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Conferences and events are an integral part of every organization, where certain necessary decisions are taken and important things related to the company are discussed. Thus, these events play a vital part in helping the companies to grow their business. However, organizing these events is certainly not an easy task to perform, especially when the number of participants are huge, which is usual in any large scale industry. There are hundreds of things that need to be managed with efficiency, and no matter how hard you work to make every trivial aspect of the event on its place, there is always something that is left noticed, which creates hindrance during the main proceedings.

But this critical and obviously a considerable issue can be eliminated with the help of Salesforce. With the advancement in technology and increasing expectations of the attendees, now businesses can easily take care of every possible thing that matters during the event and make it an immense success as these events have gone mobile. Yes, with Salesforce’s invention of Event app, you can make all the necessary preparations and fulfill all the expectations of the participants easily.

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For instance, Dreamforce is an annual event organized by Salesforce with over 170,000 participants who attended over 2,000 lectures and session last year with the help of Salesforece event app that allowed the company to easily navigate and manage the four day event. The app was developed in a time period of six months and was available for iOS and Android platform. The app helped the users to get all the information related to the sessions and make obligatory changes in their schedule.

While organizing a huge event like Dreamforce, there are so many things that is not possible to be aware of.  But this solid functionality mobile application using Salesforce’s Mobile SDK, Dreamforce became a great success where every attendee was able to see the information in real time.

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What Salesforce event app can actually do?

  • Explore session by name and speaker
  • View details of the sessions with maps and directions
  • View and join event Chatter feeds
  • Easily access and select sessions
  • Acquire event details such as venue, complete schedule, meals, wifi access, etc.
  • Navigate through multiple events
  • Get real time alerts and updates

Since the first utilization of the app was a great success, it provided ideas to the development team on how to expand it for further Salesforce event use.

A mobile application like this that gives a complete and real time view of company’s events to the attendees is highly admired due to its benefits and features. It provides flexibility to the participants to find all the company’s events on a finger touch and schedule their time accordingly. Furthermore, the app adds events to the calendar and surveys the attendees for their reviews to help provide a better experience in future.

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