How to Increase Revolutionizing Sales with Salesforce Lightning Voice?


The Lightning Voice was launched by the Salesforce in Summer’ 16 to help customers in connecting the whole new way. With Salesforce Lightning, this is possible to support customers anywhere anytime within the telephony environment. This is an amazing solution that generates voice calls in Sales cloud.

Today, this is possible for customers making calls, receiving calls, and generating call logs automatically within a single platform only. Further, Salesforce is capable enough of localizing the person and matching the right contact region.

What is Salesforce Lightning Voice? What are the Features?

Salesforce Lightning Voice is the most appropriate solution how can businesses interact with clients peacefully. Also, you can always sell faster. Smarter, and better with the delivery of Lightning Voice in the Sales Cloud. Here is the quick list of features that you can enjoy with Salesforce Lightning Voice implementation for your project.

1). Boosts the overall Sales Productivity

This is possible to speed up the calling process to customers with a single click from the sales cloud in Lightning. Additionally, as soon as Lead, Contact, or Accounts are generated in Salesforce Lightning, you will get the notification automatically. Also, Account Record will contain the contact number of clients too so that sales rep can contact the person quickly when required through a single click only.

2). Engage in smarter conversations

Give new dimensions to communications with Lightning Voice in Salesforce. Every time prospect calls you, it can be answered quickly within the sales clod by sales reps. They can also view the valuable data within sales History. You will get complete information on past communications and start the interaction with the same point where it was left earlier.

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3). Log calls automatically

There is a facility to log calls automatically and call them either inbound or outbound based on the requirements. In simple words, reps can call them with a single click and they don’t have to waste time in research or they could invest their precious time into other useful things.

4). Make the Notes quickly

Have you heard of making notes automatically during the call? This is the most robust feature of Salesforce Lightning Voice where you can instantly make down the notes against all call records or Follow-ups. In case, you need to set some reminder or some important task has to be completed then it will be saved in the records.

  • Note taking feature is intuitive in Salesforce and this section will automatically pop-up when you are on call and talking to your customers. The notes will be saved against the same record as soon as you switch to the next call.
  • Next compelling feature in Salesforce Lightning Voice is multitasking capability. It helps you to call the customer, making notes, and record the details altogether without switching to any other app or devices.
  • You don’t have to write down the detail, it will automatically be done by you after each call.
  • As soon as the data entries will reduce and speed up, the productivity will also increase automatically.

5). Call localization to match the contact’s region

With Salesforce Lightning Voice, you can match the contact region of the calling person and choose a number that is local to the contact number. As soon as the call comes, you have the flexibility to navigate the contact number directly within Salesforce.

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6). Minimum number of data entries

Logically with reduction of data entries, productivity will increase in turn. In between the call, you could make notes for reminder purpose or the future use. This is the time to say bye to sticky notes and napkin scribbles.

7). Highly time-effective

With the usage of Salesforce Lightning Voice, you could reduce the manual effort and save your time in completing other business operations.

8). Pricing & Availability

The Lightning Voice is available for customers and sales cloud users since 2016 and it is available for the USA and Canada users too.

  • To make the outbound calls, you need to pay $45 per month, per user. This package offers the dial functionality and also gives 2,000 total talk time per user per month.
  • To make the inbound calls, you need to pay $5 per month, per user. With this package, you are eligible to take up the incoming calls.
  • This feature is available for Lightning users only not the classic users. As of now, the outbound calling facility is given to US and Canada users only.

To close any deal successfully, you should have a complete idea of your customers on fingertips. And Salesforce Lightning Voice helps you to collect all relevant details while you are on call with customers. And the best part is that call details and saved records are not only accessible to you but your sales team too. Anyone engaged with the record can access the data and provide a whole new level of customer engagement.

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