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Salesforce Custom Development to deliver remarkable changes to your Non-Profit Organisation

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Salesforce for non-nrofits

Extend the benefits of World-class CRM to your charitable organisation

Reap the advantages of improved resources, effective communication and drive the social change that you have committed to bring

Improving the Resources

With Salesforce for Non-Profits, your organization can have a complete 360 view of the interactions that occur among a funder or volunteer. Thus the donor relationships can be improved substantially and the donation cycle from the pledge to payment can be managed effectively.

Best-In-Class Services

Salesforce features for non-profits ensure better management of program and services through quick installation of social and mobile apps, thus ensuring the streamlining of manual processes and reducing the use of paper.

Engage in Effective Communication

With the growing interest towards mobile devices and social networks, Salesforce CRM for non-profits can help you to communicate effectively by synchronizing all your present causes with others at the same with the aid of a solid social and efficient email marketing strategy that drives automated digital campaigns.

Drive the Social Change

The purpose of your non-profit organization can be aligned and accelerated through enhanced collaboration between staff, members, volunteers as well as other supporters through a non-profit CRM. It offers a secure environment for creating communities of interest and thereby driving significant social change.

Expand the features of Salesforce CRM for Non-Profits for your philanthropic needs

Benefit from the wonderful components of Salesforce and achieve new targets every day

Contribute Fresh Perspectives to your organisation with our Service Offerings

Take a look at our best practices that help us in providing you with implementing an effective Salesforce CRM in your
non-profit association

With our Salesforce Integration services, you can understand the goals, objectives and information of your non-profit better. Get an improved clarity about what could be done and what could not be done.

Complex solutions are always avoided as far as possible and we never commit on a project once we identify that we would not be able to complete it.

Salesforce CRM for non-profit

Pre-Configure Salesforce for your Non-Profit

Transform your charitable needs with the Salesforce Non-Profit Starter Pack

Salesforce Non-Profit Starter Pack

"One of the most sought-after applications in Salesforce Enterprise Edition, Salesforce Non-Profit Starter Pack has been designed as an app that pre-configures Salesforce for non-profits and thereby making the lives of non-profits simpler and easier than ever before."

Non-Profit Starter Pack is tailored to effectively manage individual donors in addition to donations, relationships, memberships as well as company affiliations. Recurring gifts and payments could also be created and managed by making use of Non-Profit Starter Pack. At JanBask, we provide a unique and personalized experience that has been specifically tailored for you by helping you with the installation of Non-Profit Starter Pack for effectively managing the objectives of your non-profit organization.

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