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Salesforce Call Center Management CRM

Salesforce Call Center Management – Managing Customers Efficiently

Salesforce has created a whole new way for call center agents to interact with customers through email and chat. Except voice calls, almost every aspects of call center management can be handled through Salesforce Call Center Management software. JanBask helps you harness the potential of agents and happiness of satisfied customers by integrating your call center with CRM applications.

Functioning Salesforce within Framework
JanBask’s CTI Widget gives your agents more space to work within the Salesforce framework. This helps agents to maintain good functionality and enhanced access to a wide range of features within Salesforce.
Optimal Service & Easier Setup
Optimal service and personalized interactions can be provided by the agents with instant display of Salesforce contact history and information of the customer whenever a call is connected.
Increasing Agent Efficiency
The efficiency of agent would be enhanced by providing them with the ability to update activities and creating contacts. We help you synchronize the data and help enhance the team efficiency by configuring Salesforce Integration with ease.
Automated Workflow
Agents can reduce their time consumption by configuring the activities and automating the workflows; thereby reduce the need to manually enter the data within two different systems.

How Our High-End Expertise Can Help You?

JanBask has high-end expertise in Salesforce Call Center Management and we will help you in the following ways.

  •  Complete history of interactions between the agents and customers would be recorded.
  •  Call flows would be created.
  •  Agent performance would be monitored effectively.
  •  Reporting can be accessed in an easier and enhanced way.

With our Call Center Management solutions, we will provide you with easier accessibility for everything related to your business from a single platform. We help you setup and manage the call center within Salesforce. Seamless integration of Salesforce with third-party computer-telephony integration systems (CTI Systems) is implemented through Salesforce CRM call center.

salesforce call center

Once the CTI adapter program is installed on the Salesforce user machine, your users whether it is customers or employees can make use of CTI system features with the help of a Salesforce SoftPhone. Salesforce SoftPhone is a call-control tool that is customizable and would be displayed on the sidebar of Salesforce pages and footer of the Salesforce console.

Salesforce CRM Call Center Characteristics

Our Call Center Management solutions are comprised of the following characteristics:

  •   Calls can be made by either dialling the number or choosing the number from an online directory or by clicking a phone number directly from contacts, lead, activity or account.
  •  Calls can be received.
  •  Provides a brief overview of contacts, accounts and other Salesforce records.
  •  Calls can be transferred.
  •  Conference calls can be initiated.
  •  Callers can be put on hold.
  •  Records can be attached to the calls.
  •  Call logs can be generated automatically.
Salesforce Call Center CRM

Setting-Up The Salesforce Call Center Instance: Using the Best Industry Experience

Our Salesforce consultants will help you setup Salesforce CRM call center; afterwards only your users would be able to access the features of Salesforce CRM call center. We would help you in the installation of CTI adapter across every call center user machines since machines without CTI adapter installed in it cannot make use of Salesforce CRM call center features. Every CTI system within your company would be defined with a new call center record.

We would then assign users to the relevant and appropriate call centers since it is necessary for a user to be associated with a call center, if they want to view the SoftPhone user interface. Other optional features which we manage during the setup process of Salesforce CRM call center includes enabling of ‘HTTPS’ for your call center followed by customization of SoftPhone layouts and configuration of call center phone directories.

Salesforce Call Center CRM Setup

We follow multiple methodologies in creating a call center either by cloning or importing. A call center usually corresponds to a single computer-telephony integration system that is already available within your company. For the Salesforce users to make use of the benefits and features of Salesforce CRM call center, it is necessary for each of the Salesforce users to be assigned with a call center record.

In the importing method, a call center definition file will be imported directly to Salesforce. Thus we help you create the initial call center corresponding to the CTI adapter just installed. Where as in cloning method, the existing call center definition would be directly cloned and thereby additional call centers can be created for the specific CTI adapter. This means you can clone the call center record of a specific call center based on one location to the same specific call center based in another location.

Handling Call Centers

Managing call centers are easier than ever before with our Salesforce Call Center Management solutions.

  •  Choosing Call Center within Setup provides you with a detailed list of call centers that you have already created for your company.
  •  Details of a specific call center can be viewed by selecting the call center name.
  •   Call center details can be easily modified by clicking the ‘Edit’ option next to any call center.
  •  For removing any call center record, select ‘Delete’ option next to any call center. But all the related directory numbers would be deleted once you delete a call center. Users would be able to continue using Salesforce CRM call center features only unless you reassign them to another call center.
Handling Call Center Users

A Salesforce user will be able to view features of Salesforce CRM call center once administrator assigns them to a call center.
We help you add users to a call center by,

  •  Selecting the call center name to which you want the users to be added.
  •  Entering the search term for finding the users that needs to be assigned within the call center.
  •  The search results would give you a list of users other than those who already belongs to a call center.
  •  Finally, we would add the users to a call center.

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