Leveraging Platform for Salesforce Application Development


Today, almost every business organization is using the app to execute its business operations smoothly.  Through business apps, the customers of any business not only meet with the brand, but they can also get connected with each other.

Nowadays, business processes have become automated and streamlined across the enterprise. Salesforce even has provided low code app development tool known as Salesforce Lightning.

A number of Salesforce developers are using this platform due to its capabilities and features provided by the company for business professionals. Lightning provides a superbly intelligent platform which can automate the business processes smartly and in leveraging manner.

This article provides brief information about this leveraging platform of Salesforce which can not only be handled by nontechnical persons but also provides many technical and easily usable app features.

Salesforce as a Development Platform

Salesforce has become a popular and superbly intelligent CRM tool. It has not only converted the Sales process of the organization convenient but has given new wings to the Sales reps by speeding up their job. Many organizations even are using Salesforce for quite a long time or its Classic version. Just after getting the feedback from Classic users the company has launched Lightning platform with lots of new features. Here are listed a few of them for you.

1). Voice of Salesforce

Salesforce Lightning is an innovative and featured platform, which can be used by technical and non-technical persons. One of the features of Salesforce Lightning is Lightning voice, which is provided to the salespeople of any organization. This feature is provided to make voice calls right from within the Salesforce platform.

As the voice dialing feature is available in Salesforce cloud, so can be accessed through mobile or laptop. Any local territory number can be dialed and chosen by the user for voice calling and if required then notes can also be taken through the app.

2). CPQ Feature

CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote which is an additional feature of Salesforce Lightning. Through CPQ feature salespeople of the organization can deliver invoices, quotes and generate the contracts for their sales process.

Easy discounts can be offered and availed by the Salespersons. Moreover, they can generate the proposals for their clients and receive their digital signature without leaving the Salesforce platform. In this way, they can configure their leads, offer price and get the quotes from the same and single Salesforce platform.

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3). An Innovative Platform

Salesforce Lightning is a responsive and cloud-based platform so can be accessed from anywhere at any time through a laptop or any mobile device. Salesforce has launched this new platform so that the user can leverage Salesforce and accelerate their business process by increasing their operational values.

users can also easily migrate to Lightning right from within the platform and the complete migration information and requirement details can be accessed from Salesforce website. Even some Classic users hire the Salesforce consultants or experts who can guide them throughout the migration process and avail it for them in a hassle-free manner.

Salesforce Lightning is also known as low-code platform as it provides a platform to develop Salesforce usable apps for programmers and non-programmers both. Through easy to use or drag-drop like features, the company has launched it. Any business organization cannot only develop web applications but also mobile applications.

Here, we are going to discuss various Salesforce platforms which can be used to develop the apps. The developers can use them and develop the applications which can be used with Salesforce CRM and are cloud-based as well.

Salesforce Platforms for Application Development

Salesforce Apex was the foremost platform which was launched for application development. Through Apex the developer can develop customized and complex apps which they cannot only use on mobiles but also on laptops and other smart devices.

Salesforce Lightning platform is basically used to develop the mobile apps or to convert the existing Salesforce apps to the mobile application. The salesforce1 platform is also used for the application development and the mobile-friendly apps can be used from anywhere.

Following are a few of the popular and mostly used Salesforce app development platforms:

  • Salesforce Lightning Platform: It is also known as low code-based platform as just by drag and drop the user can design and develop the mobile apps. Salesforce Lightning apps are compatible with all mobile devices and laptops. Being low code platform, it can be used by both Salesforce developers and non-developers or anyone who is not well versed with the programming languages. The application developed through Lightning platform can be integrated with Salesforce platform and used with it. For any of the complex or easy operation, a customized and mobile-friendly app can be developed.
  • Salesforce App Cloud Platform: Salesforce platform has now become low code and mobile-focused The platform can be used either to develop front end or back end mobile based Salesforce apps. Salesforce has provided this platform to its clients due to feedback is given by them. As earlier Salesforce applications were not mobile friendly and not compatible with mobiles. But due Salesforce App Cloud platform and its features the mobile-friendly apps can be easily developed and accessed.
  • Com Platform of Salesforce: Force.com platform of Salesforce is basically code based and is provided to the Salesforce developers. They can code and develop the mobile-friendly Salesforce apps through Force.com. For any complex or customized app, developers use Force.com platform, which requires deep knowledge of Salesforce syntax and code? Technical expertise is required to use Force.com platform.
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Apart from the above-listed platform of Salesforce app development, there are a few other platforms which can be used to develop Salesforce responsive apps. Heroku is a PaaS based platform of Salesforce and through this platform, many code bundles can be run and even the data fields of old and new app versions can also be created to leverage the organization.

The low code platform apps of Salesforce are elastic, durable, and scalable by nature. The apps can be used in multi-tenant infrastructure and can be accessed throughout the organizational departments.

Salesforce app development can be easier or complicated based on the operation for which it will be used by the business organizational employees. They can offer following benefits to the departments of enterprise:

  • Enhanced Efficiency
  • Better and High ROI
  • Good Analytics
  • Nice Appearance
  • Ability to get Strong Pitch
  • Quick Access to the Information
  • Increased Return and Profitable Operation Management
  • Better Decision-Making Capacity

So, the platforms provided by Salesforce are much more improved and quick in processing.

Final Words:

Salesforce Application Development can be an unavoidable task for some organizations which has their own processes and requires the customized app to automate those processes. With every release, the company tries to improve the features provided by them for their clients.

Mobile apps developed by any of the Salesforce platforms can leverage the business organizations and the employees can access their required information through any mobile or non-mobile device.

Salesforce Applications improve the efficiency of eployees by providing them timely and required information in an organized way. Salesforce applications can be developed by the Salesforce developers and experienced experts conveniently.

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