Top 7 Reasons Why AWS Is So Successful In The Cloud Space?


Amazon web services or AWS is a collection of remote computing services that are also known as web services. These web services contribute to form a cloud computing platform that is offered by on the internet. Most used Amazon web services are Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3. AWS services are offered to provide an amazing solution for hosting problems.

Today, many services including Dropbox and websites like Reddit use AWS. A couple of servers can also be hosted on AWS including Dropbox and Reddit. These days, the presence of Aws can be felt within a number of enterprises. In this blog, we will be discussing the main reasons why Aws is so popular and got a lead in the cloud space.

Why AWS Is So Successful In The Cloud Space?

Infographic Why AWS Is So Successful In The Cloud Space

What is AWS?

AWS platform is offered by Amazon that is used to build business solutions by using inter-related services. A variety of pre-built services are being used for this that may be beneficial for businesses.  Businesses can make their own custom cloud solutions and AWS is trusted by many big and small enterprises due to its features.

AWS can help organizations in managing its various services like game development, data processing, development, warehousing and many more. For any startup many own servers may be required that may also depend on the requirement. Through AWS service enterprises may choose the server as per their requirement that will save their time, money and potential.

Top 7 Reasons Why AWS Got A Lead In The Cloud Space?

AWS helps the organizations by providing them with quality services and supporting the business operations. Through these services, the organizations can control their business operations through mobile and desktop both. Due to AWS services the user can focus on code creation and neglect other aspects. The main reasons due to which enterprises prefer AWS are listed below:

1). Mobile Friendly Services

AWS services are offered for both of the two popular mobile platforms Android and IOS. The hub of AWS Mobile Support can guide the developers to create compatible and suitable features for their app. Through AWS console developers can access all AWS service including development, testing, and monitoring of any mobile application. Mobile apps can be selected and configured for various features like push notification and content delivery.

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AWS Mobile SDK feature allows the developers to access popular web services like dynamo DB S3 and Lambda. Mobile SDK supports Android, React Native, Web, Unity, and others.

2). Cloud-Based Serverless Functions

Amazon Gateway and Amazon API help users in scaling and coding. Here the users are only expected to upload their code to the mobile phones, here all server processes are managed and taken care of by Amazon itself. Amazon apps should deliver a great experience to the users. As for any application, many back-end tasks have to be run for which a number of servers may be required. In AWS developers only have to focus on their application development and all server management related aspects are handled by AWS like scaling, patching, infrastructure administration, etc.

3). AWS Databases

AWS also provides databases that are purely managed by them only. Some of the used and offered databases of Amazon are:

  • Relational Database: Is used for transactional purposes
  • Non-Relational Databases: Is used for scaling of internet applications
  • Data Warehouse: Is used to perform analytics
  • In-Memory data store: is suitable for managing real-time workloads and caching
  • Graph Database: Helps in managing highly connected data

4). Economical Storage

Amazon offered storage feature is easy to use, flexible and economical. The storage can be used independently and in combination as well to meet the business requirement. Following types of storage is provided by AWS:

  • Amazon Glacier: Is used for long-term storage
  • Amazon EBS: It can be used with EC2 instances and can handle block level storage volumes for persistent data storage
  • Amazon Simple Storage Services: Scalable object storage is provided for analytics, data backup and archival.

5). Scalability and Adaptability

Amazon has awesome speed and its cost is modifiable that can be modified as per customer’s need or usage. This is quite beneficial for small businesses and start-ups to manage their computing needs. Presence of all tools makes it great building platform for every business. Low-cost migration service is also provided by AWS to move the existing system in a seamless manner to AWS.

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Many resources are offered by Amazon if the size of the company increases or expanded. Flexible usage is allowed for every business model so one needs not to worry about expansion or to re-examine the computing needs. Once registered with AWS companies can forget about every of their other need.

6). Reliability and Security

This is obvious that AWS is much more secure than any private or personal hosting. It has dozens of data centers all over the world that are monitored and maintained continuously. This way of storing and accessing the data ensures that in case of any disaster no data loss may occur. Imagine if the data of any big site is maintained centrally and a hurricane destroys that center it can be a horrible condition for that site owner.

AWS data centers cannot be identified easily as they are quite hidden. It has located them in an out-of-way manner and only essential and basic accessing is allowed. The data stored in these locations are safe from intrusions. Amazon can quickly identify the potential risk to data center and data.

7). Cost-Effective

Companies may think that they can set-up their own servers and storage units, but in reality, there are a number of issues when you set up your server. Traditionally even for storage companies have to build a large size physical storage system to manage their data. Whether due to cloud storage now they do not have to think about any physical storage system.

The same is for computing power, the websites that have too much traffic may have to buy loads of power to sustain their computability especially during peak hours. While in case of less load they still have to pay for that computing power. With AWS there is no as such case as they can handle and manage the load accordingly without being worried about less or more traffic.

Final Words:

Amazon is changing the retail space of America; its web services have also become popular and preferred by the business owners. These services are favorite of many business owners and in this article, we have discussed a few reasons for the same. It helps many organizations in growing their business in a cost-effective manner. AWS services are preferred over other popular cloud services and for this, they choose the cloud-based AWS framework. So, just make yourself eligible for the services and be organized.

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