Salesforce Lightning And Its Exclusive Features


What is Salesforce Lightning?

We all are not oblivious to the radical change that Salesforce has brought about in the entire Customer Relationship Management Industry. There is not even a single branch of economics or market forces that have remained untouched by its awe. Healthcare, Life-sciences, Retail anything you name has had taken and is continuing to take the benefits of Salesforce and its products. Salesforce offers two types of Versions or User-Interfaces – namely Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning.

Top 10 Salesforce Lightning Experience Features

When you enter your Salesforce Developer account, you are by default directed to Lightning Platform.  If the question why use Salesforce lightning bothers you, then worry not we will answer that for you right here, right now!

Let us first take a look at the Average Percentage improvements reported by Salesforce Lightning users in a survey conducted in 2017 by Salesforce itself.

Top 10 Salesforce Lightning Experience Features

Top 10 Salesforce Lightning Features 

There are a few features of Salesforce Lightning that makes it a better interface;

  1. The latest edition with the latest technology
  2. New features for faster selling
  3. A feature of Lightning Voice
  4. Steelbrick Feature enabling Quote-to-Cash
  5. Alliance with Outlook
  6. Experience CRM on your thumbs
  7. Lightning App-Builder
  8. AppExchange Apps
  9. Lightning Snap-Ins
  10. Lightning Customer Community

So now let’s discuss each of them in detail- 

1). The latest edition with the latest technology

Top 10 Salesforce Lightning Experience FeaturesSalesforce lightning makes use of the most recent technological advances that can help you with your relationships with your customers as well as interdepartmental relations. It gives you the option to harness the potential of the cloud for almost everything. You will also get each and every Lightning update that Salesforce releases, thanks to the three automatic upgrades that it definitely offers every year.

2). New features for faster selling

The lightning platform offers you somewhere around 55 new Sales Cloud pages along with well over 150 additional features. The list is so big that it is not feasible to write it down here, but the reports prepared after recording responses of thousands of salespeople involved in Salesforce we have discovered that the following five features have proved to be the most desired and helpful for the reps on the field as well as working behind the desk-

Top 10 Salesforce Lightning Experience Features

3). A feature of Lightning Voice

Top 10 Salesforce Lightning Experience Features

Talking about new highlights, Lightning Voice for Salesforce is a distinct advantage for business people. It associates them with clients and prospects quicker than any time in recent memory by empowering voice calls to be made directly from within the Sales Cloud itself. This implies wherever you are using the virtues of Salesforce, and your cell phone is included in that, you can make as well as receive calls there itself. The best part is this feature is that while you are involved in a call you can at the same time take notes and logging these calls.

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4). Steelbrick Feature enabling Quote-to-Cash

Top 10 Salesforce Lightning Experience Features

Another mind-blowing feature of Salesforce which is constructed 100% on Lightning infrastructure only. Steelbrick CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is the feature that enables Sales Cloud as the main prompt to trade deals in the business. Presently, with its help reps can undoubtedly get rebate approvals, create proposals for brands and contracts, and even gather signatures, while still logged in their CRM.

5). Alliance with Outlook

Top 10 Salesforce Lightning Experience Features

Salesforce and Microsoft have shaped a key organization which brings the world’s #1 CRM and the world’s foremost productivity suite together. Presently you can get to your Lightning platform from your Outlook account, without having to hop between programs. The 100% cloud-based Lightning Sync additionally keeps your contacts and logbooks up-to-date all across Salesforce and your Office 365 suite and also on all your Microsoft Exchange accounts.

6). Experience CRM on your thumbs

Top 10 Salesforce Lightning Experience Features

Actually, the Salesforce1 Mobile App is based on the Lightning Platform only. These two developments filled in as impetuses for the redesigning of Lightning’s desktop dashboard experience. Each and every customization that occurs on the platform is quickly available to you on any cell phone by means of Salesforce1 App.

7). Lightning App-Builder

Top 10 Salesforce Lightning Experience Features

The best part about this entire Lightning framework is that you do not have to be a hardcore coder or developer to build apps in Lightning, just a few clicks in the right way and you have your own app. With Lightning Builder, anybody can relocate Lightning Components to spin up mobile or computer applications, and customize your pages in Lightning Experience. There are primarily three sorts of segments in Lightning Builder: Pre-built components from Salesforce Org, components from Lightning Exchange built by various Salesforce partners, and its custom components.

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8). AppExchange Apps

Top 10 Salesforce Lightning Experience Features

There are presently in excess of 157 Lightning ready outsider third-party applications accessible in the Salesforce’s AppExchange, all of which have been duly pre-integrated and pre-reviewed to work smoothly in Salesforce. Lightning-compatible applications are intended to convey the most consistent client encounter as you move your association to the Lightning interface. You can simply do a search for the “Lightning Ready” symbol given on AppExchange and read about a large number of them from there itself.

9). Lightning Snap-Ins

Snap-Ins is the most current element from Service Cloud Lightning. Developed with the help of Lightning Components, Snap-Ins enable organizations to rapidly coordinate client support directly into their applications and pages. This makes it simple to reach out to the clients adequately, right where they are.

10). Lightning Customer Community

Top 10 Salesforce Lightning Experience Features

The Lightning Customer Community is the most feature-packed release when seen in the historical backdrop of Community Cloud, empowering organizations to rapidly and intelligently engage with their clients. The all-new UX offers another level of personalization, in addition to various new engagements opportunities that assist your business in providing an unparalleled client experience it also offers various in-built solutions to frequent questions or grievances.

Experience the power of the cloud with Lightning

Salesforce is successful only because it has garnered and exploited the true potential of cloud computing. Salesforce is breaking all the age-old IT norms and is giving solutions that are faster, better and newer. This is because it lets you take the advantage of cloud via many cloud platforms that it provides. Here is a screenshot that was taken from the website of JanBask- IT Services and Salesforce Consulting that illustrates the functioning of various Clouds associated with Lightning.

Top 10 Salesforce Lightning Experience Features


Wrapping up, it is to say that Salesforce Lightning provides many more features than Salesforce Classic. If you want to see rapid growth in your business, Lightning may be a better interface for you as it has got many latest technologies at its disposal. Rest the decision lies with you as you need to see many other things before you straight away sign-up for Lightning or decide to migrate from Classic to Lightning.

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