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Improve Your Customer Experience & Agent’s Performance by Managing Cases Faster, Tracking Customer History, Providing Self Service Portals, and Discussion Forums to Your Customers. Explore Service Cloud Development Process

Service Cloud In Salesforce

Service Cloud – Quick & Smart Customer Support

Customer service has become a key benchmark for business enterprises. With Service Cloud, you can simply provide the best customer service for your valuable customers. With rising customer expectations each and every day, personalized service has become the key in managing customer satisfaction. JanBask Service Cloud services are designed to provide the best customer service experience through increased agent productivity, multi-channel service and delivering amazing customer experiences. Multi-channel support is tailored for assisting customers since most of them express their opinions through communication channels such as emails, phones and social media outlets.

Our Principle – Faster the Service, Happier the Customers

Organizations should be able to predict the problems customers are likely to face well in advance. It is the only way you can satisfy your customers and make them delighted. You will get all the tools required to service your customers with JanBask Service Cloud services. Time matters a lot in providing a quick and uninterrupted customer support. The faster you resolve customer cases, the positive impact you can have on your business. The later the customer issue is resolved, the worse your brand reputation would become. Our Service Cloud service provides simpler methodologies for efficiently resolving customer issues at a faster pace.

Enhanced implementation of Service Cloud Solutions

Our Salesforce® Certified Consultants can help your company implement service cloud solutions, which can drive customer satisfaction through various attractive features like Lightning Console, Salesforce Knowledge, Live Agent, Call Center Management, CTI Implementation, Wave Analytics, and Customer Communities etc. You can be assured of benefits such as,

  •  Improved agent productivity.
  •  Real-time collaboration with customers.
  •  Real-time insight of support metrics.
  •  Automated phone support for easily recognizing your customers.
  •  Accurate responses to every email.
  •  Maintenance of knowledge base for customer self-service.
  •  Instant agent support through real-time customer interaction over web chat.
  •  Understanding the customer preferences through insights.
  •  Proactively respond to customers through the customer’s preferred social channel.
  •  Create brand loyalty.
  •  Greater integration with back-office applications
Salesforce Service Cloud
Provide a Unified Agent Experience with Lightning Console

  •   Lightning Console is specially tailored to maximize agent productivity by giving information instantly within fingertips.
  •  Faster customer service can be assured for customers
  •   Agents would understand customer requirements and offer the best customer service with the help of subject matter experts, knowledge and customer profiles.
  •   Cases are referred to the agent console and customers need not have to introduce themselves since agents would have a detailed view of customer profile, purchase history and account information etc.
  •  The presence of dashboards and its responsive layouts provide the information required for agents right before their dashboards.
Salesforce Service Cloud
Salesforce Knowledge

Knowledge acts as a one stop shop for all the information requirements for customers and agents alike. Agents would be able to easily access, find and provide the right answers for the customers in addition to sharing the best answers to the whole team. Moreover, customers and partners can easily access knowledge base in Service Cloud from both desktop and mobile devices with our Service cloud solutions.

Salesforce Service Cloud
Live Agent

Agents can engage in live chat with customers in real-time. The multilingual support provides enhanced opportunity for your business to engage with customers and provide them with the best customer service across the globe. You can also transfer the chats to subject matter experts for providing the right answers for the customers as quickly as possible.

Social Customer Service

Understand the customer sentiment and customer preferences by listening and responding in various social network platforms such as Facebook and Twitter etc.

  •  Social customer care requests can be directly escalated to social service team by combining Service Cloud abilities with Salesforce Social Studio.
  •  You can refer cases to the ideal agent at the right time using keywords, classifiers and language detection options.
  •  Your social customer care team would have a detailed overview of the customer with Social Customer Service which continues to be an integral aspect of Salesforce CRM system.
Salesforce Service Cloud
Service Wave Analytics

Harness the potential of Wave Analytics in Service Cloud with Service Wave Analytics app.

Characteristics of Service Wave Analytics include,

  •  Delivers a new level of insight which can be converted in to action.
  •  Service managers can check the case management, channel optimization and agent efficiency with ease.
  •  Quickly identify the problems and provide right solutions for the customers by bringing together operational data from Salesforce, CTI as well as Web Analytics.
  •  Insights can be quickly shared by yourself right from the mobile phone instead of opening up a spreadsheet, opening up legacy tools or waiting for a business analyst to assist you. Instant actions can be performed using Sales Wave Analytics, whether it is about uncovering new trends or identifying a new customer service opportunity.
Salesforce Service Cloud
Collaborate effectively with Customer Communities

Customer Communities is equally useful for both customers as well as employees within your organization.

  •  For customers, it provides a platform where in they can quickly search for answers anytime from any device.
  •  For employees, it provides the required tools for faster problem solving and giving the customers the right answers at the right time.
  •  Community members and support agents can collaborate on questions and answers which helps agents to focus effectively on the most difficult cases and ensure none of the cases goes unresolved within the Customer Communities.
  •  Employee Communities on the other hand helps employees and support agents to collaborate and share problems and solutions. Thus best solutions can surface with the help of Employee Communities.
CTI Implementation

CTI enables your agents to attend customer calls without even touching a telephone. Thus your agents can route calls to other agents, place calls on hold and transfer the calls easily through CTI implementation. CTI stands for Computer Telephony Integration. Unlike earlier when a CTI adapter program has to be installed to use the features of CTI system, Open CTI offers you with the benefits of cloud architecture without using CTI Adapters. With our CTI implementation services, we can assure a competitive advantage for your company by helping your contact centers to interact with customers efficiently through a data-driven approach.

JanBask offers high-quality CTI implementation services by,

  •  Initiating CTI systems that integrate with Salesforce without CTI Adapters.
  •  Building customized call-control tools which functions as completely functional integrated parts of Salesforce console.
  •  We create CTI systems for your business that are browser and platform agnostic.

Benefits of CTI Implementation

JanBask offers the following benefits during CTI Implementation.

  •  Calls can be handled easily.
  •  Customer information is made available in detail.
  •  Call history, call logs, call recordings, emails and purchase history would be made available within a unified dashboard.
  •  Improves collaboration with other departments within your company.
  •  Web Services
  •  Productivity can be enhanced significantly.
  •  Caller experience can be improved by providing a personalized experience with the ability to understand the caller identity before receiving their calls. This can help your agents provide a more personalized experience for their customers.
Salesforce Call Center Management

Service Cloud makes it easy for your customers to browse through the information they need by collaborating with other users within the discussion groups. Customers could connect to agents with ease with Service Cloud. This single self-service portal can be accessed from any mobile devices, tablet computers or desktop computers. The presence of customizable community templates and community builder tools ensure the creation of a branded community for your customers and employees.

The overall process and workflow can be enhanced using Service Cloud solutions from JanBask, which helps improve the performance of agents by helping them perform best actions and responses using knowledge base recommendations for customers.

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