Reinvent your Store with Salesforce CRM for Retail


Salesforce has started targeting vertical industries these days with its massive range of products like marketing cloud, sales cloud, service cloud, community cloud, App cloud etc. In this blog, we will see why Salesforce sprung into the retail industry and what are the capabilities or benefits, this cloud platform can offer to the retailer.

What are the “reimagine retail” systems requirements?

Retailers are using Salesforce cloud platform for more than 15 years but CRM industry leaders cannot ignore the opportunity to get their brand closer to the customers. This is the reason Salesforce is planning to leave the traditional point of sales, E-commerce, HR, inventory, supply chain management, merchandising etc. The new focus of the Company would be retail systems completely dedicated to engagement and innovation that features mobility, cloud, data science, social etc.

“Focus on engagement and innovative retail systems with Salesforce CRM for retail industries”

Reinvent your Store with Salesforce CRM for Retail

In the image given above, we have listed all the possible benefits that retailers would experience with innovative CRM systems for retail industries. Today, we are living in the age of online shoppers where people love to shop sitting at their home instead of visiting crowded places. Here, retailers need to focus on delivering personalized customer experiences instead of using B2C (Business to Consumer) paradigm.

According to a research made by Salesforce Company, this is clear that more than 80 percent of shopper first research on the product like prices, options, shipping charges, warranty etc, before making any final purchase. Here, retailers need to make their research experience just memorable so that they decide on the purchase quickly. For this purpose, you can work on multiple things like content, shipping charges, website layout, product description etc. Moreover, the retailer needs an open source app development framework where they can add their product seamlessly and deliver personalized customer experiences to unify the interactions.

Today, in the cloud era where you want to compete with industry leaders like Amazon, Flipkart etc., you need supercharged to handle the dynamic needs of modern customers. These are popular requirements for “reimagine retail” and Salesforce opts for a plenty of techniques to tackle these trends gracefully. Let us discuss the retail solutions one by one in the next sections.

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Connected Retail operations and supercharged associates

Through this trend, retailers need to delight their shoppers with supercharged associates. The process starts with recruitment of employees, retaining the high-performing staff, and sales management tools that can support the objective. Here is a quick example how Salesforce CRM works and helps in generating leads and revenues for the retail industries.

Reinvent your Store with Salesforce CRM for Retail

To enable the connected store operations, retailers need to equip their resources with mobile phones, intranet facility, product insights, communication tools etc. There could be a custom Salesforce community where employees from different stores can interact together that promote sales and increases customer satisfaction too. For the connected retail operations, as shown in the figure, you need to opt for service cloud, app cloud, sales cloud, marketing cloud, community cloud etc.

Personalized customer experiences for online shoppers

As we have discussed earlier, this is the time to focus on delivering personalized customer experiences instead of using B2C (Business to Consumer) paradigm. For this purpose, you need marketing cloud where you can deliver the one-to-one experience to each connected customer. For example, if you are planning to organize a marketing campaign then every interested user should be responded individually through email, messages or phone call etc.

Reinvent your Store with Salesforce CRM for Retail

You can see the image below how personalized marketing campaigns help retailer in generating and qualifying leads. The ultimate benefits of this trend include more revenues, attractive ROI, successful marketing campaigns, more leads, more conversion, more sales etc.

Connected customer services and supercharged agents

The trend focuses on supporting every shopper anytime anywhere when he needs it. For this purpose, service cloud is the best choice where each customer feels connected and important. The same technique is used by retailers for Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals to manage the millions of customers. Here, retailers have a mobile accessible portal and community to get connected with peers or customers quickly.

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The service cloud not only ensures operational excellence but able to resolve issues that are faced by shoppers during online purchasing. The complete process ultimately improves service level, productivity etc. that results in maximum customer satisfaction.

Innovate at the speed of modern shopper, Retail Agility

With the Salesforce App cloud, you can design multiple pieces of internal or external apps to run your business in constructed manner i.e. innovate at the speed of the modern user. Under the trend, rapid innovation and engagement, retailers have the flexibility to use the AppExchange platform in a connected ecosystem for engaging user experiences.

Reinvent your Store with Salesforce CRM for Retail

Further, you can use the Lightning platform to design the interactive User Interface that results in digital transformation for retail sector at different levels as shown in the figure. Also, you can develop your own custom apps under a secure ecosystem to optimize the business processes, improve productivity, enhance agility, and promote integration as well. Ultimately, the process leads to faster deployment of IT apps at much lower prices.

Final Words:

Retail industries generally like to combine pieces of software solutions together instead of focusing on a single vendor strategy. Salesforce cloud platform completely focusing on reinventing retail stores with robust software solutions and CRM capabilities. The other programming language may take years to learn but Salesforce CRM platform is easy to understand and implement as compared to other cloud-based CRM systems.

Today Salesforce platform is 100 percent ready for the retail ecosystem. You just need to know how to use the Salesforce products in your favor to create a robust enterprise software solution in the cloud. This is true that there is always a room for improvement but the best part is that Salesforce CRM systems can be scaled and innovated whenever required based on the Company requirements.

So, are you ready to reinvent your store with Salesforce CRM for retail? If yes, we wish you luck and support for your next successful implementation!

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