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Salesforce CRM Integration

Salesforce Integration Services - Integrate multiple Systems, UIs and Applications

Salesforce is one of the key players in CRM market worldwide. Apart from an excellent UI, with every release, Salesforce has more functionality to offer. If you are using Salesforce for your business needs, great! You are on right track. However, your day-to-day operations might have dependency on other tools from areas like Accounting, Marketing Automation, ETL, CPQ, CMS, HRMS, Email services to name a few. With proper integration mechanism in place, many applications can work seamlessly. This would help in increased collaboration between various departments, enhanced engagement with customers, better data quality, and real time visibility of information across applications etc.

With so many mergers & acquisitions happening every quarter, how would you keep your market share up? Developing new strategies in a team based environment is one of the prime attributes to success. For superior product features & improved time to market, your cross-functional team needs to work in synchronization. Salesforce integration can not only help you achieve that, but also it can provide a competitive edge to your organization.

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Connecting Salesforce With External Systems Using
Best Implementation Practices Can Help You Improve Productivity.

Salesforce & SharePoint

When you use Salesforce much often, you would want all your files in Salesforce itself, right? Using Salesforce Files Connect, you can have all your files from SharePoint 2010/2013/Online account. Moreover, these files are indexed and easily searchable. You can also view them from Salesforce1 mobile app.

Salesforce & Eloqua

In the era of automation, your marketing efforts should not lag behind. Combine the power of salesforce crm and Oracle Marketing Cloud to have a consistent customer experience. With a better understanding of user behavior, you can improve your lead management processes and get higher sales and increased revenue.

Salesforce & Email Apps

Email being the backbone of corporate communications, you need to get more out of email applications. With Salesforce Email Connect, your trusted email app can give you more power to manage customer support requests & create new deals easily. Also all your calendar events would be in sync.

Salesforce & Workday

Visualize the growth potential for your company when you have subscribed to product lines from global leaders in CRM, HCM & Financial Management respectively. The integration between these two would help your users & Workday users alike. This would result in better financial and operational performance.

Salesforce & Apttus

You might have wonderful product lines and energetic sales team. But how good is your CPQ process? If you are already using Salesforce CRM, then you are one step closer to scale your business. Get Apttus CPQ to minimize errors, consolidate sales process, and increase profitability with lesser involvement from your IT team.

Salesforce & ETL Tools

For data driven businesses which use Salesforce, choosing the right ETL tool is a very important task in itself. Whether it is Apex data loader or Talend Open Studio or Informatica Power Center or Pentaho Community/Enterprise Edition, we can help you select the right one by balancing a host of factors.

Make Business Decisions Quicker!

In the current globalized economy, any industry doesn’t produce all the components of its final offering and they don’t need to. Your company is definitely growing for sure. In the quest for increased market share, if you are already using Salesforce for your CRM needs, great! You are already getting the benefits of multi-tenant architecture, intuitive UI and ever expanding features and enhancements of Salesforce CRM suite. You might be having other tools for your business needs. Many of those tools can be integrated to Salesforce to give you more power than combined output of individual ones.

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What Can be Integrated with Salesforce?

Known business divisions like HR, Accounting, Sales and Marketing are getting benefits out of salesforce integrations. Also IT sub-divisions like ETL, Email Services and CMS are attaining a boost in their productivity. Apart from the well-known products of market leaders like Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and Google, Salesforce does offer hundreds of applications through its AppExchange which can be integrated with you existing Salesforce instance. JanBask offers quality Salesforce Integration Services for you at a surprisingly affordable cost.

Benefits of Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration does provide many benefits to direct and indirect users as well. Here are some of the key benefits. From CEOs to end users, everyone can see immediate benefits of the salesforce integrations.

  •   Data Accuracy and Data Visibility : Improve data quality and avoid duplicate data. Also you can see the real time updates across multiple systems.
  •  Automation : With automated scripts, you can load or extract the data to or from Salesforce environment. This helps IT teams to work on other priority issues.
  •   Engagement with Customers: Whether a quick reply to customer feedback inside your trusted email app itself or inviting customers to get training sessions (live or pre-recorded) from the lead/contact record, the customer is having renewed trust on your expertise.
  •   Streamline Sales Processes : After integration with CPQ tools like Apttus, your existing Quote-to-Cash process would be much smoother. Also you can manage your products catalogues and pricing strategy effectively to have higher sales.
  •  Higher Usage of Webinars : Webinars being one of your marketing efforts, you expect it to give better ROI. From the registration/attendance information provided, you can get more info about the existing or prospective customers and their interests.
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How Janbask can Help you?

We at Janbask believe that key to growth lies in relevant expertise and strategic implementation. Once we see your existing applications or proposed application for future use, we can give you the best possible customized solutions to cater your needs. We have a team of consultants who follow the best practices in salesforce integration and have successfully run a host of integrations involving Salesforce and a variety of tools. From implementation to support thereafter, our team has done it to client’s satisfaction level.

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