Let The Customer Truly Experience With Marketing Cloud Lightning


Customer satisfaction is always considered as the top priority for any organization, and filling the customer with all the relevant information and allowing them to experience means greater customer satisfaction. However, letting the customer truly experience requires certain intelligence and collaboration across the company. For that purpose, Salesforce has launched a remarkable solution in the form of Marketing Cloud Lightning, which allows the marketers to deliver the customer with a consistent brand experience through different channels.
Marketing Cloud Lightning is a revolutionary Salesforce marketing cloud integration platform, which integrates data from a variety of media and connects sales, marketing and customer service in a more efficient manner. It helps Salesforce marketers and sales professionals to identify best sales prospects for lead generation and build a long lasting relationship with the customer.
Benefits of Marketing Cloud Lightning
• Better customer experience: The new Salesforce marketing cloud integration allows brilliant and innovative customer experience through different channels easily, which also permits the marketers to work more effectively.
• Easier development of new applications: With the help of Marketing cloud lightning drag and drop feature, the development of apps become extremely easy as the building blocks are reused as per the need and preferences. Furthermore, the customers can also use Salesforce partners’ third party components.
• Using information to learn and predict customer behavior: With its incredible feature of Predictive journey technology, marketers can analyze the date and activities of the customers to better understand his behavior and make necessary decisions accordingly to satisfy them more.
• Build an entire customer experience journey: With this new Salesforce marketing cloud integration platform, marketers can use the customer’s activities on social media or other Salesforce platforms to build personalized journey. This helps them to offer the customer better service.
Marketing Cloud Lightning is certainly an exceptional platform launched by Salesforce and with such sparkling features to offer to the marketers and customers, no wonder it is considered as a revolutionary technology.

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