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Never-Ending Possibilities

Salesforce1 mobile app has been built to provide benefits of collaboration and CRM in to mobile phone devices, so that you can manage your business even while you are on the move. Salesforce1 mobile app is available for download on iOS and Android platform at the same time providing a unified experience for customers, employees and partners of your business. With years of expertise as a Salesforce consulting company, our Salesforce consultants help effectively implement customized Salesforce1 mobile app for your business.

Instant Sharing, Faster Decisions

Relevant information can be obtained quicker with Salesforce1. The business functioning for the entire day can be viewed with Today App and faster decisions can be performed using real-time data from Dashboards and Custom Reports. If you have got any ideas or files to share with your team, then Collaboration feature would help you connect instantly with your team. Tasks are another great feature that helps you to create, sort and review your ‘To-Do’ list. You will have greater control over customizing the Salesforce1 mobile app using Custom Actions.

How We Implement Best Practices?

We take in to consideration the following tips while rolling out Salesforce1 mobile app for your business.

  •  Understand the mindset of mobile users. We consider factors such as clickability, page performance and the relevant required fields to be included.
  •  Enforce same user permissions for web users in organization to the mobile users too.
  •  Customize the navigation menu for better visibility among mobile users.
  •  Configure page layouts and compact layouts including how the fields are displayed on the records.
  •  Generate publisher actions which would help users take business actions that are valuable based on what they are doing currently.
  •  Optimizing Visualforce Pages for mobile users using some of the best practices.
  •  Prioritizing the Salesforce1 mobile app rollout for your business after taking in to consideration the business impact and ease of implementation.

Feed First & Today App

Everything that might be useful including latest news items and posts would be visible under Feed First. The feeds would be made visible once you open the application. This feature helps you to like, comment, post and upload the content. You will also get a real-time view of updates on opportunities, contacts and accounts etc with Feed First.

Dashboards are available for sales, service, marketing and businesses. It helps you take quicker decisions by helping you analyze the records, reports and data. The dashboards can be also shared with your team members.

Whether it is about arranging meetings or the tasks to be completed, Today application helps drive your business forward efficiently. You get an overview of the account details and contact information of the attendees before the meeting and can take a look at the log notes and events after the meeting.

Notification Center & Smart Search

Get a glance of urgent posts and approval requests with Notification Center. It acts as a single point of contact for viewing urgent approval requests and posts from your team members. Get alerts whenever someone mentions you on Chatter. Only a single tap is required for getting attention directly for any record.

Smart Search feature let you to search almost anything in Salesforce right from your mobile phone. The recently searched objects would be displayed under the ‘Recent’ section. Furthermore, you can pin selected searched objects for bringing it to the top in the ‘Recent’ section.

We help close your deals faster with Salesforce Productivity Apps. Salesforce Productivity apps help you to understand the existing sales stage of each opportunity. Once you analyze where you have reached in the process, you can identify what action needs to be taken on the basis of each opportunity stages. The status can be then instantly updated on an opportunity.

Contacts & Task Organization

We help you neatly organize customer accounts with Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities. You can add new contacts to accounts, update and review the customer data and also generate new opportunities.

Task Organization feature allows a single location for creating, sorting, reviewing and completing the tasks more easily. The tasks can be organized directly from the task list and the task list can be further sorted based on the status. The task lists and other details can also be viewed with task organization feature in Salesforce1 mobile app.

Case Management feature in Salesforce1 mobile app allows you to view and edit the service cases even while you are on the go. Effective response could be provided as accurate answers back to the customer by escalating cases to subject matter experts using Case Management feature. You can also view the case histories of any contact or account. Case details can be edited so as to keep the customer interactions up-to-date.

Collaboration & Lead Tracking

Cooperate on initiatives with employees and customers with Salesforce1 mobile app. Collaboration and Groups feature allows you to share files from anywhere and also helps you in accessing the feeds and files. Tabs can be kept on the customer accounts you want to follow. Leads can be managed effectively using Lead Tracking in Salesforce1 mobile app. New leads can be generated, existing leads can be viewed, instant conversion of leads can be performed and incoming leads along with campaign performance can be monitored effectively with Lead Tracking.

Microsoft Office App Integration

Office documents can be opened and edited with ease using Salesforce1 mobile app. Similarly spreadsheets and presentations too can be edited using this upcoming feature from Salesforce1 mobile app. With the possible integration, you will be able to create office files right from Salesforce1 mobile app itself and similarly the files can be posted directly to Salesforce1 mobile app from Microsoft Office App.

Custom Branding

Custom branding functionality makes your app easily recognizable to users by customizing the Salesforce1 mobile app to match according to your company’s branding. This can be done by adding brand colour for headers, buttons, search bar and loading pages. The logo could be directly brought to the app loading page. With Salesforce1 mobile app, you can easily connect to mobile-ready partner apps. Thus you can easily extend the Salesforce1 mobile app to partner apps that satisfies your business requirements. You can select from a huge list of mobile-ready AppExchange apps.

Custom Actions

Prioritize activities with Custom Actions. Custom actions allow you to prioritize the activities that you often undertake. You can either build your own custom actions or can select from the library comprised of the most popular actions. The most relevant custom actions can be placed on the top for easy reference. Now you can create custom apps with clicks and no coding knowledge is required for creating a custom app. It also helps you to automate key processes. We help you design custom apps exclusively for different roles.

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