Marketing Automation With B2B Salesforce Pardot

Turbo-Charge Your Marketing and Sales Success

Creating High - Quality Leads with Salesforce Pardot

Salesforce Pardot is a B2B marketing automation software that comprises of lead generation tools to keep the sales pipeline completely engaged with a steady flow of high-quality leads. Your business can significantly leverage the same by utilizing this powerful email marketing feature from Pardot to the maximum possible limit. With Pardot, emails are specifically delivered to a target audience, the deliverability rates can be optimized and the success rate of email content can be tested.

We can improve the speed of your sales pipeline using Salesforce Pardot by lead generation and qualification. Sales representatives of your organization can ensure that they are dealing with the right prospects at the right time through automated lead assignments, real-time sales alerts and prospect activity tracking. Marketing ROI can be calculated easily with closed-loop reporting feature from Salesforce Pardot. Additional features include checking the health of your sales funnel and gaining insight in to the campaign success.

Major Marketing Enablement Challenges from a Sales Standpoint

  •  Campaigns with below average performance
  •  Lack of lead profiling
  •  Inconsistent sales pipeline
  •  Lack of lead nurturing
  •  Absence of clear sales insights
  •  Poor alignment
  •  Lack of ROI Reporting

How JanBask can help you with Salesforce Pardot?

We help you accelerate your sales pipeline and marketing solution performance by extending the Sales Cloud to marketing with Salesforce Pardot. It does the following:

  •  Helps you follow up on the best leads faster.
  •  Provides automated marketer to every sales representative.
  •  Engages sales team earlier in the buying process.
  •  Enhances close rates.
  •  Creates better quality leads
  •  Gains complete insights for more sales.
  •   Completely engages the sales pipeline with uninterrupted flow of qualified leads.
  •  Helps sales representatives to follow best leads at the right time.
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Gather Buyer Data

Pre-defined templates and visual editor is already available for you to create a landing page for your business instead of worrying about the HTML coding aspects for the landing page creation. Form submission will help you automate the sending of notifications to the sales representatives and thereby resulting in effective lead scores. Specific campaigns can be directly linked to the landing pages by means of calculating the marketing ROI.

Search Campaigns

Search Campaigns features a single cohesive interface for viewing all the search campaign data. You can connect Pardot with Google Adwords account for keeping track of the prospects generated towards your website through paid search campaigns. User preferences can be better understood by associating the search queries with specific prospects.

Landing Page Testing

Using Pardot’s landing page testing, you can choose the best landing page for your business by testing multiple iterations for the same landing page. You can run A/B testing, test the headlines, images, offer types and form fields etc using multivariate testing. By using this methodology, you can maximize the conversion rates by converting the prospects in to your customers through better landing page experiences.

WYSIWYG Email Editor

Choose from 36 pre-built attractive email templates to create a professional looking email designed to attract your prospects using WYSIWYG Email Editor. The email templates can be further customized for your brand by easily including the header images, logos and customizing the font colours to match your brand identity. The email editor from Pardot also consists of an email scheduler which helps you to send the right messages at the right time.

Personalized Email Campaigns

Impress your prospects to do business with you by sending them targeted emails after understanding their specific needs and requirements. Using Pardot’s segmentation capabilities, you can create email communications that are tailored to suit the specific requirements of your prospects. Editing can be performed easily with the segmentation wizard using which you can create, add or remove the prospects from the lists on the basis of buyer data. Campaigns can be created using segmentation capabilities based on the interest, need and stage of the sales cycle

Email SPAM Analysis Engine

Get to know how your email will look like in the inbox with email SPAM Analysis. Email SPAM Analysis engine in Salesforce Pardot will give you a preview of how your email would be displayed in the inbox across various leading browsers, devices and email clients. It is also designed to secure the reputation of your email. Emails can be sent from the actual domain by the users for achieving maximum deliverability through automatic email authentication.

A/B Email Testing & Lead Nurturing

Try different versions of email to choose the best performing email version with Salesforce Pardot. The emails can be tested and the best email can be sent to the recipients in real-time during the close of the testing period and thereby improving the engagement rates through improved open rates and click-throughs. Lead nurturing helps automate the sales leads with respect to time and thereby helps your company enhance their business prospects. Personalized communications can be established with the prospects with the help of customized email signatures and dynamic content.

Automated Lead Assignment

We help you pass only the best and high-quality leads from marketing to sales using Automated Lead Assignment feature within Salesforce Pardot. Such leads would be prioritized based on criteria that matters to the sales representatives of your company. The leads can be assigned to the sales representatives based on the territory or any other logic you create. The leads can be either assigned using Pardot or Salesforce CRM depending upon the interface you are comfortable with for your business.

Lead Qualification & Prospect Activity Tracking

With Lead Qualification, you can assign point values for the prospects actions that are more relevant for your business. The overall score will highlight how interested those prospects are in your product. You can also check whether the prospects match your ideal profile by comparing the lead grading with lead scoring.
In Prospect Activity Tracking, you will be able to browse through the pages visited by the prospect, the files that have been downloaded and email correspondence using Salesforce Pardot application which would provide you with a detailed overview of the prospects. You can also provide more attention to leads that are viewing the price page of your products or downloading a buyer’s guide about your product.

Closed-Loop Reporting & Lifecycle Reporting

Know the origin of your best and worst leads through Closed-Loop Reporting. Reports can be scheduled and dynamic graphs can be created with the help of Pardot’s integration and GoodData which helps in manipulating the data for custom reports. With Pardot and Salesforce, we will help you view a number of opportunities that are tied to your campaigns including the campaign ROI and the average cost per customer.
Lifecycle Reporting check the effectiveness of your sales and marketing team by analyzing how they are collaborating together. You can also have a detailed view regarding the areas that need improvements, areas that are operating effectively as expected and areas where the prospects are getting stuck. Furthermore, you can take a view of how much time the prospects are spending in each stages of the sales cycle.

LeadDeck & Search Reporting

The desktop application from Salesforce Pardot also known as LeadDeck provides you with real-time alerts automatically about the important prospects and visitor activity. Relevant messages would be sent to the important prospects at the right time through automatic notifications. The prospects and their activities can be monitored using customizable interface from LeadDeck. You can always access the information of prospects at your fingertips with a simple click and the prospect record in Salesforce would be displayed for you.
Search Reporting is another key feature in Salesforce Pardot solutions from JanBask. Google AdWords costs would be integrated with Salesforce opportunity data using Search Reporting for enhanced paid search campaigns. The paid search reporting from Salesforce Pardot helps you calculate cost-per-opportunity and cost-per-sale and is not just limited to cost-per-click and cost-per-conversion. Opportunities created can then be tracked using paid search reporting in addition to tracking the value of those opportunities and the revenue generated from those opportunities.

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