Salesforce Acquires Beyondcore: How Will This Acquisition Help Smes?


Salesforce recently announced the acquisition of data analytics company BeyondCore. Though the terms of the deal are still open, it is clear the both the teams will now jointly work on the Salesforce Analytics Cloud.

This acquisition has underlined in bold and clear letters that BeyondCore will now overlap with the Salesforce Analytics Cloud. This will be by virtue of the former’s ability to not only chart data, but also shows that the company will now emphasize deeply on its very own website which will step beyond a “typical visualization tool.” We already know that BeyondCore, has already built an integration into Salesforce in the past. Arijit Sengupta had indicated at the Gartner BI Summit in early 2016 that BeyondCore will now show off its integration within Salesforce and this will be a part of the upcoming release of the cloud.The feedback received from business users was positive as most of them indicated that it was wonderful on their part to make sure that these smart analytics are now embedded into a fully-fledged application which is apt for daily use. At such a juncture, both the teams have begun to brainstorming about upcoming analytics and business intelligence related advancements.

Post integration,how will the upcoming release (BeyondCore 7) benefit SMEs?

Small and mid-sized businesses can leverage the smart analytics of this new flanged cloud solution. The system is embedded into an interface that is accessed on a daily basis by these businesses. The resultant BeyondCore enterprise analytics tool will further bolster BI or business intelligence along with powerful computational and statistical analysis. Since, Salesforce has a super active corporate development team on board, they have actively collaborated with a whooping nine companies this year, of which three acquisitions took place in the mid of July, with one of them being BeyondCore.

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Users, especially owners and IT heads of SMEs can take a free trial of the brand new product,as it stands at present to get a hang of its look, feel and functionality.Salesforce has made its second acquisition of the month, and its fourth since June. Since Salesforce is a CRM-as-a-service player, ithas bought the business analytics provider BeyondCore to come up with a solution that is affordable and feasible for small business owners. This solution will enable businesses to examine data sets through apattern-recognition technology by deploying a set of patented algorithms which might as well combine a machine learning and regression analysis.

What the team at BeyondCore has to say…

The small and highly dedicated team at BeyondCore is all set todefine the complete smart data discovery space. This had been highlighted earlier by Gartner and other analysts, and the conglomeration has now altered the way in which customers deal with business analytics.

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Though this was a small part of the team’s goal, BeyondCore according to Arijitalways looked to empower business users with the high power of analytics. As of date, it has become a seemingly impossible goal because it is highly achievable as the process of becoming a segment of the company basically does not share amission.

For the records, the team onboard is looking forward to make the most of the agreement between Salesforce and BeyondCore, as this acquisition will bring forth better results. Besides, BeyondCore and Salesforce are uniquely positioned together and they will magnify the total impact on business analytics which is also a part of Analytics Cloud, as it will further extend smart data discovery coupled with advanced analytics capabilities. This will happen across the entire Salesforce Customer Success Platform.

Business owners are looking forward to the contributions from both the teams at BeyondCare and Salesforce, as the acquisition makes sure that the combines platform will continue to deliver innovative technologies to customers, just as the standalone products did. It will further give rise to a whole some Salesforce experience at an affordable range, as well as deliver the same great service which one can expect from the technological giants.

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