Top 5 Benefits of Salesforce for Non-Profits Organization (NGO)


There was no more need for non-profits than ever before, and it is these organizations which have taken to the humanitarian route to change the world for a better future. The recent times have seen an evident relationship between funders and non-profits. Many foundations have actually started the journey without having the right systems in place which can help them scale the social impact results, but Salesforce makes the latter happen with ease due to its excellent data management tool with special offerings like the Salesforce Non-profit Success Pack (NPSP).

The benefits of Salesforce cannot be undermined for non-profits. It is important that the CRM Solution is as affordable as it sounds especially in the case of non-profits. Typically, the non-profits have limited budgets and do not want to risk endless dollars in a system which gives no sound end-results in terms of ROI. Salesforce provides the best solution for non-profits through its line of highly valuable functionalities and features. Although the Salesforce offers the best access to robust data management tool to the social sector, there can be complexities in the usage for driving maximum benefit for the non-profits.

List of Salesforce Features beneficial for Non-profits

1). Organizational Needs:

Salesforce is highly useful for various non-profit organizations especially when it comes to donor management. Salesforce adds value to various functions of non-profits like tracking of volunteers, donors, raising of funds, or generating leads by individual coding of changes after special request. Even if the function which is needed is not a part of the Salesforce package, there is an option of customization to expand. Increased organizational management often leads to enhanced productivity and enthusiasm for jobs. Many surveys have suggested that as many as 40 percent tech companies have been able to increase their growth by 40% with Salesforce by experiencing a 10 percent increase in the donation value and about 20 percent increase in the total revenue.

2). Returning the Power of Us:

This is specially designed by Salesforce to help shed away the worries of the non-profits about the cost of the CRM Solution by it’s the Power of Us Program which donates 10 Salesforce subscriptions in addition to many discounts on its subscriptions and services. This often acts as the primary benefit for the cash-starved non-profit organizations. It is the Power of Us Program of Salesforce which is instrumental in helping the organizations save a handsome amount. Another notable benefit is that it allows the organization to use the solution for free up to 30 days before they make an actual commitment.

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3). Expansion of Resources:

After Salesforce has been implemented by the non-profits, the resources do not stop at that, but they get access to Trailhead support which provides them with various tutorials for making the most of the technology. Even the Salesforce’s Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP) gives a wonderful user-friendly guide for getting started and thereby getting success with the CRM solution. Salesforce also has many local groups which are established across the nation for helping the non-profits in addition to the Power of Us Hub. Latter is joined by a community of developers and other end-users online for asking questions, giving answers, sharing of experiences and also the application of their knowledge.

4). Compatibility of Integration:  

Many non-profit organizations make use of wealth-screening applications for identifying potential donors. Salesforce is endowed with huge app exchange which is used by non-profits including tools for donor management. Non-profits also need to remember that Salesforce Integration approach is only needed to keep two or more system results in sync. One should keep in mind that integration should not be used if data is used often and if the data use on the other system is not real-time. Integration basically means sharing of data between applications. Salesforce for non-profits is emerging as a cloud platform of choice for many organizations and impact funds. It is the implementation of Salesforce integration which grows over time from simple data management into a comprehensive ecosystem of connected applications. It has been a common observation that non-profits grow from a 1:1 app integration to over 150 app integrations within a span of a decade. For connecting various apps to a Salesforce hub, many tools of Cloud Integration are available like Zapier and Work at at which are used to connect various applications. These tools provide built-in integrations for applications.

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5.) Extensive Support:

Salesforce has a strong and robust support system to help clients. The support usually can drive you through the toughest spots anytime you need. You can also get one on one assistance if one has minor questions about the product. In case of major implementation support, one can also hire a consulting partner who usually have training hours in their scope of work. In case of a technical question, the non-profit can also log a Technical Support Ticket. One can also opt for a Premier Success Plan which is often available on a discount to the Salesforce customers. One can also learn about fixing issues by talking to peers.


The world needs more non-profit organizations than ever in history. This is due to the rise in conflict zones and displaced populations. Non-profits although have a completely different business plan than the usual profit-making businesses but they also need to increase in scale and scope. These have now started to use more technology for increasing their operations and expanding their presence.

Salesforce is the best CRM solution offers the best in class support for CRM by making use of its excellent features like extended support, integration compatibility, wide scope of expansion of resources and satisfaction of the needs of the organization. One piece of caution for all the non-profits is that they should ensure that Salesforce is a powerful tool is operated by trained personnel as else it will not be able to give its maximum benefit. It may also present massive challenges for user experience if not properly used even at the elementary level of operation. So hiring people with actual Salesforce training and certification is an added advantage which serves a long-term benefit.

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