumer Goods Firms

  • Optimized relationships across multiple channels
  • Enhance customer engagement with one-to-one journeys
  • Drive front-end capabilities and agility
  • Empowering employees with knowledge-based communities
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These four pillars should be kept in mind while designing CRM system for CG Companies those results in effectiveness, enhanced productivity, predictive analysis, IoT, AI capabilities, and a system of intelligence. According to a recent survey, eight out of 10 successful CG Companies are using Salesforce as their main marketing strategy. Here is the experience shared by leading Companies why you should adopt Salesforce in the near future.

1). Agility

This is the most dominant factor forcing Companies to adopt Salesforce for future business operations. Salesforce is a cloud-based platform that follows agile development approach to rapidly meet the dynamic needs of the business without making any compromising on the IT core. With agile development, Companies can quickly respond to the climate changes and able to meet users’ demand faster.

2). Affordability

Despite the various cloud benefits and CRM capabilities, Salesforce is quite affordable when compared to other similar platforms. The cost-effective platform not only reduces budget pressure and you can stick to the same platform for years. SAP was also a good option but its higher prices make people diverted towards Salesforce.

3). Functional & Global Capabilities

Salesforce has both functional and global capabilities when compared to other similar platforms like Microsoft, Oracle, SAP etc. This is a highly secure system that can store voluminous data and information is exchanged across the network with safety without any disruption.

Also, the platform accelerates the deployment capabilities in the local or global environment with various Salesforce automation tools. At the same time, the overall production costs are reduced up to 30 percent when compared to traditional CRM systems.

4). Digital Transformations and Thought leadership

Salesforce is the leader in cloud industry that witnesses strong digital transformations across sales, marketing channels, and service layers. The best is that you don’t have to spend more time on various activities but they can be automated with the right tools and techniques.

Salesforce has brought a plenty of new challenges with this amazing cloud platform and it is continuously innovating and addressing different business challenges too.

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5). Maximizing Productivity

With Salesforce platform, the significant benefits can be achieved in terms of sales, services, and staff productivity. It makes the business operations more visible and reduces turnaround time to the expected levels. At the same time, the productivity can be maximized up to 10 percent or more and able to gain other significant benefits too.

6). Promote Effectiveness

Despite productivity and agility, Salesforce accelerates decision-making capabilities and promotes the overall effectiveness of your brand. Users would be able to access the right documents within seconds only by login to Virtual Private Network through their mobile phones or desktops.

7). Gain more visibility

Along with information access in the real-time and accelerated decision-making capabilities, CG companies have gained more visibility across the entire value chain and rapid identification of improvement areas. With Salesforce, this is possible to go beyond existing marketing channels and drive your brand forward to the maximum heights.

8). Easy infrastructure management

Salesforce is the best cloud platform supporting front-office capabilities and witnesses quick technology management and lower IT costs. When compared to SAP, Salesforce is more scalable and it can be renewed at much lower costs. You can deploy products to market faster with a plenty of development tools or components and easily adjusts with dynamic business needs.

Also, the innovating capabilities of Salesforce platform make it leading choice among other CRM platforms. Hence, with the above discussion, this is clear that platform has cost-benefits, infrastructure management benefits, and simplifies other IT operations too.

Infographic How to Drive Growth with Salesforce in a consumer Goods Company?

Infographic How to Drive Growth with Salesforce in a consumer Goods Company?

Final Words:

With effective management of four pillars – B2B, B2C, internal business efficiencies, and empowerment of employees, the global consumer good Companies can gain a competitive advantage over others with consistency. Also, Salesforce CRM for consumer goods witnesses attractive ROI, lower IT costs, rapid time to market, favorable infrastructure management, and excellent deployment rate etc.

This is clear that Salesforce offers benefits of connected cloud model with consistency across local and global environment while taking your brand forward with improved in-store execution and effective digital transformations.

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