How A Company Can Prosper Without Losing Its Culture: Lessons From Salesforce Company


The biggest companies that are making headlines in the industry were once a small company. Only with hard work and determination along with the willingness to touch new heights have made them what they are today. With the introduction of Salesforce, more and more smaller companies now can see a bright future ahead by means of creating a strong employee engagement experience for the employees. For most of the companies who have started using Salesforce platform for enhancing their business, Salesforce is more than just a key in maintaining their success in the industry.

Here are a few things to learn from Salesforce which would help your company prosper without losing its culture.

Hire people who match with your culture

It is utmost important for companies to keep a keen eye on the type of candidates they are recruiting for their company. It is desirable to recruit the ideal candidate who merges well with your team. This will help them achieve greater business objectives while they begin working in your company. This is one of the key factors behind the success of Salesforce as a reputed company.

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Once the hiring process is over, ensure the newly joined employee does not bring any undesirable habits with them. It is good to teach them and make them aware about the company and its culture in the beginning itself. Engage them with the task of volunteering which will help generate a greater sense of responsibility towards what they are doing. Salesforce has been successful in this aspect too.

Create a better work atmosphere for the employees

It is a necessity to create a better work atmosphere for the employees so that they should feel each day more excited, challenging and rewarding compared to the previous day. The hard work of the employees must be recognized and should be rewarded by thanking them. A greater alignment is also absolutely necessary between the top of the management and the bottom employee organization of the company. Salesforce was successful in achieving this objective by aligning the entire company towards a unified set of values, vision, measures and methods etc.


Inspiration has to come from the leaders first, only then the employees are likely to be more motivated and work in achieving the growth and development for the company. An employee should also be an effective leader and this is what makes most of the successful companies achieve the growth ladder on a consistent basis as the year goes by. To maintain the growth, it is utmost essential for the employees to be also a leader in their own niche. It is very much important to pay adequate attention while recruiting the employees at the top-level. Especially if they are not committed in maintaining the culture of the company and are not willing to prioritize the culture, then the culture will slowly diminish which can hamper the success graph of the company. Salesforce has been very consistent in recruiting employees who are committed towards maintaining the culture of the company.

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The above mentioned lessons from Salesforce can be a source of motivation for many of the start-up companies who have started to implement Salesforce CRM in to the business for enhanced customer relationship management.

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