Make Your Small Business Big With Right Technology


You might need a software to better manage sales leads, so you get that. Then you might need a system to automate your marketing, so you invest in that. But, if these two pieces of technology aren’t able to communicate with one another, you’re creating silos of information, a lot of manual work and duplication of effort.

Make Your Small Business Big With Right Technology

In the early phases, a lot startup use spreadsheets as the way of storing data. Another common one seen is phone interaction, making them a critical communication tool despite the rise in digital communication modes. As the time moves, these manual processes slow the small business down. It affects the small business growth and impacts the customer experience.

Buying software for each purpose and then not able to manage each one separately becomes a more hectic task, rather than helping. Investing in software by knowing the vast technologies available that can actually understand your need and coordinate accordingly, hits the graph growth for your small business.

In this blog we will brief on the following topics:

  1. How to invest in the right technology.
  2. Technology trends that help small business.
  3. Conclusion

How to invest in the right technology?

Before you invest there are a few questions that you need ask for any technology you are thinking:

  • Does it solve your problems? The technology that is intended to invest g in should easily get integrated with your small business. You should check that the technology serves now and in the future too. The plans executed should also have a positive impact on your small business as long as the small business runs, should be the aim. In simple words, the small business owner should solve multiple problems without having to move from one after the other.
  • Does it get adapted to your processes? The technology should get merged with your processes. Initially little changes to the processes is acceptable, but if the technology is forcing you to change your small business processes to a pretty long extent then it is a negative sign. A good technology is easy to follow and is customizable in order to suit your small business needs and your small business processes, not the other way around.
  • Does the technology help in small business growth? The main purpose of the technology is to support the small business growth. Hence, make sure it enables growth and enhances with the small business as and when required.
  • Is it prepared for future changes? Your small business is never going to in the position it is in now. The environment of your small business doesn’t necessarily mean will be same tomorrow as well. A good technology will get upgraded to be able to solve your small business problems today, and evolve with you in the direction you go in the future.
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Technology trends that help small business

There was a time when businesses would run applications or programs from software by downloading them a physical computer or server. The technique was not only expensive and inflexible, but also beyond the reach of many small businesses. Now with the rise of The rise of cloud technology the scenario has leveled up.

Make Your Small Business Big With Right Technology

  • Cloud computing

Cloud computing makes locally managed hardware redundant and helps save the costs. It is one of the tech trends which works well with browser-based applications. As the data are available online, it will be accessible on any device, from anywhere. This not only helps to access data at any time, but is a lot more secure as the convenience of not having to carry around a hard drive or USB. Small businesses should adopt the change and move the business operations to the cloud as much as possible, as cloud computing allows small businesses to store their data completely online. Not only will this, It is also a lot more secure.

Make Your Small Business Big With Right Technology

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  • Cloud accounting

The accounting software is not tied up just to the office nowadays, Thanks to the cloud accounting. The intuitive design and simplified using technics of products like Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks are helping the small businesses by taking over the accounting and bookkeeping processes. With the help of cloud accounting accessing real-time business data and analytics is made easy as long as you have access to an internet access.

  • Back-up and disaster recovery and time management

The beauty of cloud computing is that the servers are not to be taken care of us. Suppliers take care of them all. The regular software updates, security updates etc. do not require to be maintained by the system, hence you can focus on growing your business. Businesses linked with cloud have their back up ready in cases of disasters.

  • Real-time payments
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With real-time payments, we no longer have to wait for 24 hours or two working days for a payment to amount to get credited to the account. 2018 is said to be a year where payments hit your accounts immediately. The payments will be made with the help of “Pay IDs”, where you can use your phone number rather than a bank account number for payments.

  • Feasibly of working

Technology has allowed employees to work from almost anywhere by having an internet connection. As the cloud services expand, It is a proven technique and studies have shown that this approach to working from anywhere has an enormously positive impact on employee engagement, resulting in a higher productivity range and helps by saving costs for both businesses and their workforce.When your team members can access, edit and share documents anytime, from anywhere, they are able to work more together facilitating greater collaboration.

  • Video content

The product videos help the customers make purchase decisions easy. Studies show that video projected on the site brings in more than 80 per cent of all web traffic. It is undoubtedly an opportunity for the smaller businesses to grab and get expanded. Small businesses should integrate the business strategies with video by creating a narration of the products, It is proving one of the most effective ways to stamp a brand. The video contents create a story that strategically places the product in the mind of the end user retention.

  • Improve document control

As and when there are increases in employees and partners, collaboration on documents and data increases. When the movement to cloud computing is done, all files are stored centrally and everyone has one source of access. Greater visibility results in improved collaboration, which ultimately means better coordination, and work quality.

Make Your Small Business Big With Right Technology


But ultimately, whatever country you reside in, I think there’s every reason to be optimistic about the combination of entrepreneurs and technology to make our lives better. Cloud technology has eased the business process software, with no initial deposits or costly ongoing maintenance. Small businesses are now in a position to compete and prove themselves to be an enterprise, by joining hands with technology.

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