Are You the Right Candidate for Being a Salesforce Consultant?


Many times when you opt for a career option, there are many daunting questions in your mind. Can I do this? Do I have what it takes? What if I don’t make it? These questions can actually become very discouraging. In case you are looking forward to making it as a Salesforce Consultant, we are here to help you discover that is it the right choice? Do you have what it takes to get one of the most sought-after jobs? For your convenience, we have divided the blog into the following sections- 

Are You the Right Candidate for Being a Salesforce Consultant?

Why do the companies hire Salesforce Consultant?

When a business enterprise hires you for the position of Salesforce Consultant their objective is to achieve these five things-

Are You the Right Candidate for Being a Salesforce Consultant?

You know that these are the five primary things that are being required of a Salesforce consultant. Now you have to assess that does your skill set a match up to these primary expectations out of you. If not then develop your skills in such a way that you meet these expectations like a pro and get those most wanted Salesforce Consultant jobs with the company.

A magnificent Salesforce CRM system has become the need of the hour for many enterprises. But not every company has got the right skill and the know-how required to keep up with this need and align a complex Salesforce implementation with their organization. Here, the starring role of a Salesforce consultant and Salesforce consulting companies come in. A well proficient and experienced Salesforce consultant can definitely add substantial value to your business organization, therefore you must be sure that you meet the expectations of the industry that you are choosing to work with by developing the right skills-base and the knowledge required to achieve that benchmark. 

What do the companies look for in a Salesforce Consultant?

You now know the answer to the question as to why companies look for a Salesforce Consultant; here we will tell you that what they are looking for in your interview process or the relevant selection process whatever it is as per the industry norms.

First of all, take a look at this screenshot taken from the window of “Google trends”

Are You the Right Candidate for Being a Salesforce Consultant?

You can see for yourself that Salesforce Consultant is the most trending search in the four of major economies of the world. It is important that you understand the status of this job title.

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Here is what the companies are looking for in a Salesforce Consultant.

An organization’s idea to expand their business, using a CRM system is pretty important and they will not settle for anything but the best to achieve those specific objectives.

Are You the Right Candidate for Being a Salesforce Consultant?

Your certification-

Mere training is not enough; you need to be Salesforce certified to leave a mark on the employer. Your certification is a proof of your skills and is a paper that speaks for you significantly.There are a number of certifications, which are offered by Salesforce and they have a definite validity period also, concomitant with them. While you are appearing for an interview or selection processmake sure to check the certification with validity prior hand. This is because it is considered that engaging the certified professional can be anassurance of long-term and confirmed support of the consultant as an employee.

Your previous work experience

Now, this is another important aspect that you have to take care of. Other than demonstrating your qualification you are also required to establish your practical experience. Since Salesforce implementation and design is such an important part of an organization that they are hesitant in hiring a fresher. It is not like freshers do not get hired at all, but companies prefer someone with a little experience.

 Your technical experience

As a consultant, you can be an expert in various things such as design and strategic execution for any particular division such as Sales, Marketing or for Sales cloud or service cloud.Technical expertise is a pre-requisite for the organizations, which do not have technical teams with them. Even Salesforce developers are certified and can help theorganizations to develop the customized app for the operations, performed in various organizational departments.

 Your communication skills

Now, this is a very important area that you need to master. As a Salesforce Consultant, you will have to interact with n number of people, who are from different backgrounds and are of different temperaments. Being a consultant one of your main roles is to express and convey ideas successfully across all teams and departments. Therefore work really hard in this regard.

Your ability to understand the changing business requirements-

At present, the Salesforce CRM is being utilized by a number of enterprises such as Non-profit industries, financial sectors, Educational sectors, healthcare and much more. There are chances that Salesforce consultant, that means you, will be hired as an expert in any explicit area or for any specific application. Your new company may or may not require the similar solution like your preceding association. Ensure that as a consultant you are listening to their needs and comprehend the present-day requirement of your organization. 

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Most necessary pre-requisites that you need to have to be a Salesforce Consultant

Let us review the screenshot taken from the website of

Are You the Right Candidate for Being a Salesforce Consultant?

This screenshot gives you a fair idea as to what you can expect for your requisite certification.

In order to keep their business increasing at the maximum ratio the organizations,these days need a certified as well as a trusted consultant or an advisor, who can deliverto them theright elucidation of their difficulties at the right time. Here are a few must-have requisites-

  • You should be able to design effective Sales and Marketing solutions to meet changing business necessities from time to time.
  • You should be able to design applications along with their interfaces to maximize the user efficiency.
  • You should be able to manage statistics and develop analytics to trail key Sales Cloud matrices.

Once you have learnt about these, next step is your certification. Currently, there are six certifications available to a Salesforce Consultant and they are-

Are You the Right Candidate for Being a Salesforce Consultant?

  • Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant
  • Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Certified Community Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Certified Field Service Lightning Consultant

Here is what your exam would be like, let us review the screenshot taken from the website of Salesforce-

Are You the Right Candidate for Being a Salesforce Consultant?

You can see here is every single thing that you may want to know about your exam.

Final words

A wise man once said that anything done with passion and hard work can never be wrong. Quite a fuel in those words. You now have a fair idea as to what is expected from you as a Salesforce consultant. You know what companies are looking for in you. You know why they will be hiring you. You also have a fair idea of how to get the much necessary certification of yours. Assess all these things and make a decision for yourself.

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