Top 10 Keys to Becoming a High-Performing Marketer in salesforce


Marketing is a complex job where you need a perfect roadmap to guide you towards success. The best way is following the path of successful marketers who have performed really well in Salesforce. The article has been compiled after extensive research and careful observation of marketing leaders worldwide how they manage the customer-experiences, evolving new roles and technologies.

Here, is the roadmap to start your journey towards becoming a high-performing marketer where we have included ten crucial steps based on our extensive marketing research.

Top 10 Keys to Becoming a High-Performing Marketer in salesforce

High-Performing Marketer in salesforce

Let us discuss on each of the steps carefully one by one to derive meaningful insights to guide you towards success.

1). Enhanced Customer-Experiences

To lead a business either small or large-sized, you always need interactive customer-experiences to delight the users. This is necessary to put the customers at the centre of each marketing activity.

Today, things are not just limited to enhanced user-experiences, but Salesforce marketers are battling over it. The goals of each successful marketers include retaining the existing customers, getting new leads and creating a highly satisfied customer base.

“Only successful marketers had the courage to deliver leading customer-experiences across the business.”

Around 80 to 90 percent high-performing marketers believe that their business leads due to satisfied customer-experiences. Let us see how it happens actually –

High-Performing Marketer in salesforce

2). Incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI)

According to expert marketers, the use of AI will grow up to 53 percent over the next two years. AI attracts attention towards future trends emerging use-cases. The successful marketers always incorporate AI into their current marketing strategy and make any business successful more than the expectations.

According to our prediction, serious marketers are expected to learn AI tactics in next two years. As of now, 47 percent of total successful marketers reporting current use and rest are also expected to move in the same direction soon. Let us have a quick look at the actual stats of present market –

High-Performing Marketer in salesforce

3). Channel Coordination

Over the past two years, Companies have become more focused on expanding marketing efforts across the channels. Triggered by customer needs and demands, successful marketer always pays attention how to communicate well across the channels.

Based on research, top marketers heavily coordinate almost 13 percent higher across channels. You are strongly advised not to just add channels but coordinate messages well at every touchpoint.

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4). Sales Alignment

If you wanted to become a successful marketer in Salesforce then prioritize your marketing alignment with sales first. Top marketers believe in generating quality leads based on their marketing efforts for sales upliftment while underperformers believe that sales will increase automatically with the increase of quality leads.

“Don’t wait for the leads but generate the leads by marketing alignment with the sales”

High-Performing Marketer in salesforce

5). Collaborating Services and Marketing

To take some business to the new heights, this is necessary that service teams and marketing teams should be properly aligned to deliver more consistent user-experiences. They are able to handle issues well and respond to some social queries immediately.

Instead of giving just alerts or warnings, this is necessary to give personalized experiences to ensure the success. Today, Social media networks are taken as one of the most important part of marketing activities and this is easy to generate leads with the right marketing efforts and service collaboration.

6). The Right Tech Stack

The successful marketers frequently experiment tools and technologies based on the latest market trends while underperformers think twice before giving a try to new technology or tool. This means that high-performing marketers are 14 times more technology adapters as compared to average or underperformers.

This is clear that top team always use more technology and make sure that messages are coordinated well across the channels. According to a recent survey, the use of current technology and tools is more effective as compared to traditional marketing tactics. At this stage, this would not be saying wrong that right tech stack is highly effective at increasing sales and productivity.

High-Performing Marketer in salesforce

7). Evolving new roles and responsibilities

According to top marketers, more than 73 percent of top teams are focused on evolving new roles aligned to simplify the customer journey.

You have incorporated AI, new tools, technologies etc. but what about the marketing roles at your Company? Are they still the same as the traditional era? If yes, this is the right time for evolving new roles aligned with customer expectations strategy. So, this is possible to achieve the desired customer-experiences only when you follow the roles and responsibilities accordingly.

“Change the roles and responsibilities in your Company based on the customer journey, not the traditional marketing standards that were used years back.”

High-Performing Marketer in salesforce

8). One-to-One customer relationships

Achieving path to enterprise excellence always demands efforts and creativity. Your customers should feel connected at different business levels. For this purpose, this is necessary to leverage data from multiple sources and gain a single view of every connected customer.

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The one-to-one relationship with customers can be gained through AI and coordination across the channels. High-performing marketers are able to gain a single view of the customer and each of their customers is highly satisfied beyond the expectations. Customers should always be given the top priority for any business because it is truly essential to build a simplified customer journey.

9). Big Data Predictive Analysis

High-performing marketers collect data from multiple sources and derive meaningful insights from the collected data tailored to customer needs and requirements. At the same time, underperformer marketers just rely on limited sources and use the same to compile the original content.

When same content is passed over again and again to customers, it may hurt their trust while messages are coordinated across the channels, it helps in establishing a successful communication. Also, the unique and more personalized content fuels the success to the business and the high-performing marketers both.

10). Data Integration

In market personalization, generating leads and more satisfied customer-base is the ultimate goal that cannot be achieved without data. Instead of the size of an enterprise, this is necessary that data should be used wisely to gain meaningful insights and visions.

With the deep predictive analysis and data integration capabilities, you can find out the likes or dislikes of your customers, past history, and their future expectations. The deep analysis of customer gives you an opportunity to establish a 1-to-1 relationship that is considered as the ultimate goal of every business.

Wrapping Up

The journey never ends but there is always scope to learn something new and innovative. In the ten steps, we have already discussed the roadmap to marketing success paved with the best practices. You can consider these steps as the blueprint to plan the more effective marketing strategy.

The best idea is to take a cue from high-performing Salesforce marketers and pave your path to marketing success.

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