Guidelines to Pick the Best Salesforce Development Company


The online business world has become highly competitive, and there is absolutely no room for any mistakes. One wrong choice can lead to a massive drain of resources and put you out of business. The choice of the right company which will be able to develop the best solutions and app for your business is a critical one who has to be made prudently. Salesforce is the platform which will help you streamline your business, beginning from your sales, to your product delivery to customer relationships. Thus, hiring the right Salesforce Development company or a Consultant makes the single most vital decision for the growth of your business.

Top Things To Consider For Hiring Salesforce Development Company:

The AppExchange and many other such platforms have a huge number of listings of official Salesforce Development Partners all of whom do have adequate knowledge and suitable experience of Salesforce. So, as a business owner, you tend to become confused at making a choice which will fit your needs. It will be helpful for you to look into the following points:

1). Expertise:

This is a broad category, so you will have to specifically dive into a few verticals to gauge the expertise in the skills which are important for every business.

  • Sales: It is likely that you will want your Salesforce Development Partner to help implement various automation which will increase your sales and fasten the whole process. Thus, if the company you are looking at has sales managers or even the sales operation directors in its team, you will have a cut above others as these people can give you highly valuable and real-time insights on the sales strategies which will have a significant impact on the whole sales process of your business.
  • Management of Project: All the practices which form the Salesforce environment have implications in real-time across all the business departments and teams. Thus, it is very important that your Salesforce Development Company has previous experience in project management especially in running phases and various iterations to ensure that your Salesforce implementation makes sense both online and offline. This will also make sure that the project stays put, on-time delivery and also the success of the post-implementation training.
  • Other Technologies: This is one of the most important reasons why a business hires a Salesforce Development Company as the latter can help it with integrations and other LOBs. Thus, a team which you pick should have experience over a broad spectrum of technologies which Salesforce can associate with. These range from Custom Software Applications, Quickbooks, Gmail, etc. Also, you should also be sure that the company can appropriately fit the Salesforce solutions into the technology roadmap.
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2). The methodology of Implementation:

As a business owner, you should have a clear knowledge about the implementation approach of the Salesforce Development Partner. It has been found that the Agile-based incremental delivery is considered as the best practice as it involves various phases and iterations. All these help to make sure that your project is completed in time and does not exceed the budget. This point will also help you determine the level and type of collaboration between your team and Salesforce Consultants. You may also ask questions about the tools which they use for prototypes and flowcharts. It is important for you to know the details in the absence of which it is advisable that you pick some other partner.

3). Support:

This is an important aspect, and you need to know the level and kind of support provided by the company under consideration after the implementation phase is complete. The best strategy is to hire someone who can keep a laser focus on all the Salesforce updates as this will help your business to stay ahead of the competition. It is important to talk out that your partner does not de-prioritize your support requirements over any other larger projects. There are certain kinds of partners which offer designated Salesforce Managed Services which completely focus on the ongoing support and other kinds of maintenance for their clients. These are the best partners which you can consider.

4). Budget:

It is one of the most important parts of your discussions with your potential partner, so this has to be taken up right at the start of the entire process, so there are no differences of opinion later. You need to keep in mind that the most expensive choice is not always the best so you should not blindly agree on a number which is quotes by the company. You should ask for proposals from different partners and in turn, compare their offerings. It should not only be a formal RFP but a well-written proposal which shows the details. Such proposals usually speak volumes about the company you are going to partner with in terms of attention to detail, delivery and even level of expertise.

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5). Location:

Although technology has flattened the world and there are no borders online, but still it is advisable to hire a partner who has geographic proximity to your business. This eliminates the problems caused by the difference in time zones and also gives you a chance to work more closely with your Salesforce team. Face-to-face meetings even if they are arranged every quarter brings in a lot of benefits for teams involved and keeps them better aligned.

6). Previous Clients:

This may sound cliché, but it is a good idea to have a look at the previous and other current clients of the company and seek their feedback about the performance. You should contact them and ask for their experience with the company, and the quality of service received. This will rule out any doubts and make you more confident about your choice.


The choice of a good Salesforce Development Company is a vital one and has to be done with utmost care and consideration. It is advisable to take time to make this decision considering aspects like expertise in sales, project management, etc. The kind of after-implementation support is another important aspect which needs to be considered in addition to the proximity of the company. Latter will help foster team-alignment. Lastly, you should be open about your budget and ensure that you do not end up buying expensive service. Checking on previous clientele often helps you make more informed decisions.

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