How Does Integrating Salesforce with Google AdWords Help?


Salesforce and Google AdWords are two of the most normal and yet the most incredible assets that are available with the organizations. For PPC management organizations, these are fundamental and critical programs. AdWords runs the main campaign while Salesforce does lead follow-ups. Be that as it may, bringing in the information from one to the next to get all your conversion information into one spot isn’t simple.

Having advertising information in various places makes it difficult to track changes from one to the next and to see connections between the informational indexes. AdWords is incredible at following conversions in its very own little PPC world. In any case, if the lead changes over outside of that world, at that point AdWords, has no chance of following what occurred, regardless of whether Salesforce lifts it up or not. Up to this point, that is. Google AdWords now has a conversion tool for import for Salesforce information so you can have your conversion data across in one spot. You can quantify which catchphrases from AdWords cause achievements to trigger in Salesforce, for example, conversions arising from opportunity.

Transfer Data from AdWords to Salesforce

To associate the two, certain prerequisites must be met. You need:

  • A Salesforce Sales Cloud account with authorizations
  • Auto-labeling empowered in Google AdWords
  • Access to your site’s code to put in the GCLID code part
  • The capacity to make custom fields and empower tracking of field history in your Salesforce account
  • Have a click to-convert cycle under 90 days. Changes that happen 90 days after the advertisement snap won’t be tallied.
  • An answer for transmitting lead data from your site to Salesforce.

Marketers put aside a sizeable measure of their complete promoting expenditure plans to Google AdWords. Be that as it may, there have been tremendous difficulties with incorporating Salesforce information with Google AdWords. Such an experiment has been shown to give outputs in two distinct sets of information, which makes it all the more complex to distinguish the main originating source of leads and income produced from the advertising and promoting activities. That is the reason Salesforce acquainted the Google Adwords Connector to tackle not only these issues but substantially other more important issues as well!

Google Adwords Connector splendidly synchronizes the most important of deals and advertising information. It is also able to provide you with noteworthy bits of knowledge on your promoting strategies. For advertisers to improve their Marketing expenditures and measure the viability of their Marketing efforts, Google Adwords Connector offers extraordinary incentives in only a couple of steps.

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What are the Benefits from Salesforce and AdWords Integration? 

In this blog, we shall cover the top five manners by which GA Connector can increase the value of your promoting endeavors.

1). Synchronize Your Sales and Marketing Data

Information quality to a great extent, impacts the adequacy and the overall effectiveness of your advertising, promoting, and marketing activities. While wrong, Salesforce information can also result in poor promoting and advertising choices, unsynchronized information can altogether impact your advertising and marketing efforts. Google Adwords Connector empowers advertisers to consistently and repeatedly send basic but extremely critical and important bits of knowledge about Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, and other custom items to Google Analytics, which encourages in better comprehension of income created by your advertising and promoting endeavors. You can also straightforward bring in Google Analytics Data into Salesforce (counting efforts, occasions, measurements), which can give you clear hints on the promotions that are producing results and the ads that are most certainly not.

2). Get Invaluable Marketing and Customer Insights

Your site is the essence of your organization and assumes a noteworthy job in achieving your clients. If it doesn’t offer an engaging and interactive client experience, it is almost certain that the guests would leave the website. The Google Adwords Connector encourages Salesforce-Google AdWords coordination to empower you to get a 360-degree perspective on the guest’s whole history of interests, including the site which they originated from, the pages they visited and how they went from the origin click to the last click. These basic yet critical bits of knowledge enable you to distinguish the pages having problems on the site and whatever other issues that are obstructing the guests from changing over to buyers. Also, it gives you the information on AdWords connected to each lead that changes over from the site, empowering you to settle on vital choices on moving toward your site and advertising efforts.

3). Amplify Sales

Google Adwords Connector enables you to improve the efficiencies of your Sales forms by giving you the consolidated information of Salesforce and Google AdWords. This will give you an immediate understanding of the psyches of your prospects and purchasers and their purchasing procedure. You will find solutions to the most basic of inquiries like what kinds of promotions get clicked by qualified leads? What data do they scan for on the site? It is significant that you break down this information and comprehend why something works or does not work. Also, luckily, Google Adwords Connector enables you to discover answers to these inquiries smoothly. Information is incredible – when you know your prospects and business well, you have more noteworthy odds of making key promoting efforts that have a higher effect.

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4). Get Higher Quality Leads

A definitive point of your deals and promotion groups is to get the most amazing nature of leads that actually also convert. By using the consolidated intensity and power of Salesforce-Google AdWords incorporation, you can be progressively sure that you are concentrating on leads that are bound to change over. Google Adwords Connector empowers you to get bits of knowledge on where the main portion of new clients are originating from and the increasingly profitable channels. Likewise, you can ascertain the income produced by a particular promoting approach to recognize the best channels and systems of advertising. This degree of data causes you to center around higher quality leads and increment return on your showcasing speculations.

5). Distinguish the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Spend

Suppose you could spend more on deals and showcasing activities that yield more outcomes. One of the most key advantages of Salesforce-Google AdWords coordination is its ability to quantify the income of your promoting efforts, so you correctly know where every single rupee has been spent and measure the ROI. You can dissect watchwords, battles, and advertisements to guarantee that they are worthwhile and cost-proficient. Also, when they are not, you will get critical and essential bits of knowledge to settle on better choices and create results. This degree of precision will enable you to streamline your showcasing spend and increment promoting ROI.


Google Adwords is an incredible tool if you are looking to integrate it with Salesforce. It will get you better analyzing skills and a huge amount of data which you can then use to get more profits from your customers or change the users on your website to actual buyers.

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