What are the Popular Salesforce Acquisitions?


Salesforce is continuously making too many acquisitions since its inception. The Company is making these acquisitions to improve its performance. In year 2016 itself, Salesforce acquired near about 12 acquisitions especially to make itself compatible with AI technology that is known as Einstein.

These acquisitions made it compatible not only with the existing platforms, technology, but also business types. The platform is compatible with all the latest cloud technologies and applications.

The acquisitions that are listed here are not the only ones; instead of them, there are many other popular ones as well. You can take a look at the Salesforce site as well to know the list and description of those. Since its launch, the company has made many acquisitions that make it suitable for all types of business needs.

So let us take a look at some of the most popular and successful ones. The list of acquisitions that we will discuss in this post is depicted in the below diagram.

Top 8 Acquisitions of Salesforce

1). ExactTarget

ExactTarget tool is popular among business owners as it can provide a one-to-one email sending service. Salesforce acquired the tool to expand its pre-sales services, or we can say its marketing department services.

ExactTarget was a popular Salesforce acquisition as the application is robust and comprehensive. It can resolve the marketing suite of Salesforce as it can empower the core marketing functionalities of Salesforce. However, later, ExactTarget also acquired Pardot.

ExactTarget enhanced the core marketing capabilities of Salesforce but also to improve its email marketing capabilities. The complete product suite can ease many operations of Salesforce like digital advertising, SMS, emails and many others. Its Journey Builder and Einstein Smart Split features can add high values.

2). Quip

Quip is a document collaboration and management tool that is used to collect, combine and store spreadsheets and documents and can make the team member efficient. Now the employees do not prefer to use standalone document processing tools like Spreadsheet, but still, every user is familiar with these sheets as well. Salesforce CRM spreadsheets can be shared by the users and also the user can store them on cloud as well.

Quip is capable of providing bi-directional collaboration of the live documents that too, along with Salesforce synchronized data. Not only simple documents, but even the Quip users can also share the calendars, videos, text, and images as well.

Salesforce and Quip collaboration not only gives the users to share documents, but they can also access social media profiles and send and share ideas and documents ideas as well with the users.

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 3). Mulesoft

Mulesoft enables the organizations to build application network by using its in-built APIs. Mulesoft users can exchange data with each other and have a conversation as well. This acquisition of Salesforce is one of the costliest acquisitions than its previous ones. It gave a new direction to Salesforce as the company wants to provide enterprise-level solutions to its customers.

Enterprises have legacy systems that they have to migrate to the cloud. This infrastructure has to be connected and configured with Salesforce or other SaaS-based services. In some cases, integration and legacy is easy to migrate, while in some it may not. Mulesoft APIs offers middleware connectivity.

Mulesoft is used by organizations to get a complete view of their integration. They can know their integrated apps, devices, and data. However, Salesforce users will have to use some additional cloud to use this acquisition.

4).  Tableau

In the third quarter of 2019, Salesforce acquired Tableau that too, by paying $15.7 billion. Seattle based company Tableau acquisition is considered as one of the most important that can drastically improve the organizational performance and Salesforce reliability and power. Tableau is considered one of the world’s best data visualization application and when Salesforce acquired Tableau then market researchers declared the deal as one of the most profitable ones for both companies.

Through the acquisition, Salesforce users also got access to the fanatical user database of Tableau. Salesforce users with the help of Tableau also become able to view and know their loyal, ambitious and long-term customers that can help its users to make intelligent decisions.

The mission of Tableau founders was to establish an application that can help the users to visualize data in desired format, so data design is its core functionality that can now be used by Salesforce users due to this acquisition, made by Salesforce.

5).  MapAnything

MapAnything is a software provider, based in North Carolina. Salesforce did not disclose the amount of this acquisition deal. The application is popular as it can provide intelligent and location-based solutions by leveraging mapping feature. It can eventually maximize the productivity of salespersons and they can become more efficient and effective.

With the help of a map, the sales reps can know the client’s location and perform various sales activities and plan as per the information. They can easily update the records and access thousands of contacts and records that too just through one click. The Mapanalytics tool can empower Sales and Service cloud of Salesforce by delivering a top-notch solution.

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6).  Griddable

Griddable is popular as it can provide seamless integration of data across all Salesforce clouds. Salesforce acquired Griddable in 2019 that too without disclosing the amount of deal. This acquisition enabled the Salesforce users to get a grid data view. This tool makes the data migration quick and smooth and able to handle all evolving requirements of the businesses globally.

Griddable acquisition helps the Salesforce users to get well-synchronized data integration. Now the users can access data from any source and use it when and where required. High data availability makes Salesforce a reliable and data-rich CRM that can help the users to get data from various sources and use it for any purpose.

7).  Bonobo

The Israeli startup Bonobo was acquired by Salesforce that too by paying a sum of $5 million the company. The tool can be helpful for the users as it can provide deep insights of customer information in the form of texts, speech, support calls and other means of communication. Salesforce acquired Bonobo in support of Einstein. Salesforce Einstein is an artificial intelligence platform that can support various business operations through its self-learning capabilities.

8).  BuddyMedia

This is a social media marketing platform. Salesforce acquired BuddyMedia at the time when social media become popular. By acquiring the tool it started offering access of social media platforms to its users. It provided even an extra way to Salesforce users to put their data on the internet and enhance their reach to the customers. Today many people are using social media to put their valuable insights in a smart manner. CRM is for customer management, and this is social media that can also be a crucial marketing platform for any business.

By acquiring of Buddymedia like platform the company has become able to provide a well managed and accessed cloud-based channel. The Salesforce users can access their customer information and put any of their service or product on social media channels by configuring BuddyMedia. BuddyMedia can eventually enhance the power of business processes and sales and service reps can resolve customer issues quite smoothly and quickly.

Final Word

In this post, we have listed a few of the Salesforce acquisition that are considered as some of the popular and most used ones. However, the list is not limited to these ones. It will not be wrong to say that Salesforce is continuously trying to collaborate with many more brands just to provide user-friendly and suitable services to its existing customer base. The company always looks to provide maximum capabilities through its platform.

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