How Technology Can Help to Improve ROI of Non-Profit Organization?


To run successful nonprofits, it is must to connect with donors. But with the evolution of technology, competition is also increasing every day. Sometimes it may even become hard to find and send the message to the right people.

Thankfully there are some latest technologies that can help the nonprofits in managing their relationships with the clients. Nowadays donors prefer those organizations that make transparent investments, so as a result non-profits have to cut their internal costs by keeping it to a minimum.

So in this blog let’s see effect of technology on non-profits and how they can be benefited:

  1. The Cloud Computing Technology – Is able to cut the cost
  2. CRM Technology: Can centralize data
  3. Communication Technology: Can Help in Forming Diverse Strategies
  4. Online Fundraising Solutions: Can simplify the process of donations

By effectively managing the funds the non-profits can easily maintain a positive reputation in the market and attract more donors. As a result, they can achieve their goals in a more optimized way. Now in the next section of this blog, we will discuss the effect in detail.

1). Cloud Computing – A Cost-Cutting Technology

Many organizations including non-profits are using cloud-technology even if they do not realize it. Cloud technology is a new and innovative way to run and store application data through internet by using shared services and architecture.  Cloud computing mainly offers below-listed functionalities to non-profit organizations:

  • File Storage
  • Accounting Software
  • Web Conference
  • Social Networking
  • Web-building tools
  • Email
  • Office Productivity

However, all the above-listed services are not purely cloud-based, here one of the major things is that all these services are majorly managed by cloud services. Cloud-computing technology can save time and money of the non-profit organizations by providing several such benefits.

Through cloud-computing technology, the tools are used by non-profits so they can manage and perform a variety of tasks easily through internet. Staff members can run a variety of applications at once through the internet at the same time. Specific fund-raising applications can provide multiple automated operations just through a single service.

How Technology Can Help to Improve ROI of Non-Profit Organization?

Due to cloud computing technology, organizations do not have to maintain technical departments with expert professionals. Like if any non-profit organization wants to establish its web presence then they may need the expertise of CSS and HTML, while with cloud-based solutions they can easily handle and organize their online presence.

Cloud service providers not only offer the solutions to manage the online presence of organizations but even they also have the “techsperts” who can help the organizations in handling technical challenges if something goes wrong. Most of the cloud computing solutions and tools are updated automatically so the business owners do not have to worry about to keep the platform up to date.

As the cloud-based tools and technology can be used from anywhere as it is internet based. Due to this, not only the organizational services become more flexible but also they can cut down the paper cost that they have to bear for managing the business operations. In short cloud computing is capable to offer below-listed services to the organizations:

  • Can offer a variety of essential tools that may range from everyday email applications to the complex fundraising databases.
  • Reduces the need for complex and expert IT professionals and infrastructure
  • Help in strengthening critical internal operations like accounting process
  • Reduces paper cost and expenses associated with hardware and software licensing
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2). CRM or Customer Relationship Management Technology

CRM is also known as Constituent Relationship Management technology that can help the user in strategically managing the interactions of organizations with their customers. For a non-profit organization, the customers are their donors. Organizations can keep a personal touch with their donors through messages and can collaborate with their employees and volunteers. A CRM can offer below-listed benefits to non-profit organizations:

  • Store and access to prospect contact and donor information
  • Store client information and program participants
  • Can drive business growth
  • Able to manage the marketing campaigns centrally
  • Can provide a single view of donor interaction
  • Manage and schedule the availability and contact information of volunteer
  • Teams can do more with fewer engagements

CRM is a powerful technology and tool that can help the organizations in streamlining the way by which they can engage their customers or donors and prospects. Through this technology, the passionate people can connect easily with your brand and provide essential services. A CRM can help your organization deepen your connection with donor and show them where their money is going and helping others?

How Technology Can Help to Improve ROI of Non-Profit Organization?

A CRM can give a 360-degree view of donor activities and interests that may include:

  • Volunteering
  • Sponsorship
  • Recent Gifts
  • Meaningful Customer Communication
  • Purchases
  • Lifetime Giving

There are many ways in which a CRM can help the non-profits especially by managing the donor’s activity information. They can store the information in a centralized manner and all the staff employees can access the same information from any place through any device.

Managed donor information can enhance fund-raising execution. The organizations can segment the donors and schedule communication and even send thank you letters to them in a personalized manner. Some CRMs also provide the event-planning facility, so non-profits can easily plan and decide their events for fundraising.

Not only donor information even the CRM can also manage the information of board members, staff and volunteers just through single CRM. In short, a CRM can provide the following functionalities:

  • Centralized management of donor, staff, volunteer and board member information
  • Facility of different data field interaction that can present a more complex picture of a non-profit donor
  • A data-driven analytical report to form a fund-raising strategy
  • Marketing feature through which non-profits can contact specific donor groups at the right time

3). Communication Technology to form Diverse Strategy

Through latest and innovating marketing and communication technologies the non-profits can engage their donors in a better manner. Today there are plenty of communication tools that may be helpful for non-profits. Technology advancement allows non-profits to reach their donors even through mobile devices in a quick manner.

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As today so many technical mediums are available for communication so one must choose the donor’s preferred channel. By doing so the organizations can reach their donors in effective manner and increase their ROI as well. Moreover, nonprofits must use multiple possible channels to reach their donors that may be:

  • Web pages
  • Emails
  • Mailed Material
  • SMS Software
  • Phone Calls
  • Social Media
  • Mobile Apps
  • Video
How Technology Can Help to Improve ROI of Non-Profit Organization?

Nonprofits can use the channels as per their requirement and availability of resources like Churches can use weekly bulletins. Through mobile bidding apps organizations can directly reach to their donors and they can take initiative right from their hand-held device. In short we can say that right investment in communication technology can help the organizations in meeting the donor’s preferences and choices. The communication technology helps the organizations in:

  • Sending more effective and targeted communication messages
  • Offering variety of channels to meet donor’s preferences
  • To meet the niche needs of any specific events and campaigns
  • Donors can instantly react as soon as they get receive the message

4). Simplified Online Fundraising Solution or Donation Process

Donation process should be as simpler as possible. After all non-profits are doing so much efforts just to attract their donors either through a long or most complex process. The fund-raising solutions are becoming more optimized with the help of more advanced technology. Mostly the online fund-raising software are:

  • Customizable
  • Easy to Integrate
  • PCI compliant
  • Mobile Friendly
How Technology Can Help to Improve ROI of Non-Profit Organization?

With the help of such tools the organizations can develop specific and customized marketing campaigns. The donation pages developed in this way are not only user friendly but also intuitive for them. It has been noticed that simple donation pages are most liked by the donors. Online fundraising software are designed by keeping all these facts in mind so that a simple and more optimized communication and contact page can be provided to the donors. All unnecessary data fields are usually eliminated from fundraising software such that:

  • Donors can make donations without creating accounts
  • By filling only necessary and required minimum personal information they can proceed for donation
  • No link is present on the page that can distract donor
  • Donors get receipt within 24 hours
  • They can select the pre-determined donation amount

All of these and many best practices are incorporated in the best fund-raising solution. Even the organizations can customize their online software. The simple solution must be like so that donor can give the donation in minimum amount of time and in simple manner. In short online fundraising software can offer following benefits to the non-profit organizations

  • Simple and convenient donation process that is intuitive for donors
  • Legality maintenance with PCI compliant
  • Automation of donor’s receipt
  • CRM integration and donor data transfer


Non-profits face many such challenges and the technology can make their fund management process easier and efficient. In this way they can achieve their mission without hearting anyone’s sentiments. Cost-cutting is a major advantage of technology implementation. Moreover, the complex processes get simplified and many resources are free up with improved focus.

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