Is Salesforce Beneficial for Nonprofit Organizations?


Are you an owner of the non-profit organization and operating your business without IT support? Being from any non-profit organization you may think that it may be costlier and time-consuming affair to set up IT systems. As many IT systems are designed to help you to manage unique programs and face the biggest challenges, but they are costlier. Salesforce has provided an optimized and cost-effective solution for non-profit organizations.With this blog-post, you will come to know about those benefits.

Considerable Key Points for Nonprofit Organizations

  1. To face Operation Management Challenges
  2. Salesforce Support for Handling the Challenges
  3. Customizable Salesforce Features
  4. Importance of Salesforce

Challenges faced by Non-Profit Organizations

  • Data in scattered across paper documents, sticky notes and multiple systems
  • You as the owner do not know how the constituents interact with your organization and the donor information is not up-to-date
  • Donation broadcasting cannot be done for the year and have no idea about where the organization stands if it comes to fundraising target
  • Report compilation is a tough task, as it may be hard to answer that how many people were served last week, last month or last quarter.
  • It is difficult to manually manage sponsorships, finances, follow-ups, and attendance
  • You think that your IT budget is not sufficient
  • You don’t want to do more effort to send your communication message to your supporters

If you are also facing such challenges as a non-profit organization and think that your organization is demanding, has to do many critical tasks with limited resources, then you need to read this blog post.

How does Salesforce Help to Meet These Challenges?

Nowadays non-profit organization of every shape and size are using Salesforce to manage their business operations. Even effectiveness, speed and the quality of operations have also been transformed as per today’s competitive requirement.

NPSP or Nonprofit Success Pack version of Salesforce is being used by the IT organizations, that helps them the organization by bringing program and constituents on the single platform. Through this single view, organizations can get the complete view and impact of organizational performance, by which they can customize their abilities to meet user requirement. When you will become able to work smarter and efficiently then you can prove your impact.

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Ready-to-Use Salesforce Features for Nonprofit Organizations

Now as you might have been knowing that Salesforce provides special NPSP version for non-profit organizations, so it is also known as the ready-to-use pack that has standard features and can be used to store data and manages processes. As a user the organizations can easily manage cases, donors, track volunteers and even handle a number of activities and hence more resources and attention can be devoted to attaining your mission.

Salesforce Supportive Features Possible Manageable Business Operations
CRM or customer relationship management, donor and donation management Fund Raising
To send messages to supporters, stakeholders, and partners through email and community portals Constituents and Communication Management
Case management that may include management of routing, logging, approvals, and tracking Case and Issue Management
Tracking of events, shifts, volunteers and hours Volunteer Management

Feature Customization Option

Though some of the non-profits are similar, at the same time every nonprofit has some unique features and specific missions, so even for such cases, Salesforce offers ultimate flexibility to its users by providing customization option.Standard Salesforce functionalities can be customized by the nonprofit organizations. As per the availability of resources, time and need Salesforce features can be customized. They can be tailored as per business requirement and process.

Offered Salesforce Platform Flexibility Manageable Business Processes
You can setup the database to store required informationso that your staff can access it from anywhere Digitization of paper-based processes
To streamline manual processes and automate workflows like document generation, client intake, and output reporting Manual Process Automation
To take the advantage of constituent data that is stored in Salesforce In order to engage constituent on every channel
To access the Salesforce ecosystem orthird-party applications, managing events, processing payments, and many other tasks Many more other tasks can be managed easily
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Now get ready for your Salesforce platform as a solid foundation with standard functionality. In growing up phase you can further customize and extend the platform so that it can be beneficial for your organization.

Salesforce and Its Nonprofit Success Pack

Nonprofit Success Pack or NPSP is the customized version of Salesforce that is designed in an optimized way for non-profit organizations. It also includes donor or donation management tools. It has any other functionality that may be beneficial for nonprofit organizations. This pack includes all of the major and essential processes that are used by nonprofit organizations. The aim of Salesforce is to make it accessible by every nonprofit organization.

You may not find Salesforce helpful in one go but gradually by customizing it as per your business process, you can make it suitable for you. Just a few numbers of steps followed by your organization can help you in making it suitable as per your requirements.

Imperative Steps to turn Salesforce as per your requirement

  • Try to know and learn maximum about Salesforce platform
  • Know the way to model data and structure
  • Know the way to build, borrow and buy custom functionality
  • Sketch out the build and design of your project and implement Salesforce
  • Get a review of resource access and know whether you need an external professional or will in-house expert help you?

Final Words

Now it may be clear to you that Salesforce is just like a ready-to-use application for your nonprofit organization. It is upto you to know what you need to add in this platform so that it can perform just like your requirement. Many updates are being done to provide a better platform and application. So, Salesforce is just more than the optimum choice for Nonprofit organizations when implemented correctly.

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