Salesforce and CTI Integration Tutorial Guide for Beginner


There are two parts of changing over a potential lead to a customer. One is to keep a suitable track of the leads with legitimate analysis and the second is the customary yet most basic method of conversing with the lead over a telephone. It has been acknowledged over the time that regardless of what methodology you utilize, the one-on-one telephonic discussion eventually breaks the deal for you.

Salesforce has turned into the undisputed lord of the CRM world. It has set a bar for lead tracking and investigation from a little to multi-level and multi-million organizations. So what different reward would it be able to offer you when you can make calls and track leads from a similar framework? This thought has been bursting into flames since its origin.

Today we would discuss, How to Integrate Salesforce and CTI and What are the Benefits of Salesforce and CTI Integration.

How to Integrate Salesforce and CTI?

The two conceivable approaches to achieve it are-

Process 1: Integration using open CTI tools

Open CTI or Salesforce CRM Call Center is a device which is produced by This instrument empowers you to incorporate outsider CTI frameworks. The novel thing about the framework is that you don’t need to download CTI particular applications and get deprived of the cloud structure, open CTI is a program based along these lines giving the designers a full use to utilize the cloud engineering. To embrace this procedure, we require an essential commonality with JavaScript, HTML and CSS, Visualforce APIs, CTI connectors and Salesforce CRM Call Centre. One component which is utilized amid this procedure is Open CTI API. Another one is the Asynchronous JavaScript Asterisk Manager (AJAM) connector that has been custom manufactured and conveyed on the server. The last segment is Custom Salesforce Softphone.

At whatever point a call is started through Salesforce, the AJAM connector that is available dials to the Asterisk part of the CTI specialist organization. The Asterisk segment of the CTI specialist organization, thusly, connects up against a call to the end client and after that teaches AJAM to build up an official call and play out extra assignments like a chronicle, exchanging, checking and much more. The AJAM connector likewise helps in getting the Caller IDs and related information. The procedure is then mapped on to numerous servers and callers for both inbound and outbound following and calling. Here is a screenshot was taken from the website of dzone to illustrate the process better-

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Salesforce and CTI Integration

Process 2: Integration using Telephony service provider API

At the point when Salesforce was still in the improvement stage, pushing notifications to the program caused time slacks and including call focus elements expanded slacks to noteworthy 10s of seconds. On account of such mechanical restrictions, prior work area base communication frameworks that were utilized were associated with the operator’s PC making it a CTI-to-work area display rather than a CTI-to-Salesforce – to-Browser-Model consequently limiting the time slack. In any case, with this fast progression of innovation particularly in web and program-based correspondence, CTI to Desktop display has now stopped to exist. Reconciliation utilizing the Telephony Service Provider API utilizes the accompanying parts to set up calls – custom Apex classes, the communication specialist co-op’s mix connectors, CTI connectors, and Visualforce classes.

At whatever point a call is set up from the softphone of the Salesforce reassure utilizing the telephone utility supplier’s connector, the call will hit the phone provider’s server. At that point, the control of the call is exchanged to AGI connector (Asterisk Gateway Interface) which is the JAVA portal Interface connector generally fabricated utilizing Asterisk innovation. This connector is thus called’s CTI connector and guarantees that a call has been built up. At that point alternate subtle elements, for example, call span, number, and so forth are shown by Salesforce. It can likewise begin different capacities like call recording, and so on. Here is a screenshot was taken from the website of dzone to illustrate the process better-

Salesforce and CTI Integration

Be that as it may, all through this whole procedure, the information goes to Salesforce by means of the telephone utility supplier’s connector, which is work area based. Also, another essential issue is that whenever there is a new upgrade of Salesforce, the connector ends up incongruent. In view of these issues, this technique has now turned out to be old nowadays. 

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What are the Benefits of Salesforce and CTI Integration?

  • Agent Efficiency Gets a Whole New Meaning – With a solitary username and password verification, operators never again need to switch between applications. Everything is clearly visible on a solitary screen.
  • Automated Two-Way Synchronization – All the data is matched up continuously, this guarantees the operator approaches refreshed data. This is no slack and operators can benefit the clients better.
  • Integrated Dashboard Fosters more Sales – With Salesforce integration, tracking the sales movement is a breeze. Supervisors can likewise immediately oversee the operator’s performance and execution continuously. They can secure data identified with call source, progressing calls and call length.
  • Eliminates Human Errors – The click to dial highlight enables operators to call a client directly from the CRM itself. There is no need to punch the number physically, along these lines this wipes out any chances of human blunder.
  • Better Salesforce Adoption Rate- Since Salesforce CTI incorporation makes their work less demanding, reps increment the utilization of their CRM. It additionally gives the administration a point by point perspective of all business activities. At the point when reps utilize their telephones through the CTI, every one of their exercises can be logged, recorded, and followed.
  • Improved Team Performance- Higher CRM reception rates make it less demanding for sales managers to recognize open doors for instructing, preparing, and other points that assist the group and the entire association to enhance their procedure. Chiefs can make the best utilization of Salesforce dashboards to survey all followed key performance indicators (KPIs). These KPIs incorporate normal call duration, opportunities created, calls made, and much more. This enables the administration to quantify both individual and group execution.


Integrating CTI with Salesforce can be a life-changing decision for your business as it provides you with immense benefits that will help you in scaling your business bottom line. You not only get a one-stop platform but a clearer and more accurate data reporting of your clients and the follow-ups that you have had with them.

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