8 Reasons for the Small Companies to Start Using AWS


Around 12 years ago, in the year 2006, Amazon had launched an Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). EC2 could effectively enable all the AWS users of that time to lease virtual systems, which were managed by AWS, upon which enterprises could run their own apps as well as other resources. AWS has been releasing cloud products and services ever since.

Amazon Web Services (or AWS) has a considerable measure to offer to small companies and start-ups. It is an extraordinary administration for those high volume web independent ventures, SaaS (Software as a Service) and enterprise applications. This is particularly valid for organizations that need to emerge, attract and have the capacity to deal with potential clients and help to effectively manufacture and sell their market image. AWS offers a wide selection of items and an extensive rundown of advantages for independent ventures and small businesses.

In this blog, we would discuss a few reasons as to why small businesses should be using Amazon web services. The blog would cover the following topics-

Infographic 8 Interesting Reasons for Small Businesses to Use AWS 8 Interesting Reasons for Small Businesses to Use AWS Infographic

Amazon Products that are Useful for Small Businesses

Before we go on to discuss the amazing reasons we must first know about the amazing Amazon products that are making the lives of small companies easier than before.

  • Platforms: With a wide assortment of frameworks, languages, and devices Amazon Web Services offers something for everybody. This incorporates consistency and security; integration, and import/trade administrations. There are also tools and administration frameworks intended for versatile applications, gaming frameworks, and PCs.
  • Core Cloud Infrastructure Services: Using the power and storage room of the cloud, AWS offers small companies and start-ups assortment and power in processing, database, and systems administration benefits and also conveyance and conveyance.
  • Platform Services: As already said in #1, AWS offers a wide assortment of platforms to meet each business requirement. With these come solid platform cloud based administrations to fasten your start-up achievement. These incorporate analytics, Mobile Services, Enterprise Applications, and web administrations.
  • Developer Productivity/Operational Efficiency:  AWS offers success critical instruments for applications, security, administration, identity, and improvement.

8 Reasons for which Small Businesses Should Start Using AWS

Here is a list of the 8 most convincing reasons for a small business to start using AWS- 

1). It’s Easy to Use and Set Up

In an AWS Cloud model, the IT foundation does not require any physical updates. Associations have boundless access to processing power and can roll out improvements and redesigns on-the-fly – meaning you have the speed and deftness to create and dispatch application substantially quicker than ever!

In addition to this, Amazon has various server farms far and wide so you can get to your data whenever you want from anyplace. This element can be worthwhile in reproducing plans of action to set up core business in another topographical area or to shape a disaster recovery program.

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2). It’s Cost-Effective

The majority of the points of interest recorded here identify with Amazon Web Services’ cost-effectiveness. For example, entrepreneurs can save many in the form of as expanded efficiency and uptime. Besides, Amazon’s cloud benefit has a low passage cost. Private companies and start-ups can start receiving the rewards of cloud administrations with just a small amount of initial investment. A standout amongst other things about it is that clients pay for what they utilize, and there’s no long-term sign-up cost or contract involved.

The best part about AWS is that rather than acquiring on-premises storage or dealing with the foundation infrastructure, you lease space on Amazon’s servers. Since all the work is done on the web, you’re ready to take advantage of Amazon’s abilities over a few distinct ventures: money related administrations, different enterprises, digital marketing, media, enterprise, medicinal services etc.

3). The machine is always learning

AWS offers machine learning APIs for your own improvement purposes. Amazon SageMaker is a more vigorous apparatus for designers and information researchers needing to utilize machine learning with their product. Regardless of whether this sort of advancement work is over your pay grade, monitoring the patterns in cloud utilization is basic as the world is pushing more towards AI and mechanization.

Organizations will progressively utilize the internet of things to gather more bits of knowledge about client conduct. Such computing potential will additionally push more ventures to grasp how programming and investigation will have a tangible effect in their business endeavours. 

4). High Security for Everyone

A few people trust that making the move to the cloud implies less security, however, that just isn’t valid. While the cloud can never be made flawlessly protected, Amazon has found a way to mitigate all the possible risks associated with it. All information is held in secure server farms that meet the most stringent residency and consistence prerequisites. With the Amazon Web Services security models, even the smallest organization gets indistinguishable world-class security from the biggest venture.

In the past, small companies have had reservations about moving to the cloud on account of security, however, AWS has a vigorous arrangement of security capacities that meet all security necessities. AWS has many server farms worldwide that are constantly checked and entirely kept up, which gives solid reinforcement ability to your information and foundation systems.

At last, Amazon web services for a small company gives the adaptability, readiness, versatility, and security that each entrepreneur needs at a cost that he or she can manage. These and an abundance of different administrations cooperate and speak with business applications to flawlessly respond to your rapidly changing business needs. 

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5). Flexible Services

Regardless of whether an entrepreneur is moving from an alternate cloud benefit or they’re redesigning the organization’s local IT foundation, Amazon Web Services offers adaptability and decision. Clients can profit by the OS, database, programming language, and administrations that work best for their surroundings. With this adaptability, organizations can deploy quicker and keep up deftness with time. 

6). E-commerce Simplicity and Flexibility

For those with solid web-based business (e-commerce) components, Amazon Web Services for small businesses has an abundance of practical answers for online deals and retail. Notwithstanding site facilitating, this incorporates arranging to handle of integration for smooth, proficient, and powerful budgetary exchanges with ostensible or no human communication or support.

Orders can be consequently transported in through the customer’s picked framework interfacing with the Amazon Merchant account technology. This furnishes your business with the capacity to refresh arranges and incorporate that data into inventory tracking. Likewise, its product improvement units (SDKs) for stages like Java, PHP, and Ruby give private companies awesome online business adaptability and dexterity to address client issues.

7). Elasticity & Flexibility of Operations

In a customary IT plan of action, you are required to anticipate the processing assets required for the next couple of years. When you underestimate a necessity, it will straightforwardly affect your computing power and therefore, cut down the client encounter. Then again, in the event that you overestimate your necessities, you wind up spending money on pointless assets. Be that as it may, AWS’s utility-based metering framework gives your business the flexibility to adjust your foundation’s prerequisites according to the demand and requirement. 

8). It Gets Better with Time

Some long-term benefits have been recognized, with the prevailing topic being that IT divisions can give more opportunity to high-level projects as opposed to routine undertakings. While this advantage is obvious from the earliest starting point, the favorable circumstances increase the longer a business owner utilizes the administration. Investment funds, expanded profitability, versatility, unwavering quality, and adaptability are only a portion of the reasons why now’s a perfect time, to begin with, Amazon Web Services.


AWS can transform the way your business functions. If you want to see the unprecedented growth in your small business enterprise, then you must start using the AWS cloud as soon as you can. It does not require any hefty investment. Moreover, whatever money you spend in setting up AWS you would get thrice of t in return after the successful implementation of AWS.

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