Salesforce for Wealth Management

Grow Your Business by Building Deeper and Stronger Client Relationships with the help of Janbask

Salesforce for Wealth Management

Using the Financial Services Cloud, we can custom design a solution that will dramatically improve your efficiency while allowing you to connect with your clients in real-time and on a much deeper level.

Janbask helps you to unlock the value of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud which is the future generation desktop for financial advisors.

  • From years of widespread wealth management experience, we know how to make Financial Services Cloud work for each customer and is able to provide best practices and extra features based on the client’s needs.
  • With Financial Services Cloud, we help advisors to spend even less time on admin tasks and more time helping clients achieve their life goals.
  • Our proven solution can provide built in relationship with leading firms, which includes everything that advisors need to accomplish their book of business and handle compliance challenges.
SalesForce for Wealth Management

There is no wrong to say that using our latest technology to deliver proactive, personalized, and collaborative advice across any channel, advisors aren’t just meeting investor expectations—they’re exceeding them. The result? Stronger client relationships that last a lifetime.

Janbask has deep industry knowledge and matchless experience driving strategy, technology execution, and customer engagement solutions for many clients.

By Simplification of processes and systems, our experts provide wealth managers the flexibility and the confidence that they need to deliver outstanding client experiences.

We believe that the management of a firm’s critical activities, processes and relationships should not be left to change. Through Financial Services Cloud we allow wealth managers to communicate both automatically and voluntarily by

  • Client servicing and prospects
  • Difficult relationship mapping
  • Client on-boarding and other standard business processes
  • Client reporting, document management and research contributions
  • Visibility of investments and opportunities
  • Internal collaboration and communications
  • Automation of alerts and exception handling
  • Compliance and due diligence
  • Campaign and communication management
  • Visions and dashboards
  • Capturing mandates and investment guidelines
Cloud-based Financial Services offered by Janbask can be the glue that ties the systems together and provides the firm with a platform to orchestrate all activity.

We correctly customized and integrated the Financial Services so that firms can easily collaborate with correct information.

Many firms have grown past the point where their existing systems and processes are able to support the day-to-day business. Plus, there is an enormous volume of data available to firms yet no system in place neither to recognize patterns nor to predict future trends in client needs. Firms using the Financial Services Cloud, when appropriately customized and integrated, can better collaborate internally with sharable, accurate information, manage analytics with precision and render more supportable client relationships.

We provide pre-built industry accelerators for Cross-Platform communication

When each practice layer exists within its own silo, it creates a communication breakdown omitting the development of complex client profiles for managing each relationship successfully. Salesforce financial services cloud offered by us can integrate all these information sources, giving advisors more time to help clients and prospect for new business. Productivity, decision-making and association between employees also improve – all of which enhances workplace relationships and operational competences for everyone.

Best class solution for effective customer Engagement

When your firm accepts market information, how quickly can managers determine the finest way to use it? Our years of Salesforce wealth management experience allows users to achieve quick searches that identify the parties to whom information will be significant and valuable. In the spirit of refining manager workflows, we help you to spontaneously distribute research and literature according to client interests and preferences, keeping stakeholders both inside and outside the firm knowledgeable and engaged.

We solve your complex relationship mapping issues

Understanding of the details within each client relationship is as equally important to firms as it is to their clients (as well as other third party relationships that might be involved). But without knowing who knows whom, where the sources of influence lie, and what connections exist between employees, accounts, and other parties can lead to a lack of vision and missed opportunities. Our experts permit you to create relationship trees that visually map connections and provide the understandings into the complex networks of influence that managers must often navigate.

We provide Customized client service

Salesforce asset management solution offered by us can help to reduce the amount of unrelated content generated; and ultimately, reduce the barriers of quality knowledge transfer. Plus, it helps advisors proactively reach out to clients and interact with exact segments of the client base – allowing advisors to service clients at different levels depending on their exclusive financial profiles.

With Janbask Wealth Managers’ jobs are simplified so they can focus on delivering superior service to every client

Conventionally, while Salesforce financial services cloud offers tremendous potential as an advanced CRM platform, but still wealth managers hesitant to move for variety of reasons. But we offer richer and more meaningful wealth management recommendations

  • Apparent familiarity with the Wealth Management Industry
  • We provide solutions to enhance customer engagement, improve sales and distribution channels, growth through the creation and delivery of more advanced products and achieve operational superiority across technology platforms and back-offices.
  • Bringing together its strategy, Janbask provides a comprehensive range of services that can enable wealth managers to improve business performance and establish differentiation in an increasingly demanding capital markets environment.

The solution demonstrates that Salesforce and its ecosystem can support the difficulties of the wealth management industry. Using our solution as a baseline also quickens the delivery timeframe while still allowing for a fully-tailored implementation.

Why JanBask?

Cloud-based Financial Services offered by us provides fully integrated capabilities for improving wealth manager productivity and firm-wide agility.

Janbask provides expertise solution with Salesforce in the Wealth Management industry. This proven solution can provide faster and more predictable deployments for customers, authorizing them to connect with their customers in entirely new ways. Using our Implementation Approach, we are able to promptly deliver tools enabling customers to manage their client relationships and improve advisor productivity. We offer pre-built conversion packages to flawlessly transition wealth management customers, their data and their integrations.

From years of extensive wealth management experience, Janbask knows how to make Financial Services Cloud work for each customer and is able to provide best practices and additional features based on the client’s needs.

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