CRM For Non-Profits: Drive Service Engagement, Increase Productivity And Reduce Costs


CRM software is crucial for a nonprofit organization on any given day. It renders an upper hand as far as executing mission operations and improving retention is concerned. In case you are a nonprofit owner who is in the lookout for a CRM system, try to get acquainted with specific software features of these products.

This knowledge will help you to decide upon a vendor who offers the exact solution as well as helps you to shortlist a few products.

Infographic Why should you use CRM for Non Profit Organisations

Infographic Why should you use CRM for Non Profit Organisations

A few vital features that can help you get started are as follows:

Event Management: Event planning and management utilities are specific to a few good CRM tools. In case your company is into lots of auctions, workshops, charity dinners, conferences, etc., this feature might prove useful. With it you can:

  • schedule events
  • send invitations
  • track RSVPs
  • design seating charts
  • check in and access data on the go (from mobiles)

Constituent Management: Being a traditional CRM equivalent of contact management, this feature proves very useful. It basically includes:

  • donors
  • vendors
  • foundations
  • volunteers
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So the tool ranges through basic contact records to type classification as well as helps to track donation history alongside memberships and social media engagement.

Campaigns: Marketing campaigns are crucial for non-profit organizations as they keep constituents informed. They also solicit contributions from new prospects. Smart nonprofit CRMs come with powerful marketing automation features that help you roll out multiple types of campaigns in the form of email, direct mail, SMS, etc.

Some of these CRM tools make analysis easy and segment constituents for you to take a targeted approach in the field of relationship management. This leads to easy analysis and predictive intelligence that can help you clarify clean data display on customizable dashboards.

Donation Management: After the exercise of fundraising is over, donation processing becomes important. In order to obtain a seamless customer experience, one has to keep all payment options flexible to receive donations from multiple channel. Advanced CRM software comes with integrated payment processing as well as offer integrated accounting for better budgeting functionalities.

Why is Salesforce CRM desired by Non-profits?

Salesforce1 is an innovative CRM version from the world’s Constituent relationship management software company. It offers a best-in-class functionality via a “Power of Us” program, that is budget-friendly and effective.

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Interestingly, the last 10 user subscriptions come for free in the tool for qualified customers. Besides, additional subscriptions come at lucrative discounts(up to 75% off)when compared to traditional rates. So there are no enterprise-league price tags here at least!

Nonprofit Salesforce platform is not only innovative, but also a comprehensive tool for it targets social media as well as mobile compatibility, and at the same time encourages workplace collaboration.

So CRMs are cloud-based solutions that render a host of fundraising tools alongside ground-breaking management features that can smartly handle cases, hotlines and call centers beside enabling social media engagement. Since a long time “CRM” has become a buzzword in the nonprofit technology sector. These powerful software systems not only manage relationships, but also enable flexibility, customization, integrate with digital marketing and communication strategies and allow scores of other activities, all from a single unified interface.

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