Features That Make Salesforce Service Cloud The Most Preferred Customer Service Solution


Salesforce Service Cloud is a faster and smarter service that is designed to enhance the customer loyalty, maintain customer retention and provide customer satisfaction for the customers. This service allows providing customers to get answers for any of their queries round the clock. It helps in managing the queries by providing them with the required solutions at a faster pace through a unified agent experience.

With Salesforce1 platform available for the customers, seamless service will be available for the customers using desktop as well as mobile devices. The Salesforce Console for service can be used for maximizing the productivity by providing the knowledge, customer profiles and subject matter experts all at the click of a fingertip. Furthermore, it enhances the customer experience and helps simplify the experience of the company representatives.

Salesforce Service Cloud allows customers to get the answers by themselves or by helping customers get the answers by quickly searching the knowledge base. This will ensure that queries of the customer do not remain unanswered by choosing either of the options that are tailored to give them the required answers they need. The cloud-based knowledge base would be implemented right in to the console which would help the companies in finding, accessing and delivering the right solutions for the customers. Furthermore, the knowledge base can be extended towards any customer portals which would help customers access the information from even their mobile phones. Easy to access knowledge articles are made available within this application which can be of use for the customers in getting the right solutions. The availability of live video and on-screen annotation remains some of the key highlights of Salesforce1 application.

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Using the social customer service feature, the services can be also delivered for the customers through the social media channels irrespective of the device used by the customers. Ensure the users are provided with the tools for collaboration which helps them in delivering outstanding customer service for the customers. Service cloud communities on the other hand are tailored for customers in getting help between themselves and each other. It offers a great way of resolving issues by making the availability of tools.

Live Agent which is live chat software is designed to provide customers with real-time online help. Thus companies can be smarter and productive in providing the customers with real-time online help. Salesforce1 is an important feature available with Salesforce Service Cloud in which the service cloud queries can be managed in a faster and smarter way in the mobile phones. This app is tailored for mobile customer service and also mobile customer service analytics. Live Agent features a multilingual support which means the real-time help online can be provided for customers across the globe. The workloads can be balanced and the productivity can be maximized using Live Agent feature. In addition to this, the complete history of message sessions and performance of the agent can be monitored by the companies using Live Agent and thereby helping the team to work faster and more efficiently.

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These are some of the key features that make Salesforce Service Cloud one of the most preferred customer service solutions in the present business environment. All the above mentioned features can be leveraged for the benefit of the company and its future growth prospects

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