What Are The Benefits Of Quip Salesforce Integration For Enterprises?


You must be aware of the fact that world’s topmost CRM has tied a knot with popular collaborative productivity suite i.e. Quip. The Salesforce Quip integration helps to add real-time Salesforce data with living documents residing in QUIP for better analysis and make good decisions and work smarter in an extraordinary way.

So, what is Quip exactly?

Customer satisfaction is the major goal of Salesforce CRM that holds the highest priority by leading businesses worldwide. Thus, instead of the size of businesses, Salesforce has the right tools and techniques to boost the overall sales productivity of a business.  What is expected by a business in return for an investment?

Well, they are working to achieve better customer engagement, closing more deals, enhance productivity etc. CRM is working in the same direction to achieve these goals quickly. CRM is the major deciding factor in guiding businesses to work smarter and faster.

To create wonders, Salesforce development team brings a blend of Salesforce and Quip to boost the sales in the international market by increasing collaboration among team members. With this improved collaboration, a new level of productivity is achieved by the sales and marketing department.

Quip is a productive suite that includes a plenty of idealistic features like the spreadsheet, team chats, conversations under a single roof and enabling the team to work in collaboration.

So, when Quip shakes hand with Salesforce, it goes unstoppable.

Quip is compatible with Android, IOS and more operating platforms. It also provides a feature of standalone chat rooms where you can communicate personally. For the basic features, this is always good opting for the free version. If you wanted to avail the advanced features then you should go for paid subscriptions.

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What are the benefits of Quip Salesforce Integration?

benefits of Quip Salesforce Integration

1). Export or import live data

The biggest advantage of integration is that you could export the live data from Salesforce to Quip. You can also open the Salesforce reports into QUIP spreadsheets with a single click only. The main thing to focus is that data is live and every time you make the changes, it will get immediately reflected in Quip.

Take an example if one lead is generated by sales reps recently then it will be quickly reflected in the spreadsheet as soon as updated. This is the best tool to manage workflows by adding reminders and checklists for users.

Further, you can quickly export Quip docs to excel, word, PDFs and CSV formats. It gives you the flexibility to send a link within the document to invite users and continue editing with the help of a dedicated application or you can use the browser as well.

2). Improved collaboration

This tool improves collaboration among team members and helps in making smarter and better decisions. You had the opportunity of gaining deeper insights into data and get the real-time information on the same. Since data is updated so this is easy for you making decisions that are highly valuable for enterprises.

3). Enhanced Visibility

The integration adds distinctive visibility to the work you do. You have the opportunity to create more powerful documents and spreadsheets with QUIP in both versions either Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce Classic. With this amazing tool, the team members could always collaborate easily on crucial elements to serve their customers better.

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4). Work anywhere anytime

With Quip, you can always stay connected with customers anywhere anytime. You just need a smart device and an internet connection even when you are traveling. So, never compromise on sales just because you are not on your desk. This is easy to work with Quip suite by creating a new account or log in to your existing account by adding important Salesforce credentials.

5). Wonderful Device Support

The tool offers amazing support to all devices and it is highly compatible with different operating systems like MAC, Apple, Android etc. You just need a smartphone and internet connection to avail the maximum benefits of the tool.

6). History Tracking

The history tracking feature is one other benefit of the tool where you can quickly access and see what changes have been made during a particular time span. If required, you can revert back the changes to maintain the functionality of an app.

Wrapping Up:

To wrap up, this is clear data Quip documents contain highly crucial information or data related to projects, commitments, deadlines and a lot more. When Salesforce data is displayed alongside then it could help Companies to become more accountable and unified that ultimately helps in accomplishing goals and establish success!

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