What is Sales Cloud & Benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud for Business?


Salesforce Sales Cloud is an amazing client relationship management (CRM) platform intended to help you with sales support, marketing, and effective client bolster in both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) type of setups.

The Sales Cloud gives all that you need to effectively deal with your business. It helps you in creating and harnessing the best leads, overseeing new prospects through the sales pipeline, and develops healthy relationships with the existing accounts. Additionally, it helps you to gauge your income, set up sales domains, and sort out your reps into multiple offering groups. Today we will endeavor to provide you with information related to the world of Salesforce Sales Cloud.

We have divided the blog into two parts namely-

  • What is Sales Cloud?
  • What are the Benefits of Sales Cloud? 

What Is a Sales Cloud? Top of Form

Sales Cloud is a completely customizable cloud feature of Salesfroce.com that brings all the client data together in a coordinated stage that fuses features such as marketing, lead generation, sales, client administration and business analytics and gives access to a huge number of utilization through the AppExchange. The platform has been provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS) feature for program based access; a versatile mobile application of the same is also available. It also provides you with a real-time social feed for collaboration that enables clients to share data or make inquiries of the client network.

Salesforce.com offers five versions of Sales Cloud on a per-user, per month basis, from lowest to highest: 

Salesforce.com offers five renditions of Sales Cloud on a per-user, per month premise, from lowest to the highest versions, they are

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Benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud

Along with this Salesforce offers three levels of support contracts and they are- 

Benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud

What Are The Benefits Of Sales Cloud?

Here is a list of some excellent features that you get with the Salesforce Sales Cloud Lightning-

1). Campaign and Bring in Leads

Utilize leads to track prospects as you construct your pipeline. Make campaigns to showcase directly to your leads so you can to transform prospects into bargains. Oversee outbound showcasing efforts with post office based mail programs, classes, print advertisements, email, and different sorts of promoting securities. Compose campaigns into hierarchies for simple analysis to perceive what works the best to increase your organization’s sales. Salesforce makes it simple for you to rapidly find, oversee, and give an account of all your campaigns.

2). Turn Opportunities into Deals

Move opportunities through the business procedure, and track precisely what you’re offering and for how much. Utilize the Product Family picklist to sort your products. For instance, if your organization offers both types of equipment and programming features, you can make two product families: Hardware and Software. In the event that your association has adaptable forecasting, your clients can have an alternate quota for equipment deals and programming deals. Clients can likewise see estimates for opportunities with equipment items isolates from circumstances that incorporate programming items. To start utilizing item families:

  • Customize the Product Family picklist to incorporate the distinctive classifications of items that you offer.
  • For every item in your value books, alter the item and select the suitable Product Family Value.
  • If your association has adaptable forecasting option, set an alternate quota for every product family for your clients.
  • If your association has adjustable forecasting then, consider changing your figure settings to show a specific estimate family value by default when your clients tap on the Forecasts tab.
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3). Manage Accounts and Contacts 

Try to understand the basics of working with the contact records, which includes creating and deleting of contacts, merging duplicates, and the process of sharing contacts with others. When you are viewing and managing your contacts, you can consider a few key points given as under-

  • Individual records don’t show up in the Recently Viewed list on the Contacts landing page.
  • In case you’re utilizing Salesforce Classic, a printable perspective of the contacts list is accessible. You can save the printable view as a PDF.
  • When you select a customer’s account from a contact list view, the relating individual record shows up on the Accounts page.
  • To see a sifted rundown of contacts, select a predefined view starting from the drop-down list. Administrators of Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Performance and Developer Edition organizations can give access to contacts beyond what the sharing model permits. 


Sales Cloud Lightning is an exceptional tool in your Salesforce toolbox. It can give you better lead opportunities, better CRO, and an improved ROI. Not only the Salesforce Sales Cloud works perfectly fine with the Einstein, Heroku, Apex and force.com feature so that you have the most empowered cloud to manage your sales properly.

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