What are the Benefits of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud?


In June 2018 Salesforce launched its version for Nonprofit clouds. It is a complete package in itself that can help the non-profits in tracking and measuring their performances that too in a real-time environment. Non-profits have to face their challenges to raise funds, to reach their customers and tracking or measuring their performance. Salesforce can provide them AI-driven insights that can make their journey quite more impactful and easier.

Many times non-profits have to quantify their pressure to show their impact or effectiveness to their audience. Especially for those who want to have great online experiences and services.

As non-profit demands are growing in their way, so Salesforce launched a separate cloud-based service for the non-profits. The non-profit cloud of Salesforce has several in-built and non-profit beneficial features. Salesforce is supposed to be the number one CRM for the organizations of every size and type and so as its non-profit cloud-based service is also supposed to be classic and beneficial.

Through this post, we are going to discuss its direct benefits for the non-profits and how you can ripe the real benefits from the Salesforce cloud, we will see here.

Benefits of Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud

Salesforce NonProfit Cloud

1). Keeping the Business Organized

Salesforce not only helps the non-profits in identifying and categorizing clients and leads, instead it is equally efficient in designing workspaces that keeps everyone involved. Like any Salesforce user can also create personalized views and dashboards that can be accessed only by some specific people or users. If even you need any functionality and it is not present in Salesforce, then still you can add in Salesforce just through coding. On the Salesforce website itself, many non-profits have listed their experiences and showed their results after implementing Salesforce non-profit cloud.

2). Support through Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud

Salesforce partner program helps you in getting connected with their supporting staff. Now, they need not struggle with layouts, dashboards, and functionalities. Salesforce non-profit cloud is flexible and opens technically architecture that always remains within reach of its customers and provides better assistance as and when required. Users can also access the backlog of previously solved problems and handle their technical difficulties. It can give a consistent and structured view of donors and your constituent.

The non-profit cloud of Salesforce can also get connected with third-party apps and tools. Even it can be integrated into with your existing websites and systems. The third-party apps can enhance its functionalities and provide you well-structured and organized information as and when required.

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3). Affordability

More than 32,000 non-profits are getting and depriving many benefits of Salesforce non-profit clouds. It understands the affordability and imperative nature of the required programs for non-profits. Not only has this even Salesforce also created its NPSP programs that can offer many benefits to the non-profits. It is known as Nonprofit Success Pack. It includes pre-built constituent, donor management, and data architecture. Small and medium all size non-profit organizations can leverage this cloud.

4). Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack Benefits

As per Salesforce now it has become one of the preferred choices for non-profits since the launch of its NPSP pack. It helps the users in accessing and getting the information of donors that will help your business in getting success. By empowering your business with NPSP, you can even personalize the journey of every constituent.

NPSP helps the non-profits in getting connected users with donors and volunteers; as a result, they can accomplish their goals by getting required donations. Users can get connected with the donors across the globe; they can also know the solutions of their problem by getting similar case-studies. As the problems that you are facing now may have been solved by someone else. Some of the beneficial features that you will get in Salesforce non-profit cloud dashboard are:

Salesforce non-profit cloud dashboard

5). Households

These are some of the beneficial features that you can find on Salesforce non-profit cloud dashboard.

6). Salesforce Einstein

Nonprofit cloud of Salesforce offers features like fundraising, customer engagement, and program management including many others. Salesforce.org initially introduced solutions for nonprofits through NPSP pack, and now the non-profit cloud is capable to provide a 360-degree view of every aspect of the mission. The cloud is designed to increase the efficiency, flexibility and scaling.

Salesforce Einstein brings the artificial intelligence capabilities to its non-profit cloud that provides the following benefits:

  • Opportunity Insights

The users can get the real-time insights of fundraisers for donation, opportunities through which the nonprofits can maximize their donor involvement and efficiency. As the development, the director can know how much chances are there that the donor will close the lead, just by accessing the information of their past engagements. They can also get the reminders of follow-ups.

  • Einstein Prediction Builder
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The nonprofit customers can build their own AI models by customizing the existing ones. It can be built, just through the existing Salesforce objects or fields. The likeliness of any individual donor can be predicted and determined to identify, whether he will be interested in donating or not?

  • Impact of Salesforce on Analytics

The insights provided by Salesforce nonprofits can help them in making smarter decisions. They can know how much income are they generating and know the real outcome of their programs. They can know how their program is performing and whether they will become able to deliver their mission or not.

Therefore AI-enabled Salesforce Einstein helps the organizations in achieving their goals by providing better funds and getting their desired goals.

7). Power of Us Program

Salesforce has also launched Power of Us Programs that can provide ten donated subscriptions and deep discounts on any additional subscription as well that too only for educational institutes and nonprofit organizations. If any nonprofit has limited budget then this option of Salesforce can be beneficial for them. The complete package includes the following service:

  • Discount on Salesforce events
  • Discount on Salesforce Training
  • 10 donated licenses for enterprise edition and many other additional services and products offered by Salesforce
  • Discounts on AppExchange apps, consulting partners and other participating apps

The nonprofit pack of Salesforce comes with no additional cost and is open-source. The donor management app is also available at no cost that is developed by Salesforce.org employees and community members. The app is packed up with many features and can be easily customized as well. The app can be used for several functions that include donations, households, volunteering management, constituents and many more.

Through the Power of Us Program, the users can also see the impact of your performance that may include your donors, board members, and constituents. Nonprofits can access the NPSP pack that can increase their funds and help them in constituent’s engagement and retention. It can also improve data quality.


The global CRM leader Salesforce has brought many customer-beneficial and digital business solutions. Today several non-profit organizations are leveraging the power of non-profit cloud of Salesforce. It not only provides them a 360-degree view of their user but also help them in managing their contact information. AI or Einstein empower it, so they can provide real-time information.

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