How Can You Leverage Amazon Web Services For Your Small Business?


Interested in learning what cloud has to offer? In this blog, we will focus on a detailed guide how to set up the Amazon Web Services (AWS) for your business. Cloud computing is gaining a competitive advantage for years especially for start-ups or small businesses who could not afford to buy expensive hardware or software apps separately.

The biggest advantage of a cloud system is scalability and elasticity. Also, the physical infrastructure that was taking months to set up, now the same can be leverage within minutes only. Here, we will discuss AWS in detail and how this biggest cloud service can be leveraged for a small-sized business.

Setting Up AWS For Small-Sized Businesses

Been reading about what cloud has to offer would be interesting. Let us take a quick tour how can you leverage Amazon Web Services for data-driven apps or websites.

How Can You Leverage Amazon Web Services For Your Small Business?

You don’t need any IT background or strong technical competencies to configure AWS correctly. But if there is someone who knows who knows how to set up Linux Apache or MySQL PHP correctly, then he would probably the right candidate to complete this faster. Further, in this article, we will explain how AWS is a boon for small businesses or start-up looking to leverage AWS for their cloud project.

The Topics to Be Covered In The Article Include –

  • Start with setting up Amazon machine images (AMIs)
  • How to architect for the uptime?
  • AWS always takes the security seriously
  • Cost Monitoring with AWS is Easy

Let us discuss on each of the benefits in detail one by one. With this discussion, you would be sure why AWS is so popular among It industries and how it can be beneficial for a cloud project. Also, you would get an idea why AWS is considered as the number one cloud service in the technical marketplace.

Start with Setting up Amazon Machine Images (Amis)

With AWS, this is easy to launch your first compute instance by optimizing various AMIs that can be further loaded into freshly created instances. There are a plenty of Amazon machine images available on servers that can be shared by third-party users publicly.

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You must choose the region closer to the bulk of your users or the location closer to your developers. The overall virtual infrastructure would help in loading data quickly and deploy app faster.

Of course, the deployment of an application can be made faster based on your Content Delivery Network (CDN). There are multiple AWS tools to complete this job successfully and easily migrate data across different regions. Also, amazon web services are not so costly and keep monitoring your costs for the best results.

How to Architect For Uptime?

Most of the people assume that cloud computing will never fail but think again here. There are several services in AWS are highly reliable and offer capabilities to recover from an outage. They plan and engineer reliability as an important part of the deployment.

There are chances that servers you are sharing may fail in the backend. Without built-in safety guards, your app or website would start behaving unexpectedly or server may crash even without your knowledge.

The only solution is to make your app available from more than single availability zone within a region. At the same time, storing data in more than one database is usually expensive and not taken the suitable option for the Companies.

Here, the best option is to opt for Elastic Load Balancer (a popular AWS tool) where data is distributed across multiple compute instances and it can be recovered in case of server failure. Data will be automatically shifted to healthy instances from suspected ones and Company data will stay safe in every possible situation.

AWS Always Takes the Security Seriously

There is no surprise that AWS helps you to set up hundreds of production servers with a click of the mouse. There is at least one instance is always available in case of server failure. To manage the high-security standards, AWS always set up the users with limited permissions only when compared to administrative controls.

Just like the Unix or Linux OS, users can be further grouped together and assigned some task. Additionally, AWS offers security at both levels hardware and virtual machines. This is the reason why AWS is the best cloud computing service available so far.

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Cost Monitoring with AWS is Easy

The most popular benefit of cloud computing is reduced infrastructure costs when compared to other similar technologies. When business slows down, the operational costs increase the final deployment costs too. To gain meaningful insights into the cloud deployments, the best option is AWS integration that helps in computing the overall cost of a cloud project and reduces extra expenses too.

AWS will suggest the best network choices and how hardware should be shared to decrease the project costs. Now businesses need to decide how to optimize the resources in the best way to manage the decided budget.

Businesses are always in search of best options to optimize their deployment costs and they decide to buy specific compute instances too for the same purpose. When instances are purchased by the Company, they cannot be shared by third-party vendors. In a nutshell, AWS allows businesses to leverage the unused instances at a very lower price and these instances would always be available for you within a region.

The surprising thing is that AWS allows booking instances in advance for the next three years at a very affordable price. The details are also available at your fingertips whenever needed for your reference.

Infographic How to Use AWS in Your Small Business’s Development?

Infographic How to Use AWS in Your Small Business's Development?

Wrapping Up:

AWS is the best choice to tweak the various aspects of cloud deployments, maintain security, and cost optimization etc. However, you can always opt for paid version to unlock the maximum benefits from this popular cloud service. You should always keep experimenting how can you leverage the AWS for your project in the right direction to move ahead.

The story for How to leverage or set up AWS for your small business is shared after deep research and personal experience only. I hope you enjoyed reading this piece and this was helpful for your cloud project too!

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